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You Asked, He Answered

The morning after the series finale of ”The O.C.,” its creator, Josh Schwartz, answers reader questions about his favorite music montage, the thinking behind Marissa’s death, the birth of the Ryan/Taylor romance, and more

SCHWARTZ (INSET) ”So many of the episodes from [season 4] rank among my favorites, and I am so grateful to those fans who have stuck with the show — I hope you felt rewarded.”

Schwartz: Jean-Paul Aussenard/; The O.C: Michael Desmond

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The O.C.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week on PopWatch, Annie Barrett prompted O.C. fans to send us the questions they’d most want to ask series creator Josh Schwartz about his teen drama, which ended its four-season run on Feb. 23. Close to 100 of you responded, with queries about everything from the reasons Marissa (Mischa Barton) was killed off at the end of season 3, to what kind of bunny Summer’s beloved pet Pancakes is. Here, Schwartz answers five of your most burning questions…

If there’s anything you could go back to the pilot and change so that it would affect the rest of the show (like a character trait or a line, etc.), what would it be? —TheOCismylife
JOSH SCHWARTZ: I wouldn’t change anything in the pilot. I am really proud of the world we created and how we set the stage for the show. Maybe I’d have Luke say, ”Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” twice to see if we’d be twice as popular… and could’ve run for eight years! But to be able to start with the pilot and have it plant the seeds for how we would end, 92 episodes and four years later, makes me value it even more.

When, exactly, did the idea for a Ryan/Taylor romance begin? And was it because of fan demand, or did the writers think it up completely on their own? —monnie44
Their romance was percolating in our minds last year, but we really started thinking about it when we were planning for season 4. It was conceived out of our deep love of Autumn Reeser (Taylor) and how much fun the writers knew we could have with Taylor and Ryan. It seemed the perfect salvation to the darkness Ryan would be in after losing Marissa.

Did you ever consider that to have other plotlines for Marissa [besides death], you could have had her evolve as a happier person and truly discover herself, even if it wasn’t in Newport? Did you ever consider that you could have pulled the storylines away from her for a while if you felt she was being overdeveloped? —Kat
Marissa’s character has always been a lightning rod for fan reactions. Having her gain redemption and strength, and the opportunity to say goodbye to her family and friends, before a tragic ending — there was no more fitting, appropriate end for Marissa. I think her character will resonate more powerfully for having ended in this way. And she was honored in the finale episode.

The final scene of the episode ”The Dearly Beloved,” with Imogen Heap’s ”Hide & Seek,” will probably go down as my favorite music moment from The O.C. — even though there were several others that I really enjoyed, such as Caleb’s heart attack to Coldplay’s ”Fix You,” or ”Dice” in ”The Countdown.” What was your favorite musical moment/montage ? —latteluver
There are so many… Joseph Arthur’s ”Honey and the Moon” in the pilot, matt pond PA’s cover of ”Champagne Supernova” in ”The Rainy Day Women” episode, South’s ”Paint the Silence” in ”The Heights,” and Jason Schwartzman’s ”The West Coast” in ”The French Connection.” But I think my favorite is Patrick Park’s ”Life Is a Song,” which closes out the final minutes of the episode and The O.C. series. That was our point of view: Life is a song.

What was YOUR favorite season and favorite episode? —BB
The first season will always be my favorite because everything was so new for me — the characters, the cast, the crew — it was a blast! The second season — especially the latter half — was really great, too. I have to say, season 4 comes as a close second. So many of the episodes from this season rank among my favorites, and I am so grateful to those fans who have stuck with the show — I hope you felt rewarded. The finale was for you guys. (And my mom. And the part with the bagel slicer was for Annie…)

The OC Finale Review

The O.C. (6.67 mil) left on a (season) high note.

Last nights finale was really bittersweet. the show ended way too early, but tied up loose ends and really had a happy ending. Josh Schwartz really packed years worth of story lines in this last episode that spanded several years into the future. It was a really fast paced show, and on a side trip Taylor (Autumn Reeser) could really fit into Gilmore Girls her fast talking could even beat Paris. The show mostly focused on Julie and her wedding Bullit or Frank? and the Cohen’s new baby Sophie Rose and the Berkley House.

