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Here is the promotion of the upcoming season of Desperate Housewives:

Supernatural Spoilers

SupernaturalHere are some of the general spoilers for the upcoming season of Supernatural. Also on September 11th the second season will be released on DVD. All spoilers from

Episode 3.01: The Magnificent Seven
Airdate: October 4, 2007

  • 07/12 – Katie Cassidy has been cast in the upcoming season of Supernatural, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the third season premiere, fellow demon hunter Ruby (Cassidy) meets up with Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki) as they start wrangling the passel of demons that escaped from hell in the second season finale. Source: Zap2it

Episode 3.02: The Kids Are Alright
Airdate: October 11, 2007

  • 07/13 – Sam and Dean hunt changlings targeting mothers and their children. Dean has a reunion with Lisa, a woman he once had a one-night stand with. Her son, Ben, strongly reminds Dean of himself. Though it makes him uncomfortable, Dean’s natural instincts with children helps him get to know the boy, and watch with pride as Ben stands up to a bully. Meanwhile, other mothers admire Dean’s… assets. Source:

Episode 3.03: Bad Day At Black Rock
Airdate: October 18, 2007

  • 08/01 – Word continues to spread of the Winchesters and the opening of a devil’s gate, with them to blame. Gordon’s instincts may condemn Sam, Sam is kidnapped by a mentee of fellow hunter who admires Gordon and brutally beaten. He swears that his past supernatural abilities are gone, but is ignored. While looking for Sam, Dean spars with a thief and, luckily, gains the upper hand – for now. Source: SpoilerFix BuddyTV Spoilers Chat
  • 07/23 – On Thursday, Oct. 18, Lauren Cohan enters the fray as Bela, a mercenary who realizes there is a lot of money to be made in the supernatural world. Source: TV Guide Online

Episode 3.04: Sin City
Airdate: October 25, 2007

  • 08/02 – Sam and Dean pose as insurance investigators and question the pastor when a man commits suicide in a church. Gun totin’ Dean may favor a divergent political party. It’s Sam’s turn to look for Dean when he disappears with Casey, an attractive demon who expresses admiration for the deal he made to bring Sam back. Though initially thrown by the source of the compliments, Dean tells her that it’s liberating to live life with no worries about the future, since he doesn’t have one. Meanwhile, Sam’s ally is not what he seems. Source:

Episode 3.05: Bedtime Stories
Airdate: November 2007

new 08/21 – Fairy tales come to life when the brothers investigate Callie, a young girl who seems to personify Snow White. Poisoned by her stepmother and trapped in a coma, the spirit becomes angrier as more time passes. Callie’s father visits her constantly, reading her original Brothers Grimm stories and unknowingly inspiring her carnage. Sam confronts him and forces him to listen to his daughter. While Dean sleeps, Sam slips out and confronts the Crossroads Demon with the Colt, procured by Ruby and rebuilt by Bobby. She refuses to let Dean out of the deal and says there’s another boss who controls what she does. Sam shoots her in the head, killing the possessed human. Source:

Series creator Eric Kripke reveals: The girls are recurring regulars, first of all, which means that our contracts with them, tops, puts them in 12 out of 22 episodes. That’s tops. So there’s no reformulation where it’s the four of them together where they’re in every episode. We’re introducing them very carefully. We’re not jamming them in every episode. They weave in and out of the story, like other hunters have on our show in the past. It’s not the four of them in every episode. Bela shows up, and then Ruby shows up, and then the boys are alone. So they’re just inter-changing as they’re traveling around the country. They’re just bumping into different characters. They’re also bumping into Gordon, Agent Hendrickson, and Bobby and Ellen, because we’re opening up the world of the show. […]

There’s a misconception online that they’re being introduced as love interests. They’re not being introduced as love interests; they’re being introduced as antagonists. […]

To introduce them as their own fleshed out characters in their own right, who are raging pains in the ass, and trouble, and dangerous, and then sort of see what happens. I’ve already broken the first 10 episodes, and, so far, there’s nothing even close to romance. It’s closer to they’re going to come to blows with each other. […]

