Major Spoilers: Meridith chooses McDreamy and…

Last night CTV in Canada aired the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy instead of the premiere, which is the ultimate spoiler.
All Canadians know that after waiting a whole summer Meredith chose both Finn and McDreamy, so there is still a cliffhanger, nothing is resolved except that finally Derek ended his marriage with Addison, and she has already gotten over him with a half naked McSteamy.

Meredith and Derek

Here is the spoilers/summary from

… Izzie bakes muffins all episode, up until the end when Bailey comes to the house and reveals that she partially blames herself for how things ended up with Denny… Addison chooses to take a day off work and drink all day at Joe’s instead, revealing that she knows her marriage is over. Alex has sex with a patient who opts out of having surgery for lung cancer after she leaves the hospital because she wants to embrace life. She ends up indicating she’s going back to the hospital and probably getting the surgery. The chief, who’s been sleeping in his office, discovers Callie has been living at the hospital and tells her it is against all kinds of code, and Callie points out that the chief has been too. Derek and Finn both show up at Joe’s because Meredith asked them too, and she tells them that she can’t really choose between them, so she’d like to date them both. Neither opt out. Derek goes to the hotel Addison is at, saying how awful he feels for how she found out, and that he feels sick that the marriage didn’t pan out. Addison, sitting in a robe after an obvious shower, nurses a glass of champaigne… after Derek confirms the marriage is over, McSteamy emerges from the bathroom, putting a towel on, and notes how awkward of a situation it was. All of a sudden, Derek doesn’t feel so bad anymore, and he leaves.] Source: Kash [Note: As it was revealed by Kristin from E!, ABC switched the order of episodes but it seems they forgot to tell the Canadian network CTV. Therefore, the Canadians saw episode 2 and the US saw episode 1.]

Note to Canadian viewers the premiere will air next week.

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