Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & Will Jim Live through the Season?

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

Episode 4.01 – Firestarter (Season premiere) [Airing October 3]:


A shrink survives a fire in his office and when Melinda and Jim go to the hospital to visit him, they see him talking to what Melinda realizes is a ghost. She has to break the news to him that the patient died in the fire and he was talking to her ghost. After speaking with him, Melinda visits the young woman’s roommates and learns some interesting facts about what the injured man told her and more importantly, did not tell her. Melinda, Jim and Delia eat at a Chinese restaurant, where Ned is a waiter and serves them. Source:

Episode 4.02 – Big Chills [Airing October 10]:

Melinda talks with a young woman named Grace who tells Melinda that she thinks she is being haunted by the ghost of a man she found dead. Grace and her friend Ryan, a doctor, went to high school with Melinda and the man Grace found dead. The ghost is manipulating blood in the OR with Ryan and Melinda tells him he has to figure out who would want to be torturing him and why. Melinda has help from a young man named Eli, who also can talk to ghosts. Source:

Episode 4.03 – Ghost in the Machine [Airing October 17]:

Ned, Eli and Melinda are checking out Virtual Life on Melinda’s computer when a ghost that looks like an avatar on the game flies out of her computer, unable to control himself, knocking over antiques and breaking glass. They follow him to try and find out where he was heading. Later, Melinda goes on Virtual Life and her avatar and the ghost’s get in a physical fight, Melinda finding that she has many good moves on the game, while she tries to convince the ghost to head to the light. Their investigation leads them to a young woman named Alise and Ned meets her on Virtual Life to play DDR and research more about the ghost. They then learn that a man is luring young girls using Virtual Life. Source:

Episode 4.04 – Save Our Souls:

Melinda and Jim go on a cruise on an old ship that is about to be scrapped. When they get there, they meet a young newlywed couple, Rich and Julia, and Melinda realizes a ghost has attached itself to Rich. Melinda also realizes the ship is full of ghosts that are having fun and partying. Melinda figures out that Rich’s ghost is a succubus, which is a female demon who sucks the life out of men so she’ll have a partner in the afterlife, or some kind of siren, luring ‘sailors’ to their death. Source:

Mike Ausiello Interview’s Whisperer‘s executive-producing team of P.K. Simonds, Ian Sander, and Kim Moses on Jim’s fate

Ausiello: Let’s start with the basic question: What’s going to happen to Jim this season?
I’ll try to be a little bit coy but not too coy. What we said from the beginning of the season is this is something that we’ve been thinking about and planning for a long time, and the show has been dropping clues and hints for quite a long time. There’s been a lot of Internet speculation about what’s going to happen, and some of it’s right. But what a lot of people don’t understand, what a lot of people have been getting wrong, is why we’re doing it. Number one, what we’re doing is very big and we’re very excited about it creatively, but not because it’s going to get a momentary burst of ratings; we believe it will thrill our audience in a lot of different ways, and reconnect them to the show, and sort of intensify the bond they feel between themselves and our characters. Our show is sometimes procedural in nature in that Melinda meets new people every week and helps them with their problems. But the show has not always been as much about her life and her relationships and her problems. What we’re trying to do is this season is do an overall arc or mythology which is entirely about Melinda and her relationships. It’s also a way of kind of bringing together all the strands of the show, because it is a show, let’s face it, that deals with death. And the reason the audience loves the show so much is that we find ways to deal with death that are honest; we’re not changing anything where that’s concerned. We are going to confront our main characters with death in an intense and personal way, but we’re going to find the real point of the storytelling. It’s not who or what or when, really, it’s about what comes next. And I think a really important thing for the audience to remember is that this is also a show about love. Love between human beings and how powerful and eternal it is. This all began a long time ago as a conversation about how do we make this show even more romantic than it already is. A lot of people feel like the relationship between Jim and Melinda is a wonderful and almost too perfect relationship, and we felt that way too. So we wanted to kind of shake things up.
Moses: And also explore some ghost rules, but still stay true to the ghost rules that were set up in the beginning.

Ausiello: When does this story start to unfold?
The bomb is going go off in November. It’s not a literal bomb, but it’s going to feel like one. The repercussions are going to carry forward throughout the entire season.
Sander: This bombshell is part of the mythology and raising the stakes on the mythology. What I believe we’re also saying is that this is not the endgame. It is, in fact, part of, a new beginning of a mythology that we think will become exciting and build over the course of the season. The show will also deliver on what the audience has come to love and expect, and that is Melinda still will be dealing with ghosts, still dealing with their issues and unfinished business. There will be closure at the end of each episode and satisfaction at the end of each episode while she performs that heroic task. In addition to that, we will have that personal mythology that folds back on her.
Moses: In season 1 the mythology was the spirit world is getting stronger. Then in season 2, the veil between the living and the dead is getting thinner, and we continued that into season 3. And the mythology this year is that love transcends death.

