One Tree Hill Exclusive: Derek’s Back!

Not psycho Derek, but Peyton’s real half-brother…

According to TV Guide Ernest Waddell is returning to the CW’s One Tree Hill this season, and for multiple episodes.  “Shortly after Peyton’s momma, Ellie, passed on, she learned she had a half-brother out there, somewhere. Enter Psycho Derek (played by Matt Barr). That Derek, however, was just a poser/flim-flam man/all-out psycho. Just as “Derek” got his comeuppance, Peyton’s actual sibling surfaced, and he was a tough-as-nails Marine with a tender heart. After a four-episode run in 2006, Waddell’s Derek was deployed to Iraq, but not until he could escort his sis to a basketball banquet honoring Nathan.” — Matt Mitovich

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