The CW: Free to be Together and Launch!

Tonight The CW launches with America’s Top Model, but they have already been airing repeats on Monday and Tuesday accompanying their “ET Presents The CW A Launch of a New Network”, (Launch Party coverage on Tuesday’s airing), a fall preview special focusing on the new network and line up, it was filled with tidbits and previews from the season premieres.

Lauren Graham Tyra Banks

On Monday, The CW had their launch party, Lauren Graham, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Scott Patterson, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and a few stars from One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven where there, along with 300 stars and staff of the new network.

Here is the Zap-Zit story on The CW Launch


Farewell to the WB

Just a few words about The WB’s farewell on Sunday before discussing The CW Launch. For their “A Night of Favorites and Farewells” they showed 4 pilots: Felicity, Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Dawson’s Creek. The WB FrogThough either the pilots from Charmed or 7th Heaven would have been more appropriate than Angel, since they lasted the longest on the network, through their various phases and defined the network more, not that I didn’t enjoy Angel when it was on I did.
For me Felicity and early Dawson’s Creek were treats to watch, but also made me teary eyed, especially the final montage of their stars and the last Thank you, seeing the network‘s Frog even made me sad but also sent me back in time. I watched the WB from the beginning and remember way back in 1995 the hype that was made in its launch, and over The Jamie Foxx Show. A network that started out focusing on half hour comedy made a mark however, with their hour dramas, dramedies, and supernatural folklore. They were an important part of my life, there were points when the only shows I watched were on this one network, and almost every show they launched whether they lasted years or a couple months were watchable and enjoyable.

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