Unfortunately the show seemed a little out of place till about the last ten minutes. A little surreal throughout, the stories could have at least filled 5-6 episodes to be more fully develloped and fit more into the OC’s feel, but that is Fox’s fault. If only they would have gave the OC at a full  season it could have ended with 100 eps and a little more dignified May finale.

The last 10 minutes were amazing, Ryan going through the Cohen’s house one last time with the flashbacks, brought tears to my eyes, and the image of Marissa, near the end of the flashback was appropriate (unlike Charmed that could never even flashback ever on Prue) . The few years in the future really gave the closure fans needed. Seth and Summer were really destined to be together and got married in a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Julie graduated with a Bachelors in Education, and had Bullit and Frank both in her life. Sandy became a Professor of Law at Berkley, and Ryan in the final scene was an architect, wanting to help a troubled boy like he was in the pilot. It really all came full circle.

Ben McKenzie, Autumn Reeser, Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, <i>The O.C.</i> by Michael Desmond/Fox

From TV Guide: February 22, 2007: Right Back Where They Started From

I had been dreading this final episode of The O.C. all week. I was so curious about how it would all end, yet not wanting it to end at the same time. But as the oh-so-wise Sandy said, “Nothing lasts forever.” OK, so if it had to end, I wanted a really good finale. And I’m tough on series finales: They have to be both happy and bittersweet, and look back with nostalgia while they move forward. I’m happy to report that I was not at all disappointed.

They hit us with a lot of surprises right off the bat: Ryan and Taylor had broken up; Julie was preggers and about to marry the Bullitt. I loved the “Buffet of Bullitts” — all 12 of his sons, named after (mostly) Texas towns. For a little while, I was afraid this last episode was going to turn into a sap-fest, but The O.C. didn’t let me down. They, of course, piled on the drama: Julie was pregnant with Frank’s son, not Bullitt’s. But Frank wimped out, and Bullitt was there for her to pick up the pieces. Always a fan of team Bullitt, I was really feeling bad for him last night. After already losing Julie once, she stops the wedding mid-ceremony. I was happy she didn’t wind up marrying Frank instead, on that same day — now that would have been sappy. “Julie Cooper, single gal” had a nice ring to it for a change. (And bonus points for this plot twist because I didn’t see it coming — I thought for sure Julie would walk down the aisle again before the credits rolled.) I really liked how they let her character grow and go to college. And both the Bullitt and Frank were among her “Team Julie” supporters in the graduation audience. I’m glad she kept them both in her life. An interesting and possibly complicated scenario, but if anyone can make it work, it’s Julie.

Julie and Summer shared a few heartfelt moments last night. The eye-tearing scene where Summer gave Julie the locket with Marissa’s picture…. Well, it just felt right. I know the show moved on from dealing with Marissa, but she just had to be a part of the last episode. And then Julie’s honest admission of regret for marrying too young — this revelation helped both her and Summer. Wise move for Summer and Seth not to get married at 19, because they were just too young. They let each other go, and grow. And it worked out for the best, as we saw in the flash-forward that they did indeed get married several years later, when baby Sophie was a little girl. (Sophie Rose — pretty name, and I’m so glad they didn’t name her Marissa as some of you predicted and others feared). So it turns out they were indeed each other’s “destiny.”

Likewise, it was good to see Ryan and Taylor get back together, yet also not get hitched at 19. And neither sacrificed his or her dreams: Ryan went to Berkeley as planned, and Taylor returned to school in Paris, as was best for her.

But it wasn’t all romance, drama and personal growth last night. There were plenty of lighthearted moments as well, such as the adorable gay couple that owned Sandy and Kirsten’s old house. Could their professions have been more useful? A midwife and a wedding planner, just what Kirsten and Julie needed! Also fun were Summer’s favorite TV shows: her new discovery, “Briefcase or No Briefcase” (hmm, what show could that thinly veiled title be mocking?), and her old favorite, “The Valley.” Of course, Summer’s fave fared better than it’s real-life stand-in, having just gotten picked up for five more seasons. “These teen dramas, they just run forever,” she explained. (Unfortunately, not in the real world, Summer.) And then the show-within-a-show reference went even further when Rachel Bilson delivered the line, “Aww, real-life Jake broke up with real-life April.”

