Veronica Mars “Finale” Spoilers!

From TVGuide’s Ausiello:

Just received my DVD of next week’s Veronica Mars rape mystery finale, and here are the things the CW is allowing me to say:

* Veronica solves the Hearst rapist case.

* Dean O’Dell hires Keith to find out if his wife is cheating.

* Someone will die.

* Mel Stoltz, Hearst’s most influential alumni, shows up to see the dean.

* The Lilith House girls pelt Dea O’Dells car with spit and eggs.

* Lilith House girls celebrate the expulsion of the Greek system with a one car float parade.

* Keith and Dean O’Dell strike up a friendship.

* Dean O’Dell announces his decision to reinstate Greek Life on campus.

* Dean O’Dell pulls a gun out of his desk and makes sure it’s loaded.

* In the cold open, Veronica stumbles out of a dorm room bloody, disheveled and panicked. As she yells to Wallace and Piz for help, a mystery person’s feet enter frame behind her. (Yikes!)

* The rapist has posted an ad in the Hearst Free Press announcing that the next rape will take place the night of the Pi Sig Phoenix Rising party.

* Veronica, Mac, Wallace and Piz team up at the Pi Sig Party with the assignment to test drinks in an attempt to find the rapist’s next victim.

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