90210 Episode Recap: “Model Behavior”

This week, not one, not two, but three relationships officially crumbled in the span of one episode. And the Kelly-Dylan-Brenda love triangle has been reprised from the olden days leaving viewers wondering what Brenda is hiding.

The episode starts off where we left off last week with Adrianna and her mom meeting with Principal Harry, Kelly, Brenda and Ryan. In true intervention form, the accused, Adrianna, lashes out. But so does her whacked-out stage mom who is oblivious to the world and destroying her daughter in the process. Love how she actually suggested they lighten her work load when they suggested she lighten up on the auditions.

Annie, now the bell of ball at West Bev after her lead in the play, tells Ty to go to hell (not in those words) since she thinks he fooled around on her. Dixon and Silver can’t seem to pull their lips apart much in this episode, but the loverboy does come up for air when Navid suggests he Annie, Dixon and Silver start double dating. Jealous bro doesn’t go for it. Hmm…won’t let his friend date his sister but is willing to give her a condom? Um, yeah…. READ FULL RECAP

Heros Episode Recap: “One of Us, One of Them”

‘Heroes’: Cast Overrun

The series becomes bogged down with too many characters and too many unlikely plotlines, including Hiro’s second childhood, Sylar’s good deeds, and Claire’s and Tracy’s self-analysis… READ MORE

BLIND ALI Ms. Larter’s latest incarnation had to ask Micah who she is
Chris Haston/NBC

After last week’s huge revelation that Angela Petrelli was Sylar’s mother, the big questions on everybody’s mind (or at least mine) were: Who’s the daddy? How was his birth covered up? Then of course, we had the mysterious Tracy Strauss and her newfound freezing abilities, a gang of villainous criminals (one of whom was carrying Peter along inside) on the loose, Parkman talking to turtles in Africa, Hiro chasing Speedster Daphne across the globe and future Peter just popping up all over the place. Where would all of that lead? Let’s find out!

The episode picked right back up in Sylar’s cell where we left off, and although none of the “big” questions were answered (come on, it’s Episode 3!), Mama Petrelli does tell Sylar that she gave him up for adoption. She comforts him by again reminding him how special he is, and also warns that he needs to be strong for the road ahead. How do you make him strong, you ask? By “feeding” him unwitting victims, like the young lady who can learn people’s history by touching them. The pleased look on Angela’s face as the screams echo through the halls of Primatech prove she’s enjoying creating (or re-creating) her monster…. READ FULL RECAP

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It”

Dan’s in grave danger, Nathan may finally achieve his NBA dream, Brooke has left her company to Victoria and Peyton is one step closer to her real dad. A lot sure did transpire on this week’s chilling episode of One Tree Hill.

It looks like Peyton and Lucas have set a wedding date. Peyton is ecstatic when sharing the news with her BFF but Brooke doesn’t seem to share the same sentiment. Nothing is thrilling her these days so when Peyton asks her to design her wedding dress Brooke sarcastically responds, “Want the Lindsay Strauss tear-away train? It’s what all the runaway brides are wearing this season.” Kinda funny actually. And speaking of Lindsay this week she’s back, well actually Lucas paid her a visit. Apparently the two are still working together and now that his second novel, titled “The Comet,” is out, it’s time to discuss his book tour. Great way for the ex to find out about Lucas’ wedding plans. “I guess I was right all along about you and Peyton, but I wish you could’ve done this over the phone.” Lindsay was pretty hurt but eventually got over it since she had always pretty much known P & L would end up together…. READ FULL RECAP

Gossip Girl Episode Recap: “The Serena Also Rises”

‘Gossip Girl’: Runway Dreams

Feeling threatened on all fronts, from her mother to her best friend, Blair goes into overdrive, while Dan seeks inspiration for his weak writing.. READ MORE

WORK IT, GIRL Serena took Blair’s act of sabotage and ran with it
Giovanni Rufino/The CW

This week on Gossip Girl, it was Fashion Week in New York City, and we were treated to not only high fashion, but high drama as well. High drama that included feuding of course. So many truths and lies came out, mostly stemming from secrets. As Gossip Girl herself said, “There would be no gossip without secrets.”