Nevertheless, the “in-jokes” as well as the drama had to eventually come to an end. It seemed like things were wrapping up, but then I looked at the clock and saw there were still about eight minutes to go. That’s when Ryan entered the old house and the flashbacks rolled. Not too many, but just enough. You really need some flashbacks in a series finale, as it helps things come full circle. Seeing those iconic O.C. images — scruffy, beat-up Ryan (with bangs!) in a wife beater; in front of his pool house; in the car with Sandy, looking at Marissa as he pulls away — they all brought back a lot of fond TV memories.

It also brought to mind a movie, as did several scenes last night. First, when Frank attempted to stop Julie’s wedding, I immediately thought of The Graduate, with a nice modern cell-phone twist (and a Berkeley background to boot). Then, when Summer got on the bus and Seth watched her go, I couldn’t help but think of Forrest Gump and Jenny. And finally, when Ryan walked through the Cohens’ front door one last time, the closing scenes of Titanic came to mind, when a ruined structure came to life with memories of the past.

So with the memories we had the bittersweet elements, yet still a few minutes remained on the clock. And that’s when we had the flash-forward, which is also always a nice touch in a series finale. To see where these people (OK, characters — I know they’re not real people, though sometimes they feel like it) end up down the road. And it was all good: Julie graduating college, Seth and Summer getting married, Ryan fulfilling his dream of becoming an architect, Sandy teaching (what a perfect job for him!), and the Cohens living in Berkeley — truly “back where they started from.” Oh, and let’s not forget about Ryan “paying it forward,” possibly helping out a troubled kid like himself, just like the way Sandy reached out to him years before. Nice shot to end on.

And just like that, it ended. I’m going to really miss this show, as I know all of you will. And I’ll miss this blog — I’m grateful to have been able to host it for this show’s final season. What a great season it was, and what a great show it was. I definitely think it went out on top (in spite of this season’s ratings). I hope we get to see the cast members in lots of new TV and movie projects. And so, California, there we go… may The O.C. have a long afterlife on Soapnet and DVD. Can’t wait to read all of your comments on this final episode.

The OC Finale


Ben McKenzie, Autumn Reeser, Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, <i>The O.C.</i> by Michael Desmond/Fox

Ben McKenzie, Autumn Reeser, Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, The O.C.

The O.C.

9 pm/ET FOX New

There’s little to be gained from wearing out “Welcome to the O.C., bitch” (which recently rated No. 83 on TV Land’s Top 100 catchphrases), especially since Fox is washing its hands of the prime-time soap after four seasons of sudsy melodrama. But six months after the earthquake, the producers are promising no loose ends as well as happy endings for all, so fans can take bittersweet comfort in the fact that everyone on The O.C. will be OK. — Joe Friedrich



Television Commentary

Good-bye, ‘O.C.’

As Fox’s teen soap ends tonight (Feb. 22), a devoted fan remembers the little things she’ll miss the most

NEWPORT LIVING Order takeout and try to focus as hard as the Cohen men on tonight’s series finale

All About

The O.C.

I’m sitting here at work, chomping on Seth Cohen’s favorite takeout and mine (shrimp pad thai) and listening to ”Hallelujah” and ”Hide and Seek” on a repeating loop, just to set the mood. The season 1 DVDs are sitting to the right of my mouse, so that every time I reach over to use it, I can see Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) on the back of the case. He’s seated, hunched forward, with clasped hands and the absolute saddest Ryan Eyes in the entire worldwide database of Ryan Eyes. Why? he pleads. I don’t know, Ryan, I laser-beam back to him. I miss you in that hoodie.

But you know what? I’m not devastated. The O.C. was what it was, when it was — and that’s enough. It wasn’t perfect, but so often, particularly with anything that involved throwaway banter, the Cohen family dynamic, or shotguns, it came close. I’m so sick of reading articles about its cancellation that want to know ”What went wrong?” and make cute bulleted lists of every misguided plot direction or casting choice. Really? Who cares? The show ends tonight; I don’t care what or who’s to blame. All I ever wanted to do was enjoy it.

