New Updates

It been over a month since my last post, and so much has happenned on our favorite shows.

On Gilmore Girls, Lorelai finally dumped Christopher.

On Grey’s Anatomy, George and Callie got married, Burke and Cristina got engaged and … Meredith died, became a spirit and met Denny. Sounds more like Jeffrey Dean Morgan last ep. on Supernatural where Dean was between life and death.

Speaking of Supernatural Sam is going to the dark side at leat according to spoilers he will some action before he does…

On Wisteria Lane the mystery has been solved, Orson’s mother was the murderer which will leave Bree and Orson to have a long live together on Desperate Housewives, and an especially long long overdue honeymmon, since Marcia Cross is on bed rest and getting ginormous with her twins.

The OC will be sayng good-bye this week, they came and went way before their time, but here’s hoping the finale will not only shock but resolve loose ends because “the end is not near its here.”

On other shows there have been also a lot of action on Brothers and Sisters Emily VanCamp is Rebecca the Walkers’ father’s child with his mistress.

On Heroes, Nathan is Claire’s father.

And on Ugly Betty, Betty dumped Walter for Henry but Henry dating Charlie, yes Hiro’s same Charlie!

I am will be posting the usual long summaries of the shows I cover, and updating with new spoilers.

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