So Lily’s been keeping a secret for quite some time. Back in her wild groupie-filled youth, she posed naked for Robert Mapplethorpe. Now that her children are older, she felt it was safe to let the cat out of the bag and proudly display this piece of art. Only when she went to buy it, she discovered it had already been purchased…by Bart. And Bart didn’t want to put it on display – he wants it to remain hidden forever. His dirty little secret? He’s been keeping tabs on Lily, to the point of hiring someone to look into her past. She demanded to see her entire thick file, and in it was yet another secret. A truly awful one, apparently – so awful that we don’t even know what it is yet… READ FULL RECAP

Supernatural Spoilers! Thursday Preview

Spoilers: After seeing Thursday’s episode, “In the Beginning,” I think it’s fair to say that this season Sam has a problem, and that it will be the major arc of the year, much in the way Dean’s damnation arc played out through most of last season. It’s a bit of a heartbreaker, not to mention practically a love letter from Kripke to all you Winchester-mythology-lovin’ fans. — Kristin at E!Online

10/4 All New ‘In the Beginning’ HD


Dean is transported back in time and is shocked when he lands in Lawrence, Kansas. However, that shock turns to amazement after he runs into a young John Winchester (guest star Matthew Cohen) and Mary (guest star Amy Gumenick), who have just fallen in love. Dean isn’t sure why he was sent back, so he begins to enjoy the time with his parents and newfound grandfather (guest star Mitch Pileggi, The X-Files), who may be hiding a secret that is key to Sam and Dean’s entire predicament.

America’s Next Top Model Scoop & Spoilers!

Kristin at E!Online is convinced the winner has to be Elina. t Lauren Brie goes far but is a bit…boring. And interesting note on Clark: Her appearance changes a tiny bit and gradually as the season goes on because of something she did before coming on the show.– Kristin at E!Online

New Ugly Betty Spoilers!

Have you seen the new web series called Mode After Hours?

Do you remember the sexy, albeit suicidal, Captain Gault (Grant Bowler) from Lost? Grant will be playing Meade’s new CFO, and he tells me that his character “is a bit of a maverick and is very, very good at what he does. He manages to place himself squarely between Daniel and Wilhelmina.” That’s what she said? And in other hotness news, look for an Eddie Cibrian shower scene! — Kristin at E!Online

New Desperate Housewives Spoilers!

You ain’t seen nothing yet! Dave (“Neal McDonough) is hunting someone down on Wisteria Lane, but someone will be hunting him as well. Mrs. McCluskey teams up with her sister (Lily Tomlin) to find out why Dave Williams is so devilishly nice and mysterious. Kathryn Joosten told me Dave gets so crazy that Mrs. McCluskey actually goes into hiding for part of the season. — Kristin at E!Online

New One Tree Hill Spoilers! In Short…

Owen returns and tries to win Brooke back. And Gigi, Mouth’s former intern, returns and tries to get between Mouth and Millicent. Scandal! — Kristin at E!Online

New Private Practice Spoilers & Casting!

Season Premiere: Except for a little wibbling at the top of the episode, Addison is the amazing hero we know and love in the season premiere.  This premiere genuinely feels strong and refreshed, like the show’s been staying at Canyon Ranch since we saw it last. Story-wise, Cooper blows off Violet in favor of sex with Charlotte, Dell quits the practice and Addy is crazy angry with Naomi for making an unethical choice about a patient. Also, Amy Acker from Angel is the main patient in the ep, and she does her usual sterling acting job. — Kristin at E!Online


Ming Na by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

Ming Na, who once played a doctor on ER, next will be playing with the doctors of Private Practice.

In the fifth episode of the ABC drama’s second season (which kicks off this Wednesday), Ming Na will guest-star as a friend of Violet’s, and thus will help shed some light on Amy Brenneman’s introverted shrink. (Oh wow, it just hit me — she’s a “shrinking Violet.” D’oh!)