So if you’re like me, you’re being a happy wallower right now, remembering the highs and lows of your personal O.C. journey. Like that time Marissa (Mischa Barton) wore a sweatshirt. That was huge for me. Or when ”The Return of the Nana” episode was thwarted by some stupid President Bush news conference-y thing. (Ew!) Or when I realized Marissa’s brief lesbian flame Alex (Olivia Wilde) was the spitting image of a My Little Pony. Hallelujah, indeed.

In that spirit — and because you can read about the top five kisses or brawls elsewhere — I’m going to list some of the subtleties of the show that amused me the most. Go ahead and add to the list by posting your own below.

10 Little Things I’ll Miss About The O.C.

Singing the theme song. Whenever two or more people are in the room, you must belt out the final ”Californ-yaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.” And if you have better-trained lungs than your friends, and they happen to take breaths during the long note, and you’re still sitting there screaming “AAAAAH!” by yourself? Well, that’s just too bad.

Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke). Everything she’s ever said, in the exact way she’s said it. Okay, this is so not a ”little thing.” But over the years, I’ve become unnaturally obsessed with Julie’s character. Like, I’m in love with her. But I’d never want to meet her. I just want her to continue to exist on my screen. Spin-off?!

How effortless school is. Harbor High was basically a glorified coffee shop, and I loved it for that. Like I need a rehash of how much homework sucks. Summer’s (actually, Taylor’s) mermaid poem was probably the most challenging assignment the gang ever got, and the most academic-sounding line in the series may have been when Ryan told Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) he had to do a report on ”the history of agriculture in 20th-century California,” and that was a lie. Not to mention, by the end of The O.C.: The College Semester, no one except Kaitlin was even enrolled in school. I just love the blatant disregard.

The super stylings of Marissa. I’ll say it. I absolutely love staring at Mischa Barton wearing clothes. It’s most fun when I’m in my jammies, looking as disgusting as possible so as to go for the ”antithesis” thing. I used to rewind the scenes she was in, just to check out how well (or not — remember all those fashion hats?) she pulled everything off, like hell YEAH I’m gonna wear this enormous Chanel necklace at my new trashy public school! (I apparently get this bordering-on-creepy trait from my mom, who calls me every time she passes a Bebe store: ”Hey, bunny, just wanted to tell you there are new Mischa pics up in the store! I went in and walked up to all of them, even though I don’t like all those outfits in there. Very skanky!”)

All that self-deprecation. There was usually at least one zinger per episode, and if you caught it, you knew you were a true fan. And I loved that there were some lines specifically for the fans. One of my faves was from Summer (Rachel Bilson), about the Bait Shop: ”The tickets are always plentiful and the bands never too loud to talk over.” Ha! We certainly noticed as well!

Pointless parties designed to round everyone up. The launch of Newport Living? NewMatch? Taylor’s birthday? Throw a gala! No, don’t worry — the Cohens would totally love to host it. Bring friends and, if you’ve got one, a stripper, so that Julie and Hailey can end up wrestling each other into the infinity pool.

Major props. Sandy’s beloved bagel slicer is my favorite prop ever (I’m trying to mention it at least 10 times this season, so someone from the show will send it to me), and I love that ”Bistro” sign in the kitchen, which rarely is the site of any actual cooking. Remember Kiki’s bottles of ”Pure” vodka? Also: Sandy’s surfboard (we never got to see him use it; I smell a spin-off called Sandy Beach), Marissa’s lifeguard shack, Ryan’s wristband, the Mermaid Inn…

They’re such kids at heart. …Captain Oats, Princess Sparkle, and Marissa’s Share Bear. It could be that the characters just whine a lot, but this show has a childlike quality I could just lick straight off a plate. Constant 1980s pop culture references also help.

The emergence of Ryan. I wrote about this two weeks ago, but I am loving how Ryan has really come into his own (rippling muscles) this season. He is peaking, I tell you! Just in time for the ax. Sniff.

Music montages. Again, not a ”little thing,” because music on The O.C. is all some people ever hear about. The show often gets a pass on how cheesy music montages can be, just because it picks way better tunes. You hear a song on this show and you download it — it’s really that simple. In fact, it won’t even matter if I like the actual tune on tonight’s finale. All I’ll remember, as I listen to it 200 times in a row on my iPod, is that it was the last song on The O.C.