Ausiello: A lot of fans are saying that a big reason they tune in is for the Jim-Melinda relationship. Obviously, they’re worried that killing him off will screw with that.
We’re not going to confirm or deny anything, and I apologize because we’re all professionals and that seems silly. But we can’t do that. Because if you do that, there are a number of people who are going to use that as an excuse not to watch. And we want people to watch, because the whole point of this is the journey. It’s not about knowing what happens or what’s going to happen; it’s about experiencing it. And we want people to experience that. What I will say is that what the audience cares about is the exact same thing we care about, and we would never do anything to betray our audience or the investment that they have in those characters and that relationship. If there’s one thing they don’t have to worry about, it’s that ultimately that won’t be taken away.

Ausiello: The skeptics out there are saying this story is essentially a ratings stunt.
It’s definitely not a stunt.
Sander: We’ve all tried those — a big stunt that gives you a lot of flash, and when the dust settles, you’re left with a lot less than you had before. We would never let that happen to this show. It’s too valuable and too important to us to play games with. It’s really not about that.

Ausiello: There’s also a theory floating around that perhaps this idea was born out of David Conrad’s desire to have more to do on the show.
We have an embarrassment of riches on this show in terms of our cast. We always want to find ways to use those actors in new and interesting ways, so that was, of course, part of our thinking. None of them have ever complained to us about what we asked them to do, but, of course, all artists ever want to do is something new. I can only assume that they were and are thrilled whenever we can give them new kinds of challenges.
Sander: I’m directing the current episode, and they not only take those challenges, they’re running with them. Anybody who’s been underused who’s getting used more is absolutely relishing it and stepping up. It’s been really great to watch.

Ausiello: Are you concerned at all about the “jumping the shark” factor?
For me, jumping the shark is when you change the rules to the show — somehow it’s harder to believe in, or impossible to believe in.
Sander: If the audience feels betrayed with what they believe up until that point, then you run that risk, so, in that sense, we were concerned about it. But we have no concern whether that is actually going to happen. People just need to watch, and if they watch, I can pretty much guarantee that they will be really satisfied with the experience. The show for us has certain rules, and certain sacred trusts with the audience in terms of what we give them every week and the way the world works. None of those rules are broken and none of those trusts are broken. We take that very seriously.
Simonds: The audience is not going to feel betrayed or in any way disappointed as they’re watching this show.

Original Spoiler from Michael Ausiello

Consider this your final warning.

OK, so, death is no stranger to Ghost Whisperer. Heck, the show’s very premise hinges on Jennifer Love Hewitt chatting with the dearly departed every week. (Or so Mandi Bierly tells me.)

But this season, the Grim Reaper makes it personal.

Although CBS declined to comment, multiple sources confirm what has been buzzing on the Internet for weeks (final final warning): Melinda is about to become a widower, as producers have decided to kill off TV hubby Jim (David Conrad) early in season 4.



Remember, this is Ghost Whisperer, people. It’s highly unlikely that Jim’s death will mark the end of Conrad’s GW run (see also: sassy Talk Soup lady). But how long will he be sticking around and in what capacity? God only knows.

Bottom line: If, like Ms. Bierly, you only watch GW for “those special moments when he actually gets to do something, like wear a wifebeater to bed,” don’t freak out. At least not until I tell you to freak out.

OK, time to freak out.

Source: EW

Jennifer Love Hewitt Comments about Jim Possibly Dying

The following concerns what purports to be a major twist to come during the fourth season of CBS’ Ghost Whisperer. If you wish to emerge unspoiled, turn away now.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, speaking out for the first time since a possible Ghost Whisperer plot point found its way onto the Internet (by way of one EW’s Ausiello), has these three words of advice for shocked fans: Wait and see.

Declining to confirm reports that Melinda’s husband, Jim, will himself give up the ghost early in the new season, Love instead tells, “The important thing to always remember is that things are not as they seem on our show. We never do anything cut-and-dry. There are lots of opportunities for people to think that one thing is going to happen, and it actually turns out to be something else.”

Will the Whisperer’s better half merely cheat death? Maybe flatline for a bit, visit with Denny, and then come back? Or will he outright die, but stick around as a ghost deserving of extra-special whispering? (It’s been said that David Conrad, who plays Jim, has been itching to either get more to do on GW or be let loose.) Love lets slip nothing.

