Gilmore Girls: The Hen and the Rooster

Although last night’s Gilmore Girls was a little anti-climatic, it had its fun and enjoyable moments. My favorite probably Bebette and Miss Patty’s Hen/Beagle/Rooster code talk for Lorelai’s break-up, and its was great to see Doyle and even Kirk again.

For the rap-up lets start with Luke, Liz and TJ moved in temporarily while their house was being exterminated for moths. They seemed really divided over Luke and Lorelai, but you can tell how underneath it all Luke is really HAPPY Lorelai is getting divorced, sort of reminds me of his reaction when Lorelai dumped Max. I don’t agree with TJ; Lorelai and Luke are perfect for eachother, especially since Christopher is entirely out of the picture.

Breaking that news wasn’t easy for Lorelai. Rory took it well, probably b/c of her low expectation for the marriage. It was different with Emily. I really loved the older Gilmore Girls bonding over Richard’s tax returns. Lorelai and Emily were connecting, over Emily being a canoe with one paddle now that Richard is sick, while Lorelai is a kayake, independent. Howeve, the next day it seemed their bonding was only because of the booze. However, cancelling such a huge party is bound to put any one in a bad mood, what a waste.

Now for Logan. As the story line went, I thought he was only 24 but hey 25 is much more important and niteworthy to center an episode around anyhow. Loved Rory decorating with stuff from all her past birthdays, Lorelai is quite the genius when planning party’s, something she would hate to admit she inherited from her mother. The dinner with Mitchum was awkward though, he seems to love Rory now, offering any job she wants, treating her as if she was alreading engaged to Logan. I think he’s opinion will change when he finds out Logan was a sucker and lost 5 million.

Can’t wait till next week’s episoode, the baby shower is going to be so much fun, very Star Hollowly!

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