Ming Na’s other credits include NBC’s short-lived Inconceivable and Fox’s almost-as-fleeting Vanished (in which she was woefully underserved).

Previously announced Private guest-stars for the coming season include Billy Dee Williams (as a man who has taken care of his ill wife, at great cost to his own health) and Grant Show (playing Addison’s brother). — TV Guide

New Heros Spoilers! New Interviews!

Hiro and Ando are headed to the lockup known as Level Five (where Angela and her cronies keep the likes of Sylar and other villains), but they are not going of their own accord…

Kristen Bell will be definitely back, and when she returns, we see that Elle has quite literally be on the fritz—her power keeps overloading and blowing out of control—and she’ll turn to Claire for help. — Kristin at E!Online

Is Heroes‘ Angela Dreaming a Nightmare of a Future?


Cristine Rose by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
From TV Guide

Last week’s reveal that Angela Petrelli is sinister Sylar’s mother is but the beginning of a shocking new arc for Heroes. Cristine Rose teases the next shoe to drop, sheds light on upcoming flashbacks and broaches the mother of all paternity questions. NBC’s Heroes airs Mondays at 9 pm/ET. — Matt Mitovich, TVGuide

TVGuide.com: That was quite a reveal in the season premiere!
Cristine Rose:
It was! It’s a good one, I think.

TVGuide.com: How did you react when you first read that script?
Well, they had been hinting at a big surprise. Actually, it was Zach [Quinto, Sylar] who said, “I think I know, I think I know…,” the day before I got the script. He told me and I said, “That’s so cool!” What’s interesting is we actually shot almost the entire scene just before the [winter 2007-08 WGA] strike, when it was in Episode 13. In the interim, they added the fact that he is my son, so we reshot parts of it. They actually have split the scene in two, and at the beginning of [this week’s Episode] 3 you’ll see it has a double punch. The revelation that he is my son is just the beginning. In Week 3, you get beyond the “icky” factor.

TVGuide.com: Is Sylar “happy” to hear the news? Will he be sending you Mother’s Day cards?
Hmmm, does that fit into his character? No…. [Chuckles] But that’s not why I need him or want him. In the past I’ve dealt with whether or not I love my children or whether I had indeed bore them out of a need for power, to use them as tools or weapons. She can be torn at times, but they are weapons for her.

TVGuide.com: So she’s happy with Sylar’s bad boy status?
She has to harness him. And he only has the power of telekinesis at this point, and that’s not going to be much good to her. The reason she needs these tools in the first place is it’s rather frustrating just having the power of dreams.

TVGuide.com: It is a pretty mediocre party trick.
Yes, in the end I’d much rather have the ability to change my hairdo. But having those dreams and no other active ability, it makes sense that she would use [her children]. I have come to think of Sylar as my weapon of mass destruction. But how is she going to harness his potential?

TVGuide.com: How was the role of Angela first presented to you?
In that first pilot scene, she’s rather dominated by Nathan — she has just stolen a pair of socks, and came off as a rather mealy mouthed type of character. But I played it with a tinge of humor, and in the next scene with Peter you saw a bit of her gumption. I saw her as not being born into wealth, but coming from somewhere else. She’s not hurting for money, and she’s not hurting for spunk. I was open to anything.

TVGuide.com: Think we’ll ever get flashbacks to a younger Angela, to explore her origins?
Well, I do know that in the middle of this “Villains” volume we go back — I cant say how far back — and get insight into who Angela is and why she is the way she is. It wasn’t too long ago that she was very different. But something happened that really set her on a course to be the woman she is today.

TVGuide.com: Do you enjoy more working with the younger folk or your contemporaries?
What a terrible question! [Laughs] There is no answer. I have been blessed to work with incredible people on this cast. It’s been fun to work with Milo [Ventimiglia] and Adrian [Pasdar] because they give as good as they take.

