Desperate Housewives are back…with a Vengeance

Watched by 23. 85 million, last Sunday’s season premiere of Desperate Housewives was just as show runnerr Marc Cherry had promised. The storylines were funnier and the mystery far more suspenseful and scarier (especially the last chilling shot of the body, could it be Orson’s missing wife.

Desperate Housewives

As usual the best scenes and stories of the evening were given by Gaby and Bree. Gaby’s banter with her surrogate were humorous and witty. While Bree’s sexual awakening was amusing to say the least. They also had the best line of the show, both given away in the ads. Gaby’s “You wouldn’t buy a car withiut a test run” methaphor for sex, and Bree’s “but I am a Republican” during her awakening.
Here are EW’s and TV Guide’s reviews, both were positive about the premiere. (to be posted shortly)

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