“People should very much keep their eye open and enjoy the ride into our big storyline for the season rather than try to guess what’s going to happen and how,” she advises. “People don’t have any idea what’s coming. But it is going to be very cool.”

Source: TV Guide

New Grey’s Anatomy Season Premiere Spoilers

For Full Story and Accompanying Video Previews Visit E!Online

Grey’s Anatomy returns with a two-hour premiere Thurs., Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Bob D’Amico/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

Get five sneak-preview vids of the fifth-season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, along with five spoilerific tidbits about what’s to come….

Spoiler bonus: Following this scene, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) starts stealing patients for Seattle Grace, since it is no longer the No. 1 teaching hospital, and they need to up their trauma ranking. Also, late in the episode, a very cranky chief (James Pickens Jr.) gets angry about the ranking situation and goes off on one of the people in this scene like he has never gone off before. You—and the person he yells at—will be stunned.

Spoiler bonus: Even though Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and George (T.R. Knight) seem to be getting cozy, she finds out he slept with the other Grey…and that throws a wrench in the works.

Spoiler bonus: See that blanket wrapped around Miss Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)? Seconds before this clip starts, Alex (Justin Chambers) wraps it around her. Yes, we see a nicer, better-behaved Alex, but that won’t last long—not even until the end of this episode.

Spoiler bonus: Meet Major Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), the Major Hottie who butts heads with every male doctor in Seattle Grace. There may be blood running down his leg, but that doesn’t bother Hunt much; just wait until he staples his own behind later in the episode.

Spoiler bonus: Cristina (Sandra Oh) has to take care of Hunt now, but later in the premiere she may need a little help herself. Speaking of Cristina, she tells Meredith what the rest of have been thinking for a while now: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are stuck in a vicious circle, and Cristina’s sick of hearing about it!


By now you will have deduced that this is a dream sequence, seeing as how the title of the episode is “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” but Derek is stabbed later in the episode, and Nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) has something to do with it.

Supernatural: Photos/Spoilers Sneak Peak!


Kristin from E!Online Exclusive Photos from Supernatural’s new Season

Michael Courtney/The CW

Supernatural, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Supernatural is back! Here are exclusive photos of Mama (Amy Gumenick) and Papa (Matthew Cohen) Winchester when they were young, plus Mitch Pileggi as Grandaddy Winchester!

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Amy Gumenick Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

The first two eps are amongst the best Supernatural episodes I’ve ever seen—the series mythology gets a whole new layer, and it is fascinating. Dean (Jensen Ackles) is yanked bodily out of hell by a mysterious force that leaves handprint-shaped brands on his body. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s reunion will make you sniffle a little and cheer a lot because as Dean puts it, “The smart brother’s back,” and that means it’s time to get back down to business, baby….

Sam does indeed still have powers, he does use them, and Dean doesn’t witness the event, so as far as I can tell, Dean remains in the dark….
Castiel (Misha Collins) is radioactively hot, as well as having the most adorably tousled hair in the history of adorably tousled hair. Oh, and when I say radioactively hot, I almost mean literally.

Nas in Canada: In Supernatural, is Lilith still the Big Bad after the brothers?
There’s a potential bigger bad than Lilith this season, but Lilith is the one working to release him, so she’s the primary antagonist for the time being.

Supernatural, Matt Cohen, Jensen Ackles Sergei Bachlakov/The CW
The upcoming family-hour episode is called “In the Beginning,” and according to the CW, “Dean is transported back in time and is shocked when he lands in Lawrence, Kan. However, that shock turns to amazement after he runs into a young John Winchester (Matthew Cohen, pictured above) and Mary (Amy Gumenick, pictured above left with Jensen) who have just fallen in love. Dean isn’t sure why he was sent back so he begins to enjoy the time with his parents and new found grandfather (Mitch Pileggi, pictured below), who may be hiding a secret that is key to Sam and Dean’s entire predicament.”

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Amy Gumenick, Mitch Pileggi, Allison Hossak Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Matthew Cohen is a perfect young Jeffrey Dean Morgan, no?

Apparently “the fans will just have to wait and see,” why on Dean and not Sam get to go back in time and visit their parents.  Kristin on E!Online believes “there will be a twist in the episode that means Sam eventually gets a little parental love and affection, too.”

Casting News: Gossip Girl Recruits Wade Allain-Marcus


Wade Allain-Marcus by John Shearer/

Spotted: A new boy in town to wreak more havoc on the Upper East Side.

