Greek Season 2 Spoilers!

Episode 2.04 – Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays [Airing September 16]:
Rusty meets up with 40-year-old Dr. Shapiro, a female professor teaching gender studies, in order to gather information about a student. A T.A. gets desperate when she can’t locate the exam of a student named Joshua Whopper. Cappie claims he is Joshua and agrees to write a make-up test. Max tutors a football player in elementary physics. Michael enlists the help of a few super hot guys to cheer up Rebecca. Source:

09/10 – Episode 2.05 – Pledge Allegiance [Airing September 23]: KT pledges, including Rusty and Ben, are regrouped in the basement of the KT house. Two of the pledges the episode will focus most about are Woodchuck and Arrowhead. Ben is concerned that some pledges have been lazy lately. Rusty is on Ben’s side but not everyone is. Cappie tries to smooth things over the only way he can, by throwing a party! Of course, things don’t turn out as the pledges would like them to do. In order to survive what’s coming, the KT pledges will need to cooperate. Casey goes out on a date. There is a leadership battle at the ZBZ house. Frannie, Beaver, Ashleigh, Rebecca, and Evan also appear. Source:

09/10 – Episode 2.06 – See You Next Time, Sister [Airing September 30]: Casey, Ashleigh, Frannie and Lizzie attend the ZBZ National Convention in Orlando. At the event, ZBZ sisters can propose changes to the ZBZ National By-Laws. Frannie suggests to overturn a rule which states that removal from office precludes the removed party from ever again seeking that office. Casey tries to get voting members to vote against Frannie’s proposal. When both Casey and Frannie each secure three votes, it’s Tegan who will make the final decision. Paula, a 60-year-old ZBZ sister from North Carolina, gives some tough-love advice to Casey. While Frannie is away, Evan flirts with another girl. He even wants Calvin to be his wingman because the girl has a lady friend with her. Rusty seeks Cappie’s advice to understand why a fellow female classmate acts differently day and night. Max throws an engineering party at the KT house. A fire marshal gives two safety code violations to the KT house. Source:

09/10 – Episode 2.07 – Formally Yours [Airing October 7]: When Ashleigh and other ZBZ sisters discuss men, she praises Rusty’s great dental hygiene. Casey and Max go to a formal together. At the event, Ashleigh and Rusty bond. Rebecca decides to skip the event claiming that she needs a break from sorority events. However, it looks like she and Cappie recently broke up. Source:

09/10 – Episode 2.08 – The Popular Vote [Airing October 14]: Rusty and Cappie sign up for a speed dating event sponsored by the women’s volleyball team. As expected, Cappie does well with the ladies. Rusty? Not so much until a sweet girl named Lauren comes along. They bond until a waitress takes their order. The catch? The waitress is someone Rusty used to date! Casey and Ashleigh snoop around in Frannie’s room. They find a cassette tape marked “June 23 – Unedited” as well as a leather-bound scrapbook that seems to hold key information. Source:

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