Desperate Housewives: General Season 5 Spoilers

08/26 – Susan is living with that other guy when the season begins, but she and Mike are still legally married. The official divorce won’t be in effect for some time to come. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/24 – [Jackson and Susan] met when she hired him to paint her house. […] Edie Britt doesn’t marry just anyone, so it’s a safe bet that her new hubby, Dave, has some special qualities. Chief among them: “He’s just so handsome,” kids [Neal] McDonough, 42, who plays the sucessful motivational speaker on a secret mission. According to McDonough, Edie has no idea of her husband’s shady past: “Dave has revenge on his mind, which you’ll see in the first episode.” [Marc] Cherry won’t say who Dave is out to get, or why. But, he reveals, “Dave is a low rent Tony Robiins who comes to Wisteria Lane very determined to be everyone’s best friend. And we don’t know if he married Edie just to move to the Lane.” […] “On Housewives, I make Edie realize through positive thinking that she doesn’t need to be so cutting all the time[,” reveals McDonough.] Dave will also bring music to Wisteria Lane as he and Tom Scavo form what McDonough calls a “Desperate Houseguys rock band” in Lynette’s garage. “I’m the drummer,” says McDonough, who’s been taking lessons for a month. “Orson plays the keyboard, Tom plays the bass, and Mike sings and plays lead guitar.” Source: TV Guide

07/20 – [Jackson] is far more into [Susan] than she is into him, “but then, over time, she softens a bit.” Source: TV Guide Online

07/20 – “We have a very funny reason why [Gabby] gets her appearance back together, about seven or eight episodes in,” [Marc Cherry says] Nicollette Sheridan (Edie) remains in the cast, to be joined by two newcomers: Neal McDonough as Dave, a new neighbor who introduces the season’s mystery arc; and Gale Harold as Jackson, Susan’s new beau, who kissed her in last season’s finale. “We’re going into their lives and we’re going to see why each of these women, much like in the pilot, are desperate and unhappy,” Cherry says, “for all sorts of different reasons.” Source: USA Today

07/20 – “We’ll get [Gabby] back to looking glamorous somewhere in the middle of the season,” [says Marc Cherry. … Teri] Hatcher says the five-year jump has made Susan less needy. “After years of being the kind of person who is like, ‘Please love me!,’ for many reasons that will be revealed over the new season, she’s now a person who’s closed off to love and not so searching and needy of it.” [… Someone asked] a question about the new man in Susan’s life, played by Gale Harold. “He’s an interesting, artsy guy,” says Cherry, “who’s very different from the previous man in her life.” […] Edie will return to Wisteria Lane “in a very surprising way,” Cherry teases. And what of the new man in her life, Neal McDonough? “He will be bringing the new mystery with him, and all I’m going to tell you is that he has revenge on his mind.” […] Cherry says Andrea Bowen and the rest of the show’s original, pre-flash-forward kids will return in flashbacks. […] “You will see Mike on the show,” Cherry says, “and it will be revealed what happened to Mike and Susan.” Source: The Ausiello Files

07/20 – Joshua Moore is set to play Parker, the oldest son of Tom and Lynette Scavo (Doug Savant and Felicity Huffman). Charles and Max Carver will play trouble-making twins Porter and Preston, respectively, and Kendall Applegate has signed on as Penny, the youngest child and only daughter. The three sons will now be teenagers, while the daughter is around 8 or 9 years old. Source: The Hollywood Reporter
07/12 – Neal McDonough is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives next season as a series regular. McDonough is coming on as a new love interest for Edie! Source: Michael Ausiello

07/12 – Wisteria Lane’s resident gay couple, Bob and Lee, will be back for year five and we’ll soon learn a lot more about the good-looking couple. Seems Bob has got some serious issues — like, seek professional help sort of issues — and it will all come out this season. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

07/12 – Mike and Susan have joint custody of their son M.J. and that they seem to see each other quite frequently. Source: Kristin on E!Online

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