Wade Allain-Marcus will join the cast of Gossip Girl this season in a recurring role, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

The actor, last seen on MTV’s American Mall, will play 19-year-old Max, a “hipster photographer,” out of the fashion and art world, who is “attractive and manipulative.” Well if that’s the case, then he’ll fit right in. No word yet on when Allain-Marcus will make his debut on the drama. – TV Guide Reporting

Supernatural Premiere Recap: “Lazarus Rising”

Supernatural‘s season premiere drew 3.96 mil — a 33 percent surge over the previous opener and the series’ best CW performance ever.

(However, back in 2006 in the show’s first season it had it’s best rating ever, with 5 Million on the WB)

In  related rating news Smallville‘s season opener delivered 4.38 million total viewers, a 14 percent drop from last year’s premiere.

‘Supernatural’ season premiere: Back from hell

Supernatural_l What in the name of God is happening with the Winchester boys?  After Supernatural‘s doozy of a cliff-hanger — Dean cast into the pit — I settled in last night for the CW series’ fourth-season kickoff*, primed to see Dean restored, some brotherly badinage, demon slayage. Instead, we got a grand mishegoss of secrets, lies, and a concluding theological debate-puzzle that would tax Locke/Jeremy Bentham over on Lost. Perhaps the ep’s title, “Lazarus Rising,” should have clued me in that things were going biblical… Read More

Episode Recap: “Lazarus Rising”

“Why’d you do it?” “Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you.”That’s how “Lazarus Rising” ended. And I just couldn’t believe it. The show went there. It went there! God ordered this “Angel of the Lord” to pull Dean out of hell, because there was work to be done. Wow. Now I can tell you about the “object” that the Warner Bros. publicists… read full recap

Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Traci Dinwiddle, Jim Beaver, Jared Padalecki

Heros General Season 3 Spoilers!

09/18 – Season three has brought [Ali] Larter and Hayden Panettiere together for the first time. Source: CanMag

09/18 – [Here are the powers for some of the Level 5 villains:] Jesse Murphy: Super-Powered Concussive Voice, there is no limit to his powers based on how loud he can scream. (Seems like the same power as Echo from the Webisodes) Benjamin Knox: Gains super strength based on fear of the people around him. Senses fear easily. The German: Power to manipulate metal. Eric Doyle: A puppetmaster that can make people do whatever he wants. Flint: Ability to shoot blue flames. Source: SpoilerTV

09/17 – [A flashback sequence will be about Angela’s younger days, when she was a “different person.” The flashback will also feature Robert Forrester as Angela’s husband, who may have some paternity news.] Source: TV Guide Online [Note: This will more than likely happen around episode 3.]

09/17 – In [“Villains,”] a key new idea is introduced into the mythology – an idea which will divide our characters. They will be divided not just by “Hero” and “Villain” but also by the radical new idea of — well. I can’t say. [.] The Petrelli brothers are re-united for a big story arc. Matt Parkman goes on a great adventure where he meets a new prophet (and eventually develops a new power.) Someone new takes over the company. And Claire’s father (HRG) gets perhaps the most surprising new partner you can imagine. Source: Beaming Beeman

