Ghost Whisperer Spoilers & Will Jim Live through the Season?

Latest Updates: Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim’s Alive? & Previews: “Heart & Soul” & “Threshold”

Episode 4.01 – Firestarter (Season premiere) [Airing October 3]:


A shrink survives a fire in his office and when Melinda and Jim go to the hospital to visit him, they see him talking to what Melinda realizes is a ghost. She has to break the news to him that the patient died in the fire and he was talking to her ghost. After speaking with him, Melinda visits the young woman’s roommates and learns some interesting facts about what the injured man told her and more importantly, did not tell her. Melinda, Jim and Delia eat at a Chinese restaurant, where Ned is a waiter and serves them. Source:

Episode 4.02 – Big Chills [Airing October 10]:

Melinda talks with a young woman named Grace who tells Melinda that she thinks she is being haunted by the ghost of a man she found dead. Grace and her friend Ryan, a doctor, went to high school with Melinda and the man Grace found dead. The ghost is manipulating blood in the OR with Ryan and Melinda tells him he has to figure out who would want to be torturing him and why. Melinda has help from a young man named Eli, who also can talk to ghosts. Source:

Episode 4.03 – Ghost in the Machine [Airing October 17]:

Ned, Eli and Melinda are checking out Virtual Life on Melinda’s computer when a ghost that looks like an avatar on the game flies out of her computer, unable to control himself, knocking over antiques and breaking glass. They follow him to try and find out where he was heading. Later, Melinda goes on Virtual Life and her avatar and the ghost’s get in a physical fight, Melinda finding that she has many good moves on the game, while she tries to convince the ghost to head to the light. Their investigation leads them to a young woman named Alise and Ned meets her on Virtual Life to play DDR and research more about the ghost. They then learn that a man is luring young girls using Virtual Life. Source:

Episode 4.04 – Save Our Souls:

Melinda and Jim go on a cruise on an old ship that is about to be scrapped. When they get there, they meet a young newlywed couple, Rich and Julia, and Melinda realizes a ghost has attached itself to Rich. Melinda also realizes the ship is full of ghosts that are having fun and partying. Melinda figures out that Rich’s ghost is a succubus, which is a female demon who sucks the life out of men so she’ll have a partner in the afterlife, or some kind of siren, luring ‘sailors’ to their death. Source:

Mike Ausiello Interview’s Whisperer‘s executive-producing team of P.K. Simonds, Ian Sander, and Kim Moses on Jim’s fate

Ausiello: Let’s start with the basic question: What’s going to happen to Jim this season?
I’ll try to be a little bit coy but not too coy. What we said from the beginning of the season is this is something that we’ve been thinking about and planning for a long time, and the show has been dropping clues and hints for quite a long time. There’s been a lot of Internet speculation about what’s going to happen, and some of it’s right. But what a lot of people don’t understand, what a lot of people have been getting wrong, is why we’re doing it. Number one, what we’re doing is very big and we’re very excited about it creatively, but not because it’s going to get a momentary burst of ratings; we believe it will thrill our audience in a lot of different ways, and reconnect them to the show, and sort of intensify the bond they feel between themselves and our characters. Our show is sometimes procedural in nature in that Melinda meets new people every week and helps them with their problems. But the show has not always been as much about her life and her relationships and her problems. What we’re trying to do is this season is do an overall arc or mythology which is entirely about Melinda and her relationships. It’s also a way of kind of bringing together all the strands of the show, because it is a show, let’s face it, that deals with death. And the reason the audience loves the show so much is that we find ways to deal with death that are honest; we’re not changing anything where that’s concerned. We are going to confront our main characters with death in an intense and personal way, but we’re going to find the real point of the storytelling. It’s not who or what or when, really, it’s about what comes next. And I think a really important thing for the audience to remember is that this is also a show about love. Love between human beings and how powerful and eternal it is. This all began a long time ago as a conversation about how do we make this show even more romantic than it already is. A lot of people feel like the relationship between Jim and Melinda is a wonderful and almost too perfect relationship, and we felt that way too. So we wanted to kind of shake things up.
Moses: And also explore some ghost rules, but still stay true to the ghost rules that were set up in the beginning.