TVGuide.com: And then you have the Malcolm McDowells….
I have not, as of this point that we are talking about, had scenes with him, but… that might be coming up. And we know that Robert Forster is appearing this season as Arthur [Petrelli], who we know is dead, so it has to be in the past. He has been lovely to work with. I have worked with Malcolm this season and I have worked with Robert and it is a different, delicious dynamic playing with my contemporaries.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of Arthur, is he necessarily Sylar’s father?
[No response]

TVGuide.com: “And there was deafening silence.”

TVGuide.com: Moving onto the next question….
I will tell you, I have a theory from when I heard that Malcolm McDowell was coming on to join us. My fantasy was that he was actually the father of Nathan, and out of that sprung the possibility that we all met at Woodstock, dropped some acid and enjoyed the “Summer of Love.” And then when George Takei came into play, I was just grinning so big. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: Has Cristine Rose ever dreamed the future?
You know, I never dreamed that I would have at this late date such a glorious bit of my career. I had a nice career on the stage, a lovely two decades in L.A….. So now that this has come along, I’ve been overpaid.

TVGuide.com: And lastly, has How I Met Your Mother expressed a need to have you back this season as Ted’s mom?
I don’t know, they haven’t called. I figure that when he gets married I have to be at the wedding! They’ve used me a couple times, and I would love to be there when he meets “the mother” and gets married.

Video: Greg Grunberg ponders Matt’s potential for villainy

Where in the world is Matt Parkman? Turns out that Future Peter has banished him to Africa, where the former flatfoot has crossed paths with a mysterious newcomer (played by Ntare Mwine; see related video). In this on-the-set video, Greg Grunberg details Matt’s reaction to realizing he has a “stalker” — one who’s rather handy with a paint brush at that!

Grunny also previews Matt’s run-in with “the Speedster,”  saying that he and new cast mate Brea Grant “have done some great stuff together,” and then raves about this season’s “unbelievable” new scripts.

Since this volume of the NBC series is dedicated to “Villains,” might Matt be lured to the dark side? “Parkman has the potential to go there,” says the actor.  — TV Guide

New Eye-Popping Gossip Girl Spoilers & Scoop!

Tonight on Gossip Girl: First Serena starts reclaiming her queen-bee throne from Blair, and now she’s scoring front-row seats to Eleanor’s Fashion Week show. And she’s attending said show with her new socialite buddy, Poppy Lifton, no less. So is Blair going to just sit back and take this? If you have to ask that, you don’t know Blair. Meanwhile, Serena’s ex, Dan, also gets a new pal: Chuck. He tags along with bad boy Chuck for a little walk on the wild side and soon learns just how wild things can get. — Jennifer Sankowski, TV Guide


Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

Jenny kissing Nate on Gossip Girl?: Oh, you mean that eye-popping photo above?! Jenny actually has the most outrageous storyline of everyone coming up… Our wittle girl is all growed up!

Episodes 6 through 10 are amazing. The sixth ep is where Serena and Blair go to Yale and get in a physical catfight.  Also, Serena really starts falling for Aaron Rose, the artist I told you about whom she knew when she was younger. Looks like S is most def. into creative types.

That photo is no joke. And I can tell you that Jenny is growing up in more ways than one this year. Sources say she might be dropping out of school to start a big, fancy career! What will Rufus say? — Kristin at E!Online

Chuck Season Premiere Tonight! & Spoilers Alert!

New Spoilers!

Chuck and Sarah are in for a roller coaster this season: They get together because they think Chuck is going to be free, they flirt with third parties (her ex-BF and his ex-roomie Bryce Larkin and Melinda Clarke as foreign operative Sasha Banacheck), and then they realize that there’s no getting out of it: Sarah has to be Chuck’s protector and not girlfriend. Wahh! Also, Lester (Vik Sahay) operates like a crack-addled Dwight Schrute when he becomes assistant manager of Buy More, and it’s pretty funny… — Kristin at E!Online

Trae Patton/NBC PhotoZachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski and Michael Clarke Duncan, Chuck
8 pm/ET NBC New