I love you, O.C.

Don’t you dare say ”Thank you.”

One Tree Hill’s Prom Night

Just a few short words on last night’s One Tree Hill.

  • Ratings 3.14 million not bad, let’s hope for better.

What’s great about the show is the lack of spoilers available, you never what is going to happen. From all the previews it seemed the sex tape and Brooke being a whore would be the main event of the ep. There were foilers that Hailey and Nathan would go there seperate ways because of the sex tape, but they made up, rightfully so. Just at the end that shocking turn was great. Everyone was expecting Lucas at Peyton’s door to pick her up, the whole show set us up to believe that, then at the end it was psycho Derek, punching Hailey out, totally out of the blue!
F or a more in-depth review of last night’s show go to TV Guide’s One Tree Hill Show Blog

The O.C.’s Greatest Moments

Tonight is the series finale of the OC, and although fans are sad about their much too early departure, the show has brought us some amazing TV moments to celebrate TV Guide listed the shows top 10 episodes/events.

Marissa Dies! Chrismukkah Lives! TV Guide Remembers The O.C.‘s Greatest Moments

by Damian Holbrook

The O.C. by Michael Desmond/FoxMischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie, The O.C.

After four seasons and countless fistfights, the Newport group is hanging it up with a finale that executive producer Josh Schwartz promises will “offer real closure.” So what better way to say goodbye to The O.C. (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET) than a look back at the Fox serial’s best moments?1. “Welcome to the O.C., Bitch!” — “Premiere,” 8/5/03
Luke’s bon mot to new punching bag in town Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) quickly became the signature line of the series. Says Schwartz, “Kids from Orange County say they’re from ‘the O.C.’ like it’s ‘the Ukraine.’ I always found it funny so I gave Luke that line.”

2. Marissa Dies — “The Graduates,” 5/18/06
Marissa (Mischa Barton) died in Ryan’s arms after being run off the road by her bad-boy ex Volchok in Season 3’s shocking finale. De­spite what the rumor mill would have you think, Schwartz contends that the tragedy was not dictated by anyone’s off-set antics: “Losing Marissa — and Mischa — was a big loss for the show.”

3. Julie’s Affair with Luke — “The Telenovela,” 2/25/04
Jaws dropped — and temperatures soared — when Julie (Melinda Clarke) bedded her teenage daughter’s ex-beau (Chris Carmack) while also romancing her best friend’s father, Caleb. Talk about multitasking.

4. Chrismukkah Is Born — “The Best Chrismukkah Ever,” 12/3/03
Seth’s Festivus-like mixed-faith holiday was almost called something else. “A lot of names were tossed around,” recalls Schwartz. “Han-umas being one of them.” Oy to the world!

5. Marissa Goes Lesbian — “The Lonely Hearts Club,” 2/10/05
Coop’s sapphic fling with Bait Shop babe Alex (Olivia Wilde) was too hot to handle — at least by Fox standards. “It was post-Janet Jackson/Super Bowl FCC time,” Schwartz says. “And we were forced to end the story line much sooner.”

6. Seth and Summer’s Spider-Man Kiss — “Rainy Day Women,” 2/24/05
Ever the pop-culture avatar, The O.C. scored with this cinematic nod to beauties and their comic book-fan boy toys everywhere. “After the epi­sode aired, we got calls from then-Marvel head Avi Arad and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi saying how much they loved it,” Schwartz says.

7. Marissa ODs in Tijuana — “The Escape,” 9/16/03
The kids’ ill-fated run for the border stands as one of Schwartz’s favorite eps. “It sums up what I think the show was capable of: feeling real, heightened, funny and, at times, operatically tragic,” he says.

8. Oliver Goes Nuts — “The Links,” 1/14/04
Although Schwartz calls Marissa’s friendship with the unhinged interloper (played by Taylor Handley) “the single most passionately hated story line,” he gives the kid props for being creatively crazy. “C’mon, people! He broke a plate, then punched himself in the head — twice!”

9. Sandy Serenades Kirsten on Their 20th Anniversary — “The Power of Love,” 1/13/05
Solomon Burke‘s “Don’t Give Up on Me” never sounded so sweet. “It embodies their crazy love for each other,” remembers Schwartz. Plus, “after Peter Gallagher serenaded Kelly Rowan, he got a record deal out of it.”