The trick is to not introduce them as love interests. The trick, we feel, is to introduce them as fleshed-out characters with their own inner lives, and then see what develops. And the other thing is, the girls are very separate and very different. And very rarely are they in the same episode, because they’re each serving very different storylines. Ruby (Katie Cassidy) is this demon hunter, who is ruthless and a little crazy and rough around the edges, and doesn’t share the same moral conscience that either of the boys share. A little unhinged in that way. There’s going to be a big twist about Ruby very early on. As early as Episode 2 you’re going to learn something very fascinating about Ruby. Bela (Lauren Cohan) is actually something we never presented on Supernatural before, which is someone who lives in this world who actually isn’t a hunter. She’s a thief and a mercenary. And all of these amulets and magical objects that the boys are always stealing and using to fight creatures, are actually worth a lot of money. And there’s someone to buy and sell them. And she’s really not interested in the altruistic or obsessed or revenge-minded motives of hunting. She’s interested in a free market economy and making a buck. She’s in it for herself. That’s someone they’ve really never come across before. ‘I don’t really care if you stop that ghost, I want that amulet,’ which if she disappears with it the boys are screwed. […]

This is a season where war breaks out. And there’s no longer any of this, ‘Who’s the psychic kid? And I should follow the yellow-eyed demon, what?’ It’s war. We’re at war. Choose a side. It’s the end of the world. We feel this is the most exciting season yet. We feel this is the season to join the party. […] Source: TV Guide Online

Exclusive: Kristen Bell’s First Interview Since Becoming a Hero!

After a short vacation I am back to report the happenings and spoilers  for the new TV season. I am without my favorite Gilmore Girls, but hopefully I find some other show to fill that void. For now there’s great news for Veronica Mars fans Kristen Bell is going to be on Heroes. Of course I see the GG connection. First Kristen had Rory’s last boyfriend Logan on VM, now she will be playing with Rory/Alexis’ old flame Milo/Jess.

Here’s Michael Ausiello’s new interview with Kristen. More spoilers will follow in the next couple of days.

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Exclusive: Kristen Bell’s First Interview Since Becoming a Hero!


Kristen Bell by John Russo/NBC


Sticks and stones will break my bones, but damn, it’s the words that really bruise my ego. “Pathetic.” “Loser.” “Lazy Susan.” You guys have been especially merciless since Variety beat me to the scoop that my BFF Kristen Bell had signed on to put the super in Heroes this fall. Lucky for you, I don’t hold a grudge — not for long, anyway. So put away your thesauri, people, because you’re going to want to give your full attention to this, the actress formerly known as Veronica Mars‘ first interview on her big new gig. In an exclusive Q&A with yours truly, she dances around the subject of her mysterious character, explains why she turned down an offer from Lost, and takes a stand on the subject of a VM movie. But don’t take my word for it. (As if, given your current disposition, you even would.) Read on, and get all the dish straight from our favorite ingenue’s mouth.

Congrats on the Heroes gig! Is this some kind of evil plot of yours to send fanboys over the edge?
Kristen Bell:
Absolutely. It is all part of my plan for world domination — and by “world,” I mean Fanboy World.

How did the gig come about? It’s no secret that you’ve been fielding many offers, including from Lost.
Obviously, I was in an extremely lucky position. I’ve kind of felt like I’ve been on a sugar high the last couple of weeks. Having any of those options… it still feels surreal. How do you make the decision between [Lost and Heroes]? Basically, being able to stay in [Los Angeles] was a little bit of a factor for me [in terms of turning down Lost]. But I was honored to even be considered by Lost. I really, really was, because I love that show. But I have social relationships with a lot of the people who work on Heroes, through so many random connections. It was sort of funny that so many of my friends had been working on this show. I spent a lot of time with a few of them at Comic-Con. I was actually sitting on the train [back from San Diego] with Zachary Quinto and Masi Oka, and some of the writers were on the train and they were like, “Hey, if you ever want to come on Heroes, give us a call!” And I sort of joked back, “I’d love that!” Later on I said to Zach, “Hey, if they were serious, I would love to work with you guys.” And somehow, somebody made it happen.