Fans of Chuck, you’re in luck! The seriously solid comedy-drama about a meek, geeky freak (Zachary Levi) returns for a second season. In the opener, unlikely spy Chuck is still entangled in guns, gadgets and girls. (Or is that bullets, bombs and babes?) Here, he mixes it up with a formidable operative (Michael Clarke Duncan) named Colt. This Colt has real kick: He’s out to obtain a device that would potentially give rise to a new Intersect. Later, believing his spy career is behind him, Chuck asks Sarah out on a true first date. Back at superstore Buy More, Morgan uses quirky means to hire a new assistant manager. — Dean Maurer, TV Guide

Zachary Levi reflects on the comedy’s strike-shortened first season, saying, “It’s tough when you’re off the air” for so long. That said, he’s glad to celebrate the series’ return on Sept. 29, “which just so happens to be my birthday!”

Levi also talks about his “double”-the-everything promise for Season 2 (at the 2:45 mark), the prospects for Chuck and Sarah moving in together (3:30), and the fine roster of guest stars on the way, including John Larroquette, whom he says “is a god, but not the God.” — TV Guide

New Chuck Video Interview

Nerd alert!

America’s favorite adorkable TV spy, Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), is back tonight, as NBC launches the long-awaited second season of the loveable action-comedy Chuck. This sophomore series has most definitely upped its game: The first hour back is even funnier, sweeter and more entertaining than what we saw last fall, so you best be setting your DVR.

Zach spilled on why he loves being on such a family-friendly show and on what’s in store for Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Stra-hot-ski) this season. – Kristin at E!Online

Greek Spoilers! Jesse McCartney joins Cast!

Jessemccartney_lJesse McCartney, the actor/singer/songwriter has joined the cast of the ABC Family hit for the second season, the network has announced.

The ex-Summerland orphan will play the recurring role of Andy, a heavily recruited freshman jock who’ll be torn between rushing the KT and OX houses. The fact that he’s an old friend of Calvin’s may offer a clue as to which way he’ll ultimately swing. (Don’t read into my shameless double entendre, kids; Greek creator Sean Smith says Andy is of the straight persuasion.) —  The Ausiello Files
Playing Andy, a high school pal of Paul James’ Calvin, McCartney’s character will, uh, fraternize with both Kappa Tau and Omega Chi as a coveted pledge.

McCartney, who has flexed his acting muscles on Summerland, isn’t the only new face at Cyrpus-Rhodes University. Ken Marino, he of Veronica Mars fame, will guest star in the mid-season opener as a summer camp counselor.

Greek will return to airwaves in spring 2009. — TV Guide

Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Sweep Episode Scoop!


It’s back this Wednesday! Ned’s dad is going to pop up in the premiere, though Ned just doesn’t know it yet. Speaking of fathers, watch for Emerson to try and track down his missing daughter this season. Chi McBride told Kristin at E!Onlibe at the ET/People post-Emmys party that the audience will be seeing her before Emerson does, and that there’s some serious baby-mama drama.
Trouble is afoot at Olive’s nunnery, so the gang will be going undercover in an upcoming episode. I’m pretty sure that’s when we’ll hear Kristin Chenoweth sing The Sound of Music, god bless her perky little awesome soul. — Kristin at E!Online

From the Ausiello Files

Pushing Daisies is about to get seriously bizarro.

Orlando Jones (Drumline), Michael Weaver (Notes From the Underbelly), and Ivana Milocevic (Casino Royale) have been cast as a band of Norwegian detectives who bear striking similarities to Emerson, Ned and Chuck, sources confirm to Mike Ausiello exclusively.

The trio flee their home country looking for bigger, better crimes to solve, which makes things mighty difficult for Emerson and his untouchy-feely sidekicks.

Rumor has it the script for the episode, titled “The Norwegians” and slated to air in November, is nothing short of Snapplarious (i.e., so laugh-out-loud hysterical Snapple will likely shoot out your nose). If it’s half as funny as this Wednesday’s second season premiere — particularly a certain subplot involving reluctant nun Kristin Chenoweth and Mother Superior Diana Scarwid — then we are in for a treat.