10. Cage-fighting Ryan Falls for Taylor Townsend — “The Sleeping Beauty,” 11/30/06
“Like a lot of people, I originally thought it was an odd pairing,” Autumn Reeser reveals of the romance that juiced the lighter, quirkier final season. It also — finally! — gave Ryan (the best thing to happen to muscle tees since Marlon Brando) a reason to smile. And that’s the happiest ending we could ask for.

Gilmore Girls: The Hen and the Rooster

Although last night’s Gilmore Girls was a little anti-climatic, it had its fun and enjoyable moments. My favorite probably Bebette and Miss Patty’s Hen/Beagle/Rooster code talk for Lorelai’s break-up, and its was great to see Doyle and even Kirk again.

For the rap-up lets start with Luke, Liz and TJ moved in temporarily while their house was being exterminated for moths. They seemed really divided over Luke and Lorelai, but you can tell how underneath it all Luke is really HAPPY Lorelai is getting divorced, sort of reminds me of his reaction when Lorelai dumped Max. I don’t agree with TJ; Lorelai and Luke are perfect for eachother, especially since Christopher is entirely out of the picture.

Breaking that news wasn’t easy for Lorelai. Rory took it well, probably b/c of her low expectation for the marriage. It was different with Emily. I really loved the older Gilmore Girls bonding over Richard’s tax returns. Lorelai and Emily were connecting, over Emily being a canoe with one paddle now that Richard is sick, while Lorelai is a kayake, independent. Howeve, the next day it seemed their bonding was only because of the booze. However, cancelling such a huge party is bound to put any one in a bad mood, what a waste.

Now for Logan. As the story line went, I thought he was only 24 but hey 25 is much more important and niteworthy to center an episode around anyhow. Loved Rory decorating with stuff from all her past birthdays, Lorelai is quite the genius when planning party’s, something she would hate to admit she inherited from her mother. The dinner with Mitchum was awkward though, he seems to love Rory now, offering any job she wants, treating her as if she was alreading engaged to Logan. I think he’s opinion will change when he finds out Logan was a sucker and lost 5 million.

Can’t wait till next week’s episoode, the baby shower is going to be so much fun, very Star Hollowly!

ABC to pilot “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off: WSJ

Unfortunately Addison will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy but fortunately we are all hopefully going to see a lot more of her in the new spin-off.


ABC to pilot “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off: WSJ

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co.’s television network ABC has decided to pursue a spinoff of its popular medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

It will star Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, the sexy neonatal surgeon played by Kate Walsh, the paper said.

A two-hour pilot of the show, which could add millions in additional advertising revenue, is likely to air in May, the paper said.

An ABC spokeswoman could not immediately be reached for comment.
02/21/07 05:50 © Copyright Reuters Ltd. All rights reserved. The information contained In this news report may not be published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of Reuters Ltd.

New Updates

It been over a month since my last post, and so much has happenned on our favorite shows.

On Gilmore Girls, Lorelai finally dumped Christopher.

On Grey’s Anatomy, George and Callie got married, Burke and Cristina got engaged and … Meredith died, became a spirit and met Denny. Sounds more like Jeffrey Dean Morgan last ep. on Supernatural where Dean was between life and death.

Speaking of Supernatural Sam is going to the dark side at leat according to spoilers he will some action before he does…

On Wisteria Lane the mystery has been solved, Orson’s mother was the murderer which will leave Bree and Orson to have a long live together on Desperate Housewives, and an especially long long overdue honeymmon, since Marcia Cross is on bed rest and getting ginormous with her twins.

The OC will be sayng good-bye this week, they came and went way before their time, but here’s hoping the finale will not only shock but resolve loose ends because “the end is not near its here.”

On other shows there have been also a lot of action on Brothers and Sisters Emily VanCamp is Rebecca the Walkers’ father’s child with his mistress.

On Heroes, Nathan is Claire’s father.

And on Ugly Betty, Betty dumped Walter for Henry but Henry dating Charlie, yes Hiro’s same Charlie!

I am will be posting the usual long summaries of the shows I cover, and updating with new spoilers.

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