Wait a second — you ride the train?!
[Laughs] Yeah, coming back from Comic-Con; none of us drove because the traffic was so bad. So we just took the three-hour train ride back.

Weren’t you mobbed by fans?
No way! Are you kidding me? No one recognizes me.

I’m dead serious. It’s rare.

Was part of the appeal of doing Heroes the fact that it’s a limited gig, thus allowing you to keep your career options open?
That’s certainly not a bad point. I am kind of in the luckiest position possible, because they’re allowing me to leave it open-ended. So, yeah, that was extremely appealing. Also, everyone I know who is involved in Heroes has had nothing but excellent things to say about what it’s like to work there or for Tim Kring and Co. I received a phone call before I even knew that the deal was done from Tim and a few of his partners in crime and — I should probably keep this confidential but — it might’ve been the nicest phone call I’ve ever gotten. I think there was almost a point where I fell out of my chair.

How many episodes are you committed for?
I think I’m doing 13 as of now.

Is it possible that could be extended?
I don’t know. Technically, I’m on for the first half of the season, but who knows?

Would you be open to sticking around longer?
I think I might be. I’m kind of excited to go into this family, because doing a new show always feels a little like switching schools; it’s exciting but it’s also really nerve-racking. But this feels like I’m transferring to a school that all of my friends already go to.

Will this interfere in any way with your voice-over duties on Gossip Girl?
They are both willing to work around each other, so I’ll be very busy this fall.

Anything you can tell me about your character Elle that wasn’t in the press release? [We know that Elle has ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.’s past and Claire’s future.]
I know a a lot. I think I know everything. But I think the only things that are allowed to be [out there] are what was in the press release. It’s going to be a really, really fun character — that much I can tell you.

There’s buzz that you might be the show’s new baddie since Zachary will be taking off to do Star Trek.
That is a possibility. It’s going to be fun for me to see where she goes. I kind of hope so. It would be really nice to play the bad guy.

Do you have a power?
Yeah, I do. I have a really awesome power.

I love it! One rumor making the rounds is that you may be considering a trip back to Broadway in the spring — specifically as the new lead in Legally Blonde. You were even photographed backstage with that show’s star, Laura Bell Bundy.
Well, believe it or not, I wasn’t scouting. I adore Laura Bell Bundy, and I went to go see her because she’s a dear friend. I would love to go back to Broadway. The circumstances would all have to be right and the stars would have to align. I’m not saying no or yes to anything, because going back to Broadway is definitely a dream that I know I will accomplish in the very near future.

But nothing definite with Legally Blonde?
No, nothing definite. I have a good relationship with one of the producers, Kristin Caskey, so maybe people read into that. But at this point in time, I’m way too lucky not to leave all of my options open.

Did they actually approach you?
Kristin and I have discussed how the character is sort of similar to me, but Laura has been attached from the beginning and is so unbelievable in the role. But who knows? I think maybe there’s a possibility in the spring.

Are you still, like me, mourning Veronica Mars?
I’m definitely still in mourning. I miss the character, I miss the people, I miss the consistency of that family. Lots of mass e-mails is how we’re all dealing with it. We’re all still in touch. Everyone is moving on up and doing great things, but we’re all still communicating. I just had lunch with Dan Etheridge, who was sort of our physical producer [down in San Diego]. Everyone’s really sad.

Rob Thomas told me he’d like to do a Veronica Mars feature film at some point. Any interest on your part?
Oh, absolutely. I’d do anything Rob asked me. I think we’d all love to work together again.

Have you spoken to Rob about it?
Not as far as locking down dates or anything, but before we left we were like, “OK, I guess our only option now to keep it alive is somebody’s got to write a feature!” We definitely all agreed that we would want to be involved in it.

Check out tomorrow’s Ask Ausiello to read Kristen’s surprising thoughts on Veronica Mars‘ series finale. (C’mon, did you really think I wasn’t going to save something for AA? If so, you don’t know me at all.) In the meantime, did Kristen tell you everything you wanted to hear and more? Speak now in the comments section below, or forever, um, don’t!

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