New Smallville Spoilers! Upcoming Episodes

Episode 8.05: Committed Airdate: October 16, 2008

After they leave their engagement party, Chloe and Jimmy are abducted by a psychotic jeweler (guest star David Lewis) who was emotionally scarred by his wife’s infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie.  The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else. Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark and Lois pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves then, asked how they feel about each other. Source: The CW

Episode 8.10: Bride  Airdate: November 2008

Details are emerging on the blockbuster November sweeps two-parter (episodes 10 and 11) and they’re so tantalizing that even I’m tempted to watch. Following Chloe’s wedding to Jimmy, Brainiac slowly starts taking over Chloe’s body. By episode 11, he has taken complete possession of her. Source: The Ausiello Files

While everyone else is preparing for the wedding, Oliver goes on a Justice League-related mission as the Green Arrow. Clark and Lois make video messages to congratulate Chloe and Jimmy. Clark and Chloe dance at the wedding reception. Lois finally seems to recognize that there’s a spark between her and Clark… just in time for Lana to come back. Clark also seems to recognize his own interest in Lois, but Lana’s return might distract from that. […] At least two characters will be seriously injured. The wedding will take place at the Kent homestead. Clark and Lana finally have a talk, and Lana tells him why she needed to leave. All of the Season 8 regular cast except for Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) appears in this episode. This is the mid-season finale for the show, meaning some big things will happen that can keep us wondering what will come next. Source: KryptonSite

New Supernatural Spoilers! Upcoming Episodes

Episode 4.04: Metamorphosis  Airdate: October 9, 2008

Sam and Dean discover that Jack Montgomery (guest star Dameon Clark), a family man, is turning into a Rugaru, a creature that starts as a human but changes into a flesh-eating monster. The people who are infected don’t understand what is happening until they turn into cannibals and eat another person. Understanding what it is like to be a victim of a twisted destiny, Sam believes he can reason with Jack and convince him to control his urges. Dean doesn’t think Jack’s animalistic behavior can be subdued and decides the only honorable thing to do is to shoot him. Source: The CW

Episode 4.05: Monster Movie  Airdate: October 16, 2008

The brothers must catch monster-of-the-week Dracula. The latter is kidnapping girls, including a bartender named Jamie. Source: SpoilerFix.com
In episode 5, Dean punches Sam not once, but twice. And not by accident! Source: The Ausiello Files

Casting Notes

The show is casting two new recurring roles: One’s a pretty ass kicker who hears voices and seems likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys; the other’s a he-demon whose serene demeanor belies a mile-wide sadistic streak. He’s a little less likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys. Source: The Ausiello Files

More Gossip Girl Spoilers: “The Serena Also Rises”

In its Sept. 29 episode, Gossip Girl will hit New York Fashion Week for a runway show by Eleanor Waldorf. [.] On the show [the green dress worn by Serena on the catwalk] will be designed by Jenny Humphrey. [.] A twist of fate lands [the dress] and Serena on the runway. Source: Entertainment Weekly

More Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers! Upcoming episodes

Episodes 5.03: Here Comes the Flood  Airdate: October 9, 2008

A plumbing leak becomes a deluge and wreaks havoc at Seattle Grace, as the Chief attempts to implement new teaching policies and George tries to retake his residency exam; meanwhile Derek hopes to move the roommates out of Meredith’s house. Guest starring Amy Madigan as Dr. Wyatt, Daniel J. Travanti as Barry, Jim Ortlieb as Jack, Samantha Quan as Shelly and Suzy Nakamura as Jenn. — Source: ABC

Episodes 5.04: Brave New World Airdate: October 16, 2008

Meredith freaks out when Derek discovers her mother’s old diary in the house, Callie frets as she prepares for her first official date with Erica, and Cristina stumbles into a part of the hospital that neither she nor her fellow residents have seen before. Source: ABC