09/17 – “My character will finally meet his nemesis this year – the Joker to his Bateman,” says [Masi] Oka , who’s shooting a scene in which Hiro takes a sucker punch from Daphne, the new supersonic speedster played by Brea Grant. The setup: Hiro has disobeyed his late father’s command and opened a safe containing half of a mysterious formula. If it’s ever matched with its missing half, it will lead to the utter destruction of Earth. Daphne, who moves so fast she can’t be seen, snatches the info right out of Hiro’s hand. When he tries to catch her by stopping time, she flattens him with a right hook and disappears. “Daphne steals Hiro’s very destiny,” Oka says. “And that’s not OK, because it’s his destiny to save the world. Again. For the third time in three season.” [.] Among the jaw-droppers: Shady matriarch Angela Petrelli rises to a scary level of power and reveals her biological connection to another big character. Mind reader Matt finds out who assassinated Nathan and is banished to the African savanna. Nerdy professor Mohinder develops a serum that gives him Hulk-like strength and then has hot, messy sex – a Heroes first! – with high-strung Maya. Glimpses into the future show sweet Claire as a gun-wielding wacko and mild-mannered Ando killing his best buddy, Hiro. And Niki fans won’t know what the hell to think. The character seemingly died in an explosion at the end of last season, and now – without explanation – Ali Larter is back playing Tracy Strauss, a political adviser who’s sleeping with the governor of New York . Then there’s the great escape. A showdown at the Company between Elle and Sylar accidentally triggers the release of several baddies from Level 5, the equivalent of death row. “These guys are the worst of the worst, with special abilities that make them too dangerous to ever again live in society,” [Tim] Kring explains. “When the older generation created the Company, it was their mandate to protect the world and put these villains under maximum security. Now some of them want revenge on the man who bagged and tagged them – the man in the horn-rimmed glasses.” That would be Noah “H.R.G.” Bennet, the former Company man – and Claire Bear’s daddy. [. Jack Coleman is] sporting a klunky bulletproof vest for a scene in which H.R.G. turns hostage negotiator. “The escapees rob a bank and he feels an obligation to get them off the street, not just because they’re dangerous. If it becomes known to the world that there are people running around with superpowers, the lid is off Pandora’s box.” Jamie Hector plays the group leader, Knox, who gains strength when he’s in the presence of fear. “As a young guy, he was basically good at heart but was raised by a murderous Los Angeles street gang,” Hector says. “He wants payback for being locked up and not considered a human being.” Adds Kring: “Just as we’ll see the dark side of some of our heroes, some of these villains were wrongly put behind bars and are not what they appear to be.” Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Peter, is also on the scene – both Peters. “In the first episode, future Peter takes present Peter and hides him in the body of a prisoner named Jesse, thinking he’ll be safely out of the way,” Ventimiglia says. “When the prisoners escape, future Peter freaks. He goes to the bank to try and retrieve present Peter.” That results in an explosive wave of sonic sound. [.] In the season premiere, Sylar will lop off the top of Claire’s skull to get at what’s inside. “Sylar has one fatal flaw,” [Hayden] Panettiere says. “He can be hurt. He can die. So he goes after Claire, because she’s the one thing he wants to be – indestructible.” [. “Claire] still has her ability to regenerate after the attack by Sylar, but he’s left her without the ability to feel any pain before healing – and that’s what made her feel human,” Panettiere says. “Without it, she’s like the walking dead, and she’s really angry. She wants to learn to fight back.” Enter Claire’s pyrokinetic birth mom, Meredith, for some tough love and lessons in self-defense. “Claire gets to be more of an action hero,” says coexecutive producer Jesse Alexander. “She already has the power to heal herself. Teach her how to use a baseball bat and you’ve got something pretty formidable.” It’ll come in handy, Kring adds, “because Claire and Elle are once again on a collision course.” [.] Jesse – Future Peter sequesters resent-day Peter inside tattooed baddie Jesse Murphy. Jesse’s special ability is being kept under wraps, but coexecutive producer Jeph Loeb hints ominously, “He can destroy pretty much anything and anybody.” Arthur – A founding member of the Company, Arthur Petrelli killed himself a few years ago after becoming unstable and delusional – or so claims his wife Angela. Daphne – Speed demon and art thief Daphne Millbrook heists Hiro’s secret formula and dashes off to Paris . Knox – Villain ringleader Benjamin “Knox” Washington orchestrates a bank-hostage crisis. “The rest of the guys only want the money, but Knox is the thinker, the planner,” [Jamie] Hector says. “He creates the situation to lure out H.R.G. and get revenge. Gov. Malder – Congressman Nathan Petrelli survives death, finds God and won’t shut up about it – and that makes him very attractive to the evangelical base. New York governor Malden sees an opportunity and asks Nathan to replace a recently deceased state senator. Source:TV Guide

09/11 – According to Tim Kring, all the new characters fold into existing main character storylines, rather than having their own stories right off the bat. Hiro and Ando are together again, on a quest for the mysterious “Formula” (the significance of which will be explained in episode five). According to Lee, their mission takes them to Bora Bora, Zimbabwe and lovely downtown Bakersfield, Calif. According to Ali Larter, there is “something of a scientific basis” for the explanation of how Niki (who was killed in a fire in the season-two finale) and Tracy Strauss (her current character) appear to be identical. According Malcolm McDowell, it was Linderman who recruited the Speedster to be a minion of evil. Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/09 – Matt Parkman’s future is drawn for him by an African bushman, and in the world’s future, the sky is full of people who can fly. Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/09 – [Zachary Quinto] confirmed that [his pre-evil alter ego Gabriel] Gray will return this season, revisiting the “shades of that character as you first saw him.” […] In “Volume 3: Villains,” creator Tim Kring intimates that by using Gray, the show will continue to “peel the layers off of that onion as long as this character exists on the show.” Source: TV Guide Online

