Supernatural Returns: Burning Questions Answered!


080422supernatural.jpgJensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

After an impossibly long two-month hiatus due to the writers’ strike, Supernatural finally returns with new episodes this week. And to celebrate, we’ve conjured up another Q&A. Will there be an extended Season 4? How do fans’ opinions affect the show’s direction? Will we get answers about this year’s finale? Supernatural creator Eric Kripke is back to tackle your questions and theories. Plus, he has a special message about this week’s all-new episode. Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET on the CW.

I’ve had a long-term theory regarding Sam and his visions — that they were not his but given to him by YED through the connection of blood, which he used to keep track of and communicate with the chosen children. Is this right? Or am I just smoking something? So totally dying to know!Thanks! — gloriaoliver
Eric Kripke:
It’s an interesting theory… but I’d be crazy to confirm or deny. Sorry, but you just have to keep guessing.

Is there any chance you’ll ever appear in a brief cameo role? — ckll
No, no. It’s funny, when I’m in the writers’ room or discussing a scene with a director, I tend to be quite animated, acting out the parts and reading the lines the way I see them in my head. And so it’s become a running joke that the writers and directors are always asking when I’m gonna go up and shoot a part already, because I’m clearly a frustrated actor. But the thing is, I’m a deeply, deeply terrible actor, so no friggin’ way. After my performance in the lead role of Southview High School’s You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, I swore never to torture an audience like that again.

Do you have any plans to extend Season 4, since the strike shortened Season 3 to only 16 episodes? — acsgrlie
I was certainly willing to; the entire writing staff was rested and ready after the strike. But alas, the network only ordered 22 episodes, so we’ll be presenting our usual length.

In “Mystery Spot,” did Trickster really bend time or just Sam’s mind (e.g., another dream-like experience akin to DaLDoM), or both? — racestaffer
Sorry to be Dungeon Master here, but again, I’m not gonna answer. What do you think?

In “All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1,” the YED said to Sam that he was looking for the best and brightest of your generation. Sam replied, “My generation?” and then the YED said there were others. My question is, was Mary or someone we know part of the other generations that the YED was talking about? — chillgirl12
Way to pay attention. Specifically, the YED was making a reference to children like the baby girl — Rosie — seen in the Season 1 episode “Salvation.” If you remember, when John was tracking the Demon in Season 1, the pattern he discovered was that the YED was visiting children in their cribs on their 6-month birthdays, the same way that he visited Sam. So, over two decades later, the YED was repeating his old pattern, visiting a new generation of children. Presumably, there are generations older than Sam… and generations younger.

In recent interviews about the last episode of Season 3, a giant cliff-hanger was mentioned. I know you can’t give anything away about Dean’s deal, but is the “jaw-dropper” something about Mary ? — nic875
Nope. You gotta wait for the Mary information. It’s coming in Season 4.

You said that the Demon war is now Season 4, so my question is, to what extent will we see it? Will it be like in “Jus in Bello,” or will there be blow-out battles? — Padackles13
All right, here’s a brutally too-honest answer: They will mostly be like “Jus in Bello” — skirmishes and off-camera battles — because we can’t afford to produce actual blow-out battles. There’s an interesting story behind all this: When Season 3 was beginning, the biggest note we received from the studio and the network was to open up the scope of the story, to make it more epic. We told them that costs money, and they said that they understood, but we should still go for it. The writers already knew that we wanted to release a bunch of new demons onto the landscape…. But we basically escalated it, increased our number of demons, turned it into a war, opened the Devil’s Gate, all that. Then we produced “The Magnificent Seven,” and it was way, way over budget, and that wasn’t even full-scale war yet. Immediately the studio clamped down and said we had to stick to our budget for the rest of the season. We protested — how do you present a war on our bargain budget? They basically said, “Figure it out.” So here we are, a war without the money to mount it. And our Season 4 budget is even smaller than our Season 3 budget. Therefore, we’ll be employing all kinds of tricks next year — the war will be smaller, more contained, underground, more guerrilla-style. I actually think it’ll improve the show. Looking back over Season 3, the spectacle and size is never as interesting as the episodes that focus on the brothers. I think we probably got a little too distracted at times. So in Season 4, there will still be the war, but we’ll be presenting it in our scruffy, angsty, Supernatural way, and we’ll return to concentrating on the relationships and the characters.