Sources confirm that ex-Alias vixen Melissa George is in final negotiations to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as an intern with, um, an open mind toward sexuality. To wit, I’m told she’s being groomed as a potential love interest for one of Grey‘s other two burgeoning bis, Callie or Erica. Source: The Ausiello Files

Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 Premiere “Glass Houses” Recap

Rob Lowe, Calista Flockhart

Last season, Sarah and Saul lost control of Ojai, Justin fell for his (believed) half sister only to find that she actually didn’t share any blood relation, Kitty couldn’t get pregnant and Robert’s bid for the White House fell short and Kevin and Scotty got married. Oh, and of course there’s that little issue of the real illegitimate child of William Walker running around somewhere. Where would we pick up with each of these issues? Let’s find out…. READ FULL RECAP

From BuddyTV: It’s been a long, lonely summer without the Walker clan, but tonight the gang is finally back.  When we last left everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, Kevin and Scotty got married, Saul came out of the closet, Kitty and Robert decided to look into adopting, and it was revealed that William fathered an illegitimate son named Ryan.  Also, in the most divisive storyline of all time, Justin and Rebecca decided to act on their feelings for one another now that they’re officially not related.  Is it sexy and romantic or contrived and gross?  You be the judge.

On tonight’s season 3 premiere of Brothers & Sisters, Justin and Rebecca attempt to keep their relationship a secret, and Kevin faces a serious threat to his career.

The episode begins with Kitty poring over the recommendation letter that Sarah wrote for her to help with the adoption, though she’s not aware that the overly effusive testimonial was actually written by Nora.  While Kitty (Calista Flockhart) stresses over that business, Tommy and Holly are plotting to fire Kevin and hire a new lawyer for Ojai.  It’s nothing personal, of course, but Sarah is against it anyway.  Meanwhile, Kevin’s boss, who just happens to be played by the awesome Mitch Pileggi, gives him the keys to his fancy beach house.  People who become partners at the firm are usually the only ones allowed to visit the place, so things are looking up for Kevin.

Nora would love to forget about the Ryan Walker scandal, but Kevin (Matthew Rhys) is still looking into it.  He gets some info on the whereabouts of the illegitimate little brother, including a phone number, but I’m not expecting to see the mystery sibling anytime soon.  It’s too early in the season for that shocker.  While Kevin and Sarah tell Nora that Ryan may be in Bakersfield, Kitty walks in and overhears something about another Walker.  To hide the truth from her, Kevin is forced to invite the entire family to the vacation home.  So much for a romantic weekend.

I never tire of confrontations between Nora and Holly (Patricia Wettig).  Nora heads to Ojai to chew out her rival for planning to fire Kevin, but Holly tells her that she has no right to interfere in business decisions.  Holly’s bitchitude actually gets Nora to back off, which is fairly amazing.

While Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) babysits Paige and Cooper, Justin stops by to further the romance everyone loves to hate.  They want to keep things secret, but of course the kids catch them making out.  Good job, you guys.

Kevin and Scotty are the first to arrive at the Laguna house, but the rest of the clan shows up soon enough.  Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) is still pissed at Tommy for planning to fire Kevin, and it’s even more awkward since Kevin is still oblivious to the news.  Speaking of awkward, Paige and Cooper threaten to expose Justin and Rebecca if they’re not allowed to get high on soda and watch whatever they want on TV.  They’re little Gossip Girl kids in the making.

When Nora confronts Tommy (Balthazar Getty) about the Kevin situation, he explains that the whole thing was his idea, not Holly’s.  They simply can’t afford Kevin, and it doesn’t matter if he’s a relative or not.  Meanwhile, Kitty has figured out that Sarah didn’t write her recommendation letter.  Sarah tries to explain that she’s been stressed, and eventually breaks down and spills the beans about Ryan.