08/26 – According to Zachary Quinto, Sylar’s baby mama is “silver-tongued and alive.” [… Peter and Nathan will find out they have another relative and] it is someone we know, and here’s what I just learned that’s even more shocking: Peter and Nathan will discover they have not one but two living relatives they weren’t aware they had. One shocker will come earlier in the season. The other a little later. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/24 – I’m hearing of not one, but two scorchingly hot new hookups (one platonic, one not) among the characters we already know and love. […] According to insiders, producers are forging a new über-couple between two Heroes regulars in season three-Maya and another Hero-which will serve as a major story arc and which will prove to be a powerful combination. […] Mr. Bennet is forming a surprising, platonic partnership with a certain head-splitting baddie who may or may not go by the name of…you got it… Sylar. [… Jack] Coleman revealed that Clairebear will be “a little more clued in as to what I’m up to. She actually sees what it is I do, and it gets pretty gnarly.” […] I can tell you that the huge reveals in the first few episodes include Sylar can-opening the head of a Hero we love, Sylar revealing definitively whether he plays Hannibal the cannibal with those brains, Mama Petrelli revealing something that changes the entire dynamic between many of the main characters (this is what I’m most excited about), Nathan Petrelli finding God and Peter is so not being himself. […] [William Katt]’ll play a villain of the worst kind: A…I hope you’re sitting down for this.. reporter . Actually, his character’s name is “Reporter,” and from what I hear, he has no special powers to speak of, other than his awesomely spherical ‘do. In the second hour of the season premiere, we’ll see Katt’s character harassing Ali Larter’s new character, Tracy Strauss, asking her about photos he found of her on (back when Ali was Niki and Niki was a stripper). Tracy denies any connection, and my sense is, she honestly doesn’t know of any. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/24 – The season premiere kicks off with future Claire trying to shoot future Peter to stop him from going back in time and committing a murder. Explosive events at the Company land matriarch Angela Petrelli in a new and powerful position. And Dr. Mohinder Suresh will finally get a superpower of his own — one that sends him down a dark and scary path. “He injects himself with the serum he developed to cure Maya and doesn’t know hot to control it,” reveals [Sendhil] Ramamurthy. “It becomes a real Jekyll-and-Hyde thing.” […] Mohinder and Maya will have some extremely steamy encounters this fall — a first for the show. Source: TV Guide

08/24 – In [an] episode’s glimpse at a possible future, our favorite villain [Sylar] is living a pretty normal life. [Zachary] Quinto explained, “What was the Bennet house is now inexplicably my house.” He also went on to drop this bombshell, “My son’s name is Noah. Isn’t that interesting?” That’s right — Sylar has a son in the future and he named him Noah! Quinto would not say who his son’s mother is, but when asked if the spawn of Sylar inherited any of his father’s powers, he did have something to share. “My son actually is a gifted child. He’s very subdue and cool both as an actor and a character.” Source: Comic Book Resources

08/24 – [Monica’s] storyline wraps up fairly quickly. Source: NY Post

08/24 – Seth Green and Breckin Meyer are nearing a deal to join the cast of Heroes for multi-episode arcs. [… They] will play Atlanta-based comic book nerds aficionados who cross paths with (and perhaps serve as advisors to) one of the Heroes. Source: The Ausiello Files

08/13 – [Linderman is dead] but he is not gone! And Nathan will be the first to see him. [Not necessarily having anything to do with the other…] A favorite character’s father will be losing his head—and not just in the temper-tantrum, poor-impulse-control way. Dad’s skull will no longer be attached to dad’s spine. […] Ali’s new character is named Tracy Strauss, and she’s a political adviser to the governor of New York. Is Tracy connected to Niki? Well, a reporter sure thinks that the nekkid pictures of “Niki” on the Internet are not just a case of mistaken identity. Also, when we pick up the story, Tracy is angling to get Nathan Petrelli a pretty good government job. There has to be a tie between Niki and Tracy in there somewhere, and if you want to know exactly how, email Mr. Linderman, because he knows, and I think he might be the mastermind behind the whole switcheroo… […] Kristen Bell will most definitely be back, beginning with the second episode (which is the second hour of the premiere) and most likely for a total of five episodes this season. I also hear she is very much a part of the series in a very major way when they flash forward to the future. I think you’ll be surprised over who she’s hooking up with—and also might squee a little. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/13 – Sources confirm to me exclusively that Heroes has tapped acting vet Robert Forster to play Nathan and Peter’s presumed-dead pops, Arthur Petrelli. Source: The Ausiello Files

07/28 – Mohinder is getting powers, and I can tell you that the powers you see exhibited at the end of the finale are not the end of the story. Before too long we’ll see him exhibit a nifty power that he shares with one of the top five comic-book superheroes of all time. Care to guess which hero and which power? (Here’s a hint: Homer Simpson had a pig version.) Source: Kristin on E!Online