With all the debate about Bela, etc — whom I personally don’t mind — I find myself wondering how much the displeasure or pleasure of the fans affects the direction of the show. Are you swayed or do you stick to your vision and hope they’ll stick with you? — islandgyal
Here’s another honest answer. The reality is, I have a core story that I want to tell, and I’ve never wavered from it, not once. It’s the saga of the Winchester clan — who the brothers really are, who their parents really are, why Demons are so closely intertwined with them, what their destiny really is. It’s an epic, emotional family story at its heart, and to me, that’s what Supernatural is really and truly about. Beyond that, story elements come and go, some are introduced, and others discarded. And whether we keep a storyline or toss it is based on several elements: the writers’ opinions, the realities of actors’ schedules, and yes, at times, the opinions of the fans. We value the fan response. It works as a kind of real-time audience testing. We never listen to specific comments…. But if the fans overwhelmingly reject something, over and over and over, on every website, we tend to pay attention to that. Again, I want to stress, it never alters the core story and central mythology; if the fans don’t like that, then they should go watch Grey’s. But if one of the outer-orbit, less important stories just isn’t working, the writers don’t feel so self-important that we need to keep it. There’s always room to make the show better, and that means trying new things, keeping the things that work, losing the things that don’t.

And finally, though it wasn’t a posed question, I’d like to add one more thing: I love Ghostfacers (airing this Thursday at 9 pm/ET). I don’t love every episode, but I think it turned out great, and it’s one of my favorites. Go to for a sneak preview and tons of outtakes.

Grey’s Anatomy Preview: Breakups and Hookups!

TV has posted some great scoops on the upcoming 5 new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and it come directly from Shonda Rhimes, so of course the spoilers tease, and will keep you glued to the screen!

T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy by Gale Adler/ABC

Getting her own time in the spotlight at the Writers Guild Foundation’s “Anatomy of a Script” series was guest speaker Shonda Rhimes, creator of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Prior to taking the stage Tuesday at the Writers Guild of America in Los Angeles, Rhimes gave TV Guide a peek at what’s coming up in the final six episodes of this season’s Grey’s.

According to Rhimes, between split-ups and hookups, the Seattle Grace staff will be riding an emotional roller-coaster. “George and Izzy broke up, and I think they’re struggling with what that’s going to mean for them in terms of their friendship and where they stand now,” says Rhimes. There’s drama in store as well for George’s jilted ex. “What’s going to happen for Callie is really good, really interesting, fairly juicy and I can’t tell you a bit of it,” teases Rhimes.

One thing fans won’t be seeing is Callie linking romantically with the Chief, who still holds a candle for his wife. “People always seem to move on and then they come back,” says Rhimes. “We’re going to be seeing more of Loretta Devine, definitely.”

Cristina will continue to feel the impact of her breakup with Burke. “The last six episodes are going to be her dealing with that loss and what it means for her career,” says Rhimes. As for Cristina finding love down the road, Rhimes hints, “I think she’s pretty lovable, so in the future, yes.”

Also shaking things up will be Addison’s return visit to Seattle Grace. “She’s going to come in in our [May 1] episode and do some stuff that only Addison can do,” says Rhimes. In doing so, Addison’s angst is triggered when she learns you can never go home again. “I think we watch her struggle with the difference between who she is in L.A. and who she was in Seattle.” Will that struggle land her in the janitor’s closet locking lips with McSteamy? Rhimes’ allusion to Mark’s storyline may be telling: “McSteamy is going to be dealing with that aspect of, ‘Is all I am this guy who sleeps around?'”