As if Kevin isn’t having enough problems, things go south when Paige and Cooper break an expensive glass statue.  Justin (Dave Annable) takes the blame for it, not out of the kindness of his heart, but to keep his scandalous secret safe.  While cleaning up the mess, all the Walker family secrets come out.  Kitty blurts out the news about Ryan, Justin decides to admit that he’s dating Rebecca while everyone is distracted, and Sarah tells Kevin that he’s being fired.  This vacation just went from awesome to horrifying in under five minutes.

Later that night, Tommy tries to explain his reasoning to his brother, but Kevin knows that William would have wanted him involved in the business.  He won’t be forgiving Tommy anytime soon, and Rebecca won’t be forgiving Justin for revealing their relationship to the entire family.  Sarah also doesn’t have any luck apologizing to Kitty, which means that everyone will be going to bed miserable tonight.

Justin visits Rebecca at her new apartment the next day to attempt to apologize once again.  She’s worried that the Walkers will disown her due to the relationship, but it’s a risk she’s willing to take.  Meanwhile, Kitty rants to Robert about her issues with Sarah, which mainly stem from the fact that Sarah thinks her sister’s life is all sunshine and kittens.  Well, she IS dating a rich senator that looks like Rob Lowe, so I think things could be worse.

Mitch Pileggi is not pleased when Kevin tells him about the damage to his house, nor is he thrilled that they’ve lost the Ojai account.  However, he manages to stay fairly calm about the news, which is not what I expect from the former Walter Skinner.  Over at Ojai, Nora (Sally Field) shows up to start round two with Holly.  In the ultimate bitch move, Nora throws the Ryan news in Holly’s face.  Burn!

Sarah arrives at Kitty’s to give her a real recommendation letter, but it’s too late to submit it.  Sarah wants to make things right with her sister, but Kitty is convinced they still have a problem trusting each other.  In case this episode isn’t depressing enough, it comes to an end with a montage set to “Everybody Hurts.”  Can’t those Walkers learn to get along?

Highlights — From Zap2it.com

  • The opening segment, with Nora’s pastel-tinted version of the family played out over Hallmark-level music and Sarah’s heartfelt voiceover, was hysterical. It was interrupted by Kitty’s reaction: Kitty: “Some poor woman could spend her entire last trimester slogging through this thing. I don’t think she wrote it. I think she got it off the internet — at schmaltzfest.com.” Robert: “More likely she just sat down one night, cracked open a bottle of merlot and kept writing until she lost consciousness.” Hee!
  • Justin and Rebecca do a seriously lousy job of lying about their relationship. Justin, I hope you don’t play poker, because you’d lose a LOT of money.
  • Kevin discovers that Ryan is likely to be in Bakersfield. Why do they never move out of state?
  • Kitty tricks Sarah into revealing she didn’t write the letter by making up a story that was supposedly in the latter about Kitty giving her cookies to a friend in third grade. It wasn’t in the letter, and it never happened. Sarah: “I should have known, you would never give your cookies away to anyone.”
  • Sarah does seem to idealize Kitty’s life — actually she seems to think everyone has it easier than her. I’m getting seriously sick of Sarah.
  • Scotty tells Kevin that the crystal whale: “cost more than your car.” “Really?” Kevin says. “Now I hate my car.”
  • Rebecca gets a little freaked out about the news about Ryan. “They’re completely wrapped up with how to deal with my replacement.” Plus, if Rebecca and Justin break up, she’s afraid she’ll be written out of the Walker family again Rebecca — flee now. It’s healthier.
  • I love that Robert didn’t make it easy on Sarah. “Nobody can slide the knife between the ribs quite like the people who love us,” he says. “You’re not going to let me off the hook here, are you?” Sarah asks. Nope. Nor should he.
  • Still Robert tells Kitty that Sarah did feel bad the next day, and tells her that she’s got to communicate if she wants to get along with Sarah.
  • Nora confronting Holly with the news that he was bonking other other women was a sight to behold. Go, Nora!
  • “Everybody Hurts,” like the Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah,” need to be banned from soundtrack duty for at least 10 years. It’s just too easy, too expected. Find another song!
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