Ausiello: When does this story start to unfold?
The bomb is going go off in November. It’s not a literal bomb, but it’s going to feel like one. The repercussions are going to carry forward throughout the entire season.
Sander: This bombshell is part of the mythology and raising the stakes on the mythology. What I believe we’re also saying is that this is not the endgame. It is, in fact, part of, a new beginning of a mythology that we think will become exciting and build over the course of the season. The show will also deliver on what the audience has come to love and expect, and that is Melinda still will be dealing with ghosts, still dealing with their issues and unfinished business. There will be closure at the end of each episode and satisfaction at the end of each episode while she performs that heroic task. In addition to that, we will have that personal mythology that folds back on her.
Moses: In season 1 the mythology was the spirit world is getting stronger. Then in season 2, the veil between the living and the dead is getting thinner, and we continued that into season 3. And the mythology this year is that love transcends death.

Ausiello: A lot of fans are saying that a big reason they tune in is for the Jim-Melinda relationship. Obviously, they’re worried that killing him off will screw with that.
We’re not going to confirm or deny anything, and I apologize because we’re all professionals and that seems silly. But we can’t do that. Because if you do that, there are a number of people who are going to use that as an excuse not to watch. And we want people to watch, because the whole point of this is the journey. It’s not about knowing what happens or what’s going to happen; it’s about experiencing it. And we want people to experience that. What I will say is that what the audience cares about is the exact same thing we care about, and we would never do anything to betray our audience or the investment that they have in those characters and that relationship. If there’s one thing they don’t have to worry about, it’s that ultimately that won’t be taken away.

Ausiello: The skeptics out there are saying this story is essentially a ratings stunt.
It’s definitely not a stunt.
Sander: We’ve all tried those — a big stunt that gives you a lot of flash, and when the dust settles, you’re left with a lot less than you had before. We would never let that happen to this show. It’s too valuable and too important to us to play games with. It’s really not about that.

Ausiello: There’s also a theory floating around that perhaps this idea was born out of David Conrad’s desire to have more to do on the show.
We have an embarrassment of riches on this show in terms of our cast. We always want to find ways to use those actors in new and interesting ways, so that was, of course, part of our thinking. None of them have ever complained to us about what we asked them to do, but, of course, all artists ever want to do is something new. I can only assume that they were and are thrilled whenever we can give them new kinds of challenges.
Sander: I’m directing the current episode, and they not only take those challenges, they’re running with them. Anybody who’s been underused who’s getting used more is absolutely relishing it and stepping up. It’s been really great to watch.

Ausiello: Are you concerned at all about the “jumping the shark” factor?
For me, jumping the shark is when you change the rules to the show — somehow it’s harder to believe in, or impossible to believe in.
Sander: If the audience feels betrayed with what they believe up until that point, then you run that risk, so, in that sense, we were concerned about it. But we have no concern whether that is actually going to happen. People just need to watch, and if they watch, I can pretty much guarantee that they will be really satisfied with the experience. The show for us has certain rules, and certain sacred trusts with the audience in terms of what we give them every week and the way the world works. None of those rules are broken and none of those trusts are broken. We take that very seriously.
Simonds: The audience is not going to feel betrayed or in any way disappointed as they’re watching this show.

Original Spoiler from Michael Ausiello

Consider this your final warning.

OK, so, death is no stranger to Ghost Whisperer. Heck, the show’s very premise hinges on Jennifer Love Hewitt chatting with the dearly departed every week. (Or so Mandi Bierly tells me.)

But this season, the Grim Reaper makes it personal.

Although CBS declined to comment, multiple sources confirm what has been buzzing on the Internet for weeks (final final warning): Melinda is about to become a widower, as producers have decided to kill off TV hubby Jim (David Conrad) early in season 4.



Remember, this is Ghost Whisperer, people. It’s highly unlikely that Jim’s death will mark the end of Conrad’s GW run (see also: sassy Talk Soup lady). But how long will he be sticking around and in what capacity? God only knows.

Bottom line: If, like Ms. Bierly, you only watch GW for “those special moments when he actually gets to do something, like wear a wifebeater to bed,” don’t freak out. At least not until I tell you to freak out.

OK, time to freak out.

Source: EW

Jennifer Love Hewitt Comments about Jim Possibly Dying

The following concerns what purports to be a major twist to come during the fourth season of CBS’ Ghost Whisperer. If you wish to emerge unspoiled, turn away now.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, speaking out for the first time since a possible Ghost Whisperer plot point found its way onto the Internet (by way of one EW’s Ausiello), has these three words of advice for shocked fans: Wait and see.