As for the dynamic duo of Meredith and Derek, Rhimes has already announced that the couple will reunite. That said, don’t expect smooth sailing for the relationship. “I think they’re going to be happy, but I don’t think there’s any ‘happily ever after,'” says Rhimes. “If Meredith and Derek walked off into the sunset, then that would be it. The show would be over.” – Bekah Wright

Sheridan to Depart ‘Desperate Housewives’

Nicholette Sheridan is leaving Desperate Housewives at the end of this season. Although she has recently laughed off such rumor, series creator and show runner Marc Cherry has confirmed her exit.

Cherry claims, “(Nicollette’s character) Edie is going to cross a huge moral boundary that she’s never crossed before on the show and it will have devastating consequences for her and lead to a shocking conclusion to her time on Wisteria Lane.”

New Desperate Housewives Spoilers

Episode 4.11: Sunday Airdate: April 13, 2008

Carlos remains hospitalized after going blind in the storm and pretends it’s temporary. “Things get complicated when Gaby shows up with a priest and gets Carlos to marry her,” [Marc] Cherry says. Later, jealous Edie will reveal the truth. But says [Eva] Longoria Parker, “As superficial as Gaby is, she might surprise you by standing by her man.” Lynette decides to go to church with Bree. Susan brings in her accountant cousin, Tim, to help her with taxes — and she’ll catch him in a sexual situation with Katherine. Source: TV Guide

Episode 4.12: In Buddy’s Eyes Airdate: April 20, 2008

Old wounds will reopen when Lynette’s mad crush Rick returns. Source: TV Guide

Katherine Mayfair stands at a podium before a grand, twinkling ballroom, resplendent in formfitting purple satin – though her updo is uncharacteristically disheveled. She’s going on about the Founders Day award – something relating to community service and whatnot – but Bree Hodge is having none of it. “From the moment I started working with that obnoxious backstabber,” Bree fumes at her banquet table, “she’s done nothing but pull the spotlight off of me and onto her.” Just a moment later, though, the spotlight is back on Bree – literally – as Katherine announces that Wisteria Lane’s resident perfectionist is, in fact, the recipient of this year’s award. Bree floats up to the podium, all flowy teal dress and perfect red curls. As Katherine leans in to offer a congratulary embrace, she whispers to Bree, “I know you tried to poison me, you bitch.” “Nice hair,” Bree replies under her breath. Then, turning on her trademark smile, she faces her adoring audience. […] But when the show returns, [Bree and Katherine] will have a fast falling-out over planning that Founders Day banquet, capped off with Katherine’s not-so-accidental (but hardly fatal) poisoning. They will, however, reconcile once again and launch a catering business together. [… Gaby] will find there are certain perks [to Carlos’ blindness], like the handicapped-parking placard that allows her a prime spot at the mall, leading to a less-than-politically-correct altercation with some angry men in wheelchairs. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Katherine and Bree have a fast falling-out over planning a Founders Day banquet, but they will reconcile once again and launch a catering business together. Source: Entertainment Weekly

It’s the Founders Ball; Julie and Dylan are debutantes while Bree receives an award. It seems that Katherine and Bree worked together to put the event together and did such a good job that someone else wants to hire them to organize the fiftieth anniversary of his parents. Bree hesitates but when the man says that they could do a fortune organizing such events, Katherine says they’ll think about it. Gabrielle enjoys Carlos’ handicapped parking placard. A handicapped man warns her that Carlos must be with her for her to use it. Cops drop by the Scavos about a vandalism incident: someone threw a brick through the window of Rick’s new restaurant. Source:

Jason Gedrick’s returning as Lynette’s pizzeria crush. Much to the Scavo’s surprise, homeboy went and opened up his own pizza joint practically across the street! Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

Episode 4.13: Title Unknown Airdate: April 27, 2008

Over at the Scavo household, Lynette’s crush Rick (Jason Gedrick) will return to wreak more havoc on her marriage. But don’t worry, Cherry knows how nervous that makes you: “Tom and Lynette’s is the marriage that America has said to me, ‘You have to protect them.’ I have to be very careful.” Instead of Rick and Lynette consummating their emotional dalliance, Rick will simply cause more conflict when “something awful” befalls him that Tom may – or may not – be responsible for. Source: Entertainment Weekly