07/27 – According to Milo and Hayden, we’re in a world of trouble with these new villains. Hayden said, “There’s many things much worse than Sylar.” […] And Milo said, “I think everybody this season is confronting something worse than Sylar. It’s something that is going to strike a chord and be close to Peter, what this big obstacle in the road is… because it’s a threat to everybody; it’s a threat to everything. I’m not going to say it’s four horsemen or one horseman, but there’s gonna be a power that comes in that everybody has to kind of band together to make sure it doesn’t run wild.” […] Hayden said the original cast will be sharing lots of screen time: “A lot of us are working much more closely together – the main cast – which I think is what the audience missed about the second season, and I think what we missed about the second season…that we didn’t really get the chance to work with each other. We’re all crossing paths this season.” […] Hayden hinted at a big bad that deeply affects our Claire-Bear and changes her future forever: “Something happens to Claire that’s actually quite frightening to her, and it plays a big part in who she becomes in the future and what happens to her. I wish I could babble about it now because I have a lot to say about it, but I can’t. But it’s something, yes, that manifests further about her ability that weighs heavily on her emotionally, and mentally, as a person. And I think it would weigh on anyone who would be going through a situation like that…I think Claire plays a very important role in what happens, and in that way she can be worse than all of them.” She also said of her character’s fate: “Future Claire’s very different, and it’s a very different world. It’s kind of, as you can imagine, a world gone a little bit awry. She’s a very different person.” […] Milo Ventimiglia shared a big fat clue about Peter’s storyline when the show resumes: “The one thing I can say is that Peter’s not quite himself this season… In the second season, Peter lost himself, and in the first season Peter was fighting himself, and in the third season, when I say Peter’s not quite himself, he’s not quite himself.” And just between you and me and the fly on the wall, I can tell you that a newly introduced character has something to do with that change… […] Seems like Claire’s still on the teen-rebellion tip this year. The way Hayden explained it was: “As a teenager, even younger than myself, Claire is still going through that turmoil with her parents, and she’s trying to break away, and she kind of starts to this season. She’s gotten to the point-and I remember getting to this point, too-where you’d ask permission, but you knew what you were going to do, regardless what the answer was.” […] When asked if they were working on any romance for her character this season, Hayden said, “No! Not at all, not yet. I have not read past episode eight, so it could be in the future, I don’t know, but I think we tried that and it went…not so much. Personally, I’d rather be interacting with everyone else and be in the core of what’s going on, and what’s going on has nothing to do with relationships like that, so…” […] Sounds like Peter Petrelli might be cruisin’ for a bruisin’ this season. According to Milo, “Peter is the strongest of them all, that’s what everybody says-he’s the most powerful of them all, and at some point those guys have to fall.” Source: Kristin on E!Online

    Supernatural General Season 4 Spoilers

    09/17 – Sam still has powers, he does use them, and Dean doesn’t witness the event, so as far as I can tell, Dean remains in the dark. […] Castiel (Misha Collins) is radioactively hot, as well as having the most adorably tousled hair in the history of adorably tousled hair. [.] Oh, and when I say radioactively hot, I almost mean literally. […] There’s a potential bigger bad than Lilith this season, but Lilith is the one working to release him, so she’s the primary antagonist for the time being. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    09/17 – Supernatural has cast The Wire‘s Robert Wisdom in the recurring role of Uriel, a dangerous, intimidating, aloof, imperious, contemptuous, humorless killer. Source: The Ausiello Files

    09/09 – We’ll be meeting two angels this season on Supernatural, but they aren’t pretty babies like the ones on your refrigerator magnet: Castiel and his partner Uriel are badass seraphim. Imagine Julian McMahon with wings…Both characters will be recurring, but look for more trouble from Uriel, who is not a fan of the human race in general and who doesn’t want Sam and Dean succeeding in particular. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    08/24 – Prison Break‘s Dameon Clarke will be channeling his inner Jeff Goldblum when he guest stars this November as a middle-class father who begins to freak out when he realizes he’s turning into a terrifying fly-like creature. Source: The Ausiello Files