Declining to confirm reports that Melinda’s husband, Jim, will himself give up the ghost early in the new season, Love instead tells, “The important thing to always remember is that things are not as they seem on our show. We never do anything cut-and-dry. There are lots of opportunities for people to think that one thing is going to happen, and it actually turns out to be something else.”

Will the Whisperer’s better half merely cheat death? Maybe flatline for a bit, visit with Denny, and then come back? Or will he outright die, but stick around as a ghost deserving of extra-special whispering? (It’s been said that David Conrad, who plays Jim, has been itching to either get more to do on GW or be let loose.) Love lets slip nothing.

“People should very much keep their eye open and enjoy the ride into our big storyline for the season rather than try to guess what’s going to happen and how,” she advises. “People don’t have any idea what’s coming. But it is going to be very cool.”

Source: TV Guide

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  1. Marc

     /  September 22, 2008

    I can at all understand why they would “kill” Jim, just so the dynamic between he and Melinda will be “better’ or ‘different’. And why in the do THEY keep saying that this season is about “How love transcends death.” Hello! We already KNOW THAT from watching the first three seasons. Someone please tell them to not insult they viewing audience. : )

  2. Darlene

     /  September 23, 2008

    I watch the show for the great stories, the awesome suspence… and for the character Jim. Just thinking that maybe they are going to kill Jim and he will be a “ghost” is such a silly and stupid idea – kind of disappointing in a way. Love transcends death? We know that, we saw that from the first episode! I just hope that the character Jim won’t be turned into another one of Melinda’s “ghosts”. You can develop their relationship without killing him and turning him into an apparition. lol

  3. Rachel

     /  September 29, 2008

    I think they will put him in a coma making him seem dead and he will have out of body experiences to help Melinda.

  4. oh please it mind be strange but their right this will keep jim with melinda but only spritual way and it will forever bring melinda and her mother clloser to each other. so its kind of a good thind . Hey everyone has their reasons.

  5. Ash

     /  October 3, 2008

    Well… if they kill off Jim.. this will be the last season I watch of Ghost Whisperer. I watch for that near perfect relationship between Jim and Melinda. Its an escape from reality… its something you yearn for. Its amazing and certainly hope they do not ruin that. Otherwise I will not be watching anymore and I know many other people will stop watching as well.

  6. Lily

     /  October 10, 2008

    It kinda seems as though they’re gonna kill Jim off. But it’s probably just a throw off, you know, to distract people from figuring the real twist out. As much as I know Mel and Jim love each other, their relationship just bores me at times. I mean, my favourite kind of pairing is one that bickers and are playful and such. Like Mel and Payne. And not specifically them, even though I think they would be great together, just more chemistry to make the show interesting. I know people look at Jim and Melinda’s relationship because it seems so perfect and flawless, and that’s just the thing- it is too perfect and flawless, which is GREAT in real life, but just boring to watch on television- for me anyway. I know every one has different opinions, and that’s fine, I’m just sharing my own.

  7. Chenay M

     /  October 13, 2008

    Yeppers, Lily I TOTALLY 100% agree withyou!

    Mel&Jim= shitty to watch.

    Payne&Mel= hot sex BABY!!!


  8. Mee

     /  October 24, 2008


    they really want us to be happy with that stupid Drama thing


    Jim is JIM…Jim can’t be anyone else…JIm can’t be… dead
    Jim is perfect…Mel and JIm are perfect…

    it’s just too cruel what they’re doing 😦

  9. If they take Jim away from Melinda, I am through watching the show. I haven’t missed an episode – EVER, but if Jim is gone, so am I!!!

  10. Brandie

     /  October 24, 2008

    I don’t want Jim to die either. They’ve already killed off her best friend when they killed Andrea. Why do they need to kill off her husband too? Especially when they’re hinting at Melinda being pregnant. I like the loving dynamic between them. They are their own people but they genuinely love each other and enjoy each other’s company. There are enough horrible drama ridden relationships on tv. I liked the loving relationship for a change.

    This was one of my fears with this show from the start. It’s just a matter of time until they get rid of Jim so they can bring in a new love intrest.