Lynette and Tom are being questioned at the police station about a fire that occured at Rick’s restaurant during the Founders Ball. Tom seems to be the prime suspect. Carlos’ seeing eye dog will be named Roxy. Gaby doesn’t fully understand what a seeing eye dog can or can’t do and asks the dog trainer questions such as how to have the dog fetch the remote. She’s a bit pissed off that the dog will only be of use to Carlos and won’t be able to do anything that will actually help her. Source:

[Gaby will be] returning Carlos’ Seeing Eye dog, because it doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle! Though that may have something to do with the fact that Carlos is not completely up front with her about his condition. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 4.14: Title Unknown
Airdate: May 4, 2008

Susan, who is wearing old sweats, bumps into Karl and his new pregnant girlfriend Marisa at Lamaze class. At the next class, she ensures Mike is there and dresses to impress her ex and Marisa. Lynette and Kayla go to the therapist. Source:

Episode 4.15: Title Unknown Airdate: May 11, 2008

Episodes 4.16 and 4.17: Title Unknown (Season finale) Airdate: May 18, 2008

The two-hour finale will include the unveiling of Katherine’s secrets and a huge twist ending. What could it be? “How can I describe this without giving it away?” [Marc] Cherry teases. “It’s going to be shocking, and it’s going to change the whole series.” Source: Entertainment Weekly

General Spoiler: Lynette decides to go to church with Bree. Pill-popping Mike emerges from rehab “and he’ll go to everyone he’s wronged to ask forgiveness, including Orson,” Cherry says. “That triggers a weird response — Orson starts sleepwalking.” Katherine has bigger worries: Her presumed-dead ex arrives. Source: TV Guide

New Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers

Episode 4.12: Where The Wild Things Are Airdate: April 24, 2008

“When we come back, we’ll have leapt ahead five or six weeks in time,” creator Shonda Rhimes says. “It’s our way of acknowledging the bump caused by the strike. But it’ll be very clear from the first moment what has transpired. You’ll see where things stand with Derek and Meredith and Rose. You’ll see where George is living, and in the first episode all the residents will be involved in a high-stakes surgical contest — definitely not something the chief would condone.” Old relationships will become new again, some people you thought would never get together will, and there are going to be some interesting outside influences,” Rhimes promises. George and Izzie have “put it to bed for the night. They’ve left it at the idea that it’s not necessarily about the bad sex as it is the bad timing. What will be interesting to see it that after that intimate explosion of events, whether they can just be friends.” Source: TV Guide

Episode 4.13: Pieces of My Heart Airdate: May 1, 2008

Addison will pop up at Seattle Grace to perform surgeries that only she can do and “discover whether you can ever really go home,” Rhimes says. Source: TV Guide

This seems to be the episode where Addison will drop by Seattle Grace because one of the cases of the week involves a yet-to-be-born baby whose organs are reversed. An HIV-positive woman learns that she is pregnant. A grandpa-type doctor is called in to help a 35-year-old pregnant woman suffering from Huntington’s Disease but refuses to take her on as a patient when he learns of her condition and thinks of the potential malpractice risks involved with the case. Source:

Episode 4.14: Title Unknown Airdate: May 8, 2008

Episode 4.15: Title Unknown Airdate: May 15, 2008

Episode 4.16: Title Unknown (Season finale)  Airdate: May 22, 2008

General Spoilers: Pretty boy plastic surgeon Mark “McSteamy” Sloan will continue his pursuit of the hard-to-impress Dr. Hahn. “The way that is going to play out will be surprising to everyone,” Rhimes says. “Mark Sloan is not used to not getting what he wants.” “I am pretty dedicated to the idea that [Meredith and Derek] are to be together for good this season,” Rhimes says. “What’s going to be interesting is how she gets her act together, and how they decided that this is it.” Are those wedding bells we hear?! “I did not say there is going to be a wedding,” Rhimes says. “Or a ring. Although I did not say there wasn’t going to be a ring.” Source: TV Guide

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