    07/28 – We’re joining up with the Winchester boys four months after we saw Dean hanging from chains in that blistering-hot place run by that dude Beelzebub (aka hell). Too bad for Dean, though, as hell seems to run in dog years. So what’s on deck for these poor, miserable souls? Nothing good… Over the first half of the season, we will learn what Sam did while he was by himself and what Dean endured in hell. “Sam’s turning a little reckless now that his brother is dead,” Jared revealed. And during his four months alone, Sam has cut off contact with everyone and has become wildly suicidal in his hunting attempts. The boys used to have an open relationship, but “now they have secrets from each other,” dished Kripke. The good news? If you’re looking for that great (smartass) Dean charm, Jensen reassured us: “He’s still the same shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy, but he’s trying to figure out how he got back from hell.” So it looks like Dean’s mystery will be a large focus this year. Kripke added, “The big question is not does he get out, but how he got out.” A.J. Buckley, Travis Wester and Brittany Ishibashi showed up to the Comic-Con panel, so you’d better believe we’re going to see more of the Ghostfacers in the future. Said Kripke, “We’re always looking for ways to bring the Ghostfacers back in the actual series… We’re working on some new material, either webisodes, potentially cell phone content or basically an off-network Ghostfacers’ series.” […] Nicki Aycox will be returning for at least one episode to reprise her role as Meg Masters. Also, we’ll get more John and Mary Winchester. Still, fellow  Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans, don’t get too excited-we’re going to be seeing them at age 18, when the lovebirds met. Looks like this is the season of individuality; Sam and Dean aren’t going to be as close. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    07/12 – “This season opens with some bombshells!” teases creator Eric Kripke. […] Season 4 opens four months later, when Dean wakes up with no memory of his torment. “What happened to Dean in Hell and to younger brother Sam whe he had to be a hunter by himself will slowly come to light,” Kripke says. “It gives us a nice opportunity for an internal struggle for Dean and for the brothers to surprise each other.” Katie Cassidy (Ruby) and Lauren Cohan (Bela) are both gone, but Jim Beaver and Steven Williams are back as geezer demon fighters Bobby and Rufus. Get set for a revealing flashback to the Winchester parents’ teen years, an homage to 1930s monter flicks and a bloody Halloween show. Source: TV Guide

    07/12 – Producers are now looking to cast a couple of recurring characters that could shake things up a bit. I’m told that a girl named Kristy — in her 20s, sexy, snarky and adept at adjusting to any and every situation — will come aboard in the season premiere and stick around through at least episode five. Castiel — a dude in his 30s or 40s, charismatic, calm and very good at getting people’s attention — will also be introduced in the premiere and will probably stick around for some time. Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

    06/14 – Eric Kirpe reveals: What happens to Dean in hell and how Dean gets out become primary concerns of Season 4. […] Dean spends a lot more time in hell than anyone’s probably thinking. Dean could spend – in human time – six months, maybe more. In hell time, who knows how many years or decades that might be. I won’t tell you how he gets out, but he will emerge to a different landscape. A lot has changed since he’s been away, and he has to readjust to his loved ones after being gone for so long. […] It takes hundreds of years to be burned away into a demon. Dean won’t be a demon, but there will be an ongoing mystery. When he gets out of hell, he’ll have little recollection of what happened to him down there. That’s one of the mysteries of the season. […] Ruby will be back, and we’re introducing a new supernatural species. We intend to bring back Steve Williams, the old embittered hermit hunter Rufus. [… Dean’s hellish sojourn] will affect [the relationship between the brothers] massively. We’ll slowly unfold Dean remembering what happened in hell, and that will drastically affect their relationship. Dean is basically a POW coming home from the worst hellhole – literally – ever. How do you reconnect with your life when you’ve been through something that horrific? That becomes one of his issues. But don’t worry, he’s still the same smart ass he always was. […] We presented [Sam] as immune to [demon Lilith’s] powers. We have some twists and turns in store with that. Sam promised Dean right before Dean died that he wasn’t going to pursue any of his powers in terms of discovering his potential. Upon Dean’s return, Sam tells him “I promised I wouldn’t head down that road because you made me promise,” but we begin to wonder if indeed that is the truth. For whatever it’s worth, the writers have never been this excited about a season. We have some really exciting plot twists. Source: TV Guide Online

    06/12 – Supernatural is going to be dealing with a lot of specifically religious symbolism this season, with a particular eye toward the devil, hell, god, etc. Source: Kristin on E!Online

    05/08 – Lauren will not be coming back next year. [… In Season 4,] we’re gonna spend a little less time talking about giant movements and war and more time talking about the brothers’ relationship and how they react to that war. I think we sort of have a new species of supernatural being that we’ll be introducing in season four that will take people by surprise. […] In terms of Mary, we’re definitely delving into all of that. I think my goal is to answer those questions sooner than people are expecting us to. I think in the first half of season four we’ll actually answer a lot of those questions. […] We have the Croatoan virus on our board of ongoing mythology, and it will return in some form or another that we’re working on.  Source: Kristin on E!Online

    06/26/2007 – [It is very doubtful that Alona Tal, who plays Jo, will be back next season.] According to Alona’s reps, anything is possible, but since the show hasn’t done anything with her character for a long time, they’re not expecting a call any time soon. Source: Kristin on E!Online

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