  11. Monica

     /  October 24, 2008

    I think that the writer are dumb if they think killing Jim off will keep us watching… HELLLLLLL NNOOOOOOOO… the idea of love transcends death was a true story and a book that I read about a woman losing her husband in a car accident… and based on the previews that how they are going to kill Jim off. 11/14 is the last day I am going to watch ghost whisperer because that is jim last day…

  12. Ann

     /  October 24, 2008

    from what I am reading I dont think they are going to kill Jim off. I do however think he might be in a coma and that would put him between the spirit world and the real world. So that would give him a chance to help Melinda and make him understand more of what she goes through. I think by season’s end he will wake from the coma. Or I hope so… I hate to see anything happen like that between them. I do think it would take away something from the show to have him dead. So I will have to watch it to see. I hope I am right on this.

  13. Briar

     /  October 26, 2008

    Writers do stupid things. They convince themselves that they aren’t stupid, but are dramatic and reviving (like have one main character kill the other who is supposedly her best friend with whom she is in love out of revenge – this happened on another show which was supposedly all about that loving friendship!), and go ahead and – hey, they’ve jumped the shark. The central plot of each episode of GW has concerned convincing a reluctant ghost to move on “into the light” so the bereaved can deal with their loss and move on too. These guys say they won’t go against that, nor the central romantic appeal of the show – however, if they think they can kill Jim yet still keep him around like Topper – well, that is neither romantic nor in keeping with the show’s rules. But it’s ignoring little things of that nature which kills a show, and these people don’t sound as if they realise that. But perhaps all this is a tease to boost ratings and what actually happens is rather different from what they threaten.

  14. Cynthia

     /  October 31, 2008

    If you kill Jim off I will definitely stop watching the show. I was hoping that Jim and Melinda would start a family. Now it’s looking as if you might be going to kill him off. That will definitely kill the show for me. I don’t want Melinda talking to his ghost. That will not be the same.

  15. jaya

     /  October 31, 2008

    I also had fear that one day Jim’s character was going to be killed. The chemistry between two actors and relationship between Melinda and Jim are so endearing, honest and perfect. Perhaps too perfect but it makes it while to watch the show.

    Let’s face it, girl wouldn’t like to see hot hunky guy on TV every week. I wish my husband look like that.

    I don’t think I want to see the show if Jim gets killed.

  16. Tammy

     /  October 31, 2008

    I enjoy watching the show every now and then. The realtionship between Melinda and Jim is something special.
    They look so good together. I would just hate for that to be ruined.

    Please don’t kill off Jim. He’s the real reason I watch the show.

    What woman wouldn’t like to watch sexy hot hunk of a guy every week. I’m David Conrad’s greatest fan. lol

  17. siennitaa18

     /  November 1, 2008

    I really hope some rumors about jim being in a coma and helping out melinda is true because if he’s going to die i mean that would be veeery disapointing i say that just not to say anything else but that is what makes this show so amazing, i loove melinda she a great actress and she’s perfect for the show but so is jim the 2 of them 2gether make this tv show extremely great i mean there’s no words, u say the realationship is 2 perfect well its not perfect each of them have there own things and many times the whole ghost thing really bugs jim the great thing is how they still work it out which is realistic to few people but i mean i cant even explain in words how great the show is with the both of them 2gether in the show, if i dont stop now then i wont ever stop blaberin lol but yeah if jim is gone 4 sure i can 4 sure tell you ghost whisperer will not be the same and will loose alot of fans!
    i can completely understand him dying and maybe being in a coma and melinda being able to see he’s ghost and helping eachother out, but the moment jim walks into the light and is gone i mean seriously who is going to want to see something soo disapointing i mean u guys have always put in melindas lines to always have faith but if he leaves what will you be showing to have faith about???
    well hopefully ghost whisperer has a good ending with jim and melinda ALWAYS 2gether ALIVE ….please keep them 2gether melinda and jim put the fire in it, i mean both melinda and jim are hott i couldnt imagine them with anyone else other then eachother there great 2gether dont screw that up give people that kind of faith and hopes that love like that does exist dont screw it up PLEASE !!!
    if you want to change something i mean idk change something about the ghost make it so that melinda can do more and hopefully melinda does come out 2 be pregnant i’m sure everyone is seriously curious on how the baby would come out with powers or not?
    especially the baby being jim’s i mean other then that you know how would jim react when he finds out the girl or boy does see ghost, can he handel 2 people with that and not being able to do much?
    but yeah please keep jim and melinda 2gether!!!


  18. Rachel

     /  November 1, 2008

    This site has the script for Threshold. The only thing it never talks about is if Jim dies then would they not hold a funeral service for him.. Wouldn’t they give his character that respect. They never talk about his body.. I really believe he is in a coma or something. I read on fanhost forums that he comes back in February sweeps.

