Gilmore Girls: Lane’s Baby Shower

Gilmore GirlsThis season is turning into a fun and feel good Gilmore Girls season. Although the Baby Shower episode didn’t really further any of the storylines. It was a truly enjoyable episode.

It had the right elements, first of all it Star Hollow centered almost all the Town’s character’s played. But wasn’t that a different Lulu, and where is Taylor?

Two week’s of funny Kirk in a row, it was cute how he bought Luke’s boat, but thought he was getting a bargain, when he was just agreeing to Luke’s price, classic.

Speaking of the boat, Luke showed some initiative, like when he impulsively bought the building next to him. Wish he would have centered some of that energy on Lorelai.

Lorelai as mediator between Lane and Mrs. Kim gave tonight’s best scenes. Lane and here mother agreed essentially to disagree, but at the heart Lane is really not much different than her mother, and actually admires her, because she is going to focus on her life on her children like her mother did for her. It was sweet to finally have them see eye to eye.

At least Rory is finally focused again, though it natural to question academic and career goals. Her NYT interview was unconventional, meeting in a coffee shop, how about in his office. But that would have meant Rory and Lorelai couldn’t have that Bald Man banter on the phone. Yeah, Rory was making their day!

I was beginning to wonder why Lane and Rory were not interacting anymore it’s been since early the season. The shower gave them some good old friend moments.

Since all the characters were going back to their old selfs in this episode, it no suprise Logan would too. Back to the reckless parting with Colin and Finn, but who could blame him this time, he really made a mess.

Can’t wait for the Gilmore Girls (all three) road trip next week!

From TV Guide: February 27, 2007: The Gilmore Effect

Don’t know about you, but I feel like I finally got my Girls back, and then some. It took a while, but both Lorelai and Rory have found their footing and are moving in the right direction. And the steps they’ve taken have affected everyone around them, both good and bad.

Let’s start with Lorelai. Her recent behavior? Making demanding ultimatums, then impulsively getting married. Since leaving Christopher, she’s become a patient daughter, a good friend and a fantastic mediator. She helped Luke win partial custody of April, she stepped in when her mother needed to get Richard’s business in order and she’s brokered one hell of deal between the stubborn Lane and intolerable Mrs. Kim. The listener, the messenger, the pacifier: Lorelai played every role perfectly. In the end, Lane accepted that her twins could turn out to be bible readers, and Mrs. Kim understood that they could be rock and rollers. Loved Lorelai’s gentle reminder, “My mother missed so much. I don’t want that to happen to you.” That one small comment brought together Mrs. Kim and Lane, who finally admitted that her mother had always been there for her. If Lorelai could get those two to agree on something, she could probably bring peace to warring countries. She’s clear, focused and insightful. In other words, the Lorelai we’ve always known and loved.

Now Rory. Her recent behavior? Way too much pining away for Logan, even after he returned to the States. Half-heartedly participating with Paris as she charted out potential career goals. Chasing after a new friendship that didn’t seem worthy of the drawn-out fight. But now she’s back on the journalism track, networking with the assistant managing editor of The New York Times. And she’s a contender for very a prestigious fellowship. (Inside magazine joke: “This could be the difference between interviewing world leaders or standing on a street corner asking passersby who wore that dress better.” Nice little dig at InTouch, the mag known for such columns and the one that Sookie happened to be reading out loud at Lorelai’s house.) And her attention is back on her real best friend, Lane, who asked Rory to be “her Lorelai Gilmore.” (Essentially, the godmother to her twins. What higher compliment is there?) She’s clear, she’s focused, she’s insightful. In other words, the Rory we’ve known and loved.

Oh, Logan, Logan, Logan. His recent behavior? Cleaning up his act, working 60-hour weeks, creating his own company and moving it to New York City. He’d stopped the partying and started to network, making lots of late-night deals and grand handshakes over cognac. Dude actually became an adult, and won the respect of his unrelenting father. His relationship with Rory improved as he made her more of a priority, remaining faithful (remember hot Bobbi?), setting up romantic rooftop dinners and offering endless support when Richard had a heart attack. I was actually impressed — but I knew it wouldn’t last. Sure, he screwed up and lost everyone’s money. (“Even the guy from the hot dog stand,” he joked.) Yes, that’s a huge deal, and he is allowed to get drunk and feel sorry for himself. But not telling Rory for weeks? Then skipping out on the baby shower as if the huge blow happened that day? Totally selfish! Even worse? Instead of taking comfort in Rory, he ran away to Vegas with Colin and Finn on a private jet. He’s unclear, he’s unfocused and falling out of touch. In other words, the Logan I love to hate.

Last, Luke. His recent behavior? Fighting for partial custody of April, and winning. Showing up to the hospital when Richard had a heart attack and bringing food. Being cordial when running into Lorelai and Chris. Then refusing to gloat when the two broke up. (Sure, he screwed up when he and Chris had a smackdown in the center of town, but I think most guys would’ve wanted to kick his ass.) For once, Luke actually listened to his kooky sister who compared him to his dad: “stuck, doing the same thing, the same way, every day of his life.” So Luke finally sold the boat, the one his father worked on for 20 years and left for him when he died. Loved how the guy “who takes a week to buy a t-shirt,” according to Lorelai, bought a new boat the next day so that he and April could take vacations. “Things change,” he explained to a shocked Lorelai. He’s clear, he’s focused, he’s insightful. In other words, he’s the Luke we’ve known and loved.

It’s almost as if Lorelai and Rory have a domino effect on people. When they are at their best, everyone comes to life and their true identities emerge. We like what we see (uh, sorry, Logan) and I have a feeling the best is soon to come.

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  1. cab

     /  May 25, 2009

    I agree.Good season, but wheres the gilmore girls classic characters, style, refrences, and life.

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