News Desperate Housewives Spoilers

The last episode that was taped before the WGA strike promises to be a real shocker, but will tie up a lot of loose ends. From the way it looks now it will probably the last one of the season, unfortunately. Just when things were getting interesting….

Housewives Return Date Is Revealed! Plus, Who Died?

Jan. 6 — that’s when it will be confirmed who died in the tornado that struck Desperate Housewives‘ Wisteria Lane in the Dec. 2 episode. It also could be the last original episode fans see this season if the WGA strike isn’t resolved soon. Luckily, it’s a good one. “It’s even better than the last,” says a source. “It’s super-gripping, it addresses so many storylines, and it answers so many questions that viewers have been asking all season.”

So, to be blunt, who’s toast? Viewers will learn (Spoiler alert) that Gaby’s husband, Victor, was indeed killed by the tornado (or, more specifically, a picket through the chest). Also done-for is Sylvia, the patient who was stalking Nathan Fillion’s doc. The fate of Carlos, who was left for dead on the floor of his house, will be confirmed, and Housewives fans will also discover who survived the collapse of Mrs. McCluskey’s home, in which Tom and Ida were taking cover. That’s right — another tornado-related death could be revealed in the new episode. — Teena Hammond Gomez, TVGuide


Spoilerfix however, gave more details, and Carlos lives!

When the tornado strikes, Victor and Carlos end up ducking it out over Gabrielle. “Carlos survives by ducking into the shelter of a house, but Victor is killed after a piece of flying white picket fence pierces his body,” said the insider.” Baseball fanatic Ida Greenberg, played by Pat Crawford Brown, also dies in the storm – and her neighbors honor her memory by scattering her ashes over a baseball field.


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