  19. Chloe

     /  November 3, 2008

    i feel that it would ruin the show if they got rid of Jim it might just crumble for the ratings i personally wouldnt watch the show if they got rid of him i think he keeps Melinda sain and he balances her life out. i never thought they would get rid of him its such a good relationship between him and Melinda and the show isn’t even mainly about him he is just a part of it but he is a big part of it. i dont understand why they would get rid of him. why would they ruin a good thing.

  20. Micky

     /  November 3, 2008

    WWJD! Far too often we see this bumper sticker in reference to a short little Jewish man from Palestine. But for us, in the here and the now, need someone we can look to for hope, inspiration and the true way a woman should be loved. WWJD= What Would Jim Do? He embodies what every woman wants in a man. She wants that special someone who rubs her feet in the evening, who breathes with her at her Lahmaz classes, who gives her neck rubs while the other men are out smoking cigars, who knows exactly when to say the right thing. Oh, please for the love of God and all that is Holy, if you are going to kill our beloved Jim, please have him resurrect so he can teach the world how to be more like him! Please, make Jim, the modern day Jesus. Please, oh please, don’t take Jim away from us! I just don’t know what I will do without him. Say it isn’t so! I’m just so torn up by this whole thing. But I know one thing for sure, Jim and Melinda will love each other for ever and ever and ever and ever. And that is a love that is like no other. Oh my beloved Jim….

    —–Ok, I couldn’t stop laughing as I wrote this. Kill the dude off. Guys like JIm make the rest of guys look bad.

  21. nabba

     /  November 6, 2008

    I dont know if they’re going to kill off Jim or not. I’ve been having this feeling that Melinda isn’t going to be able to carry a baby – that’s how death has rubbed off on her.

  22. Tiffani

     /  November 7, 2008

    No stunt. they kill Jim tonight i wont watch anymore simple as that. they are what i like about GW, MORE than the ghost part. if it was nothing but the Jim and Melinda hour. i would still watch. They kill him off and i am done. there are TOO many other shows that are good that i am NOT watching because i dont have time. WELL if they kill jim i will have time wont i?

  23. Henna

     /  November 7, 2008

    I for one would love to see where the show goes if Jim dies, don´t get me wrong I love Jim/Melinda , but the fact is people u love die (sad but true)…. And if Jim were to die and stay on, well I can see some GREAT charecter exploration and acting from them both…
    I meen it really would shake things up, and I would really like to see what the writers do with all that….

    I guess we´ll see soon enough… =)

  24. jenna

     /  November 7, 2008

    I will not watch again if he is truly dead

  25. Kim

     /  November 7, 2008

    My daughter is 10, (maybe one of your youngest fans) since the beginning she and I have watched ghost whispers, a friday night ritual you can call it. We never miss it. Some episodes were scarry and some were sad, but jim dying is the worst. Both she and I were so very upset, this show did put a fright in her, and makes me very sad. It would be so very upseting, I mean think about all that poor melinda has been through, her best friend dies, her Father is not her father, she spent years estranged from her mother and her new best friend leaves, now the hurt of not only losing Jim but the idea of a child!!!! really how much SHOULD one have to go thru to get to know what love is??????

  26. Lu

     /  November 7, 2008

    I don’t usually comment on plots and plans in television series but for this I will make an exception.

    Your have created a sweet story with characters we have become accustomed and attached to. We plan our Friday evening around Ghost Whisperer. How could you even consider eliminating Malinda’s mainstay and support. To do so will take away a gentle story and make it depressing. There aren’t too many shows that you can watch with with the family and we are all totally shocked that you could think of turning Jim into a chost. To do that will cause you to lose us as viewers.

  27. Sandy

     /  November 7, 2008

    I cant believe they realy killed Jim off. I m sill in shock!!! They were such a great couple. I cant imagine the show without him. I dont know If Ill ever watch it again!!

  28. Kim

     /  November 7, 2008

    PS…If you really want to do something different have a look around, what other shows today portrays the kind of love commitment and understanding that jim and Melinda has with each other, kill Jim off and it will be just like the rest of the TV, there one day and gone the next.

  29. Kim

     /  November 7, 2008


  30. Linda Lee

     /  November 7, 2008

    I deal with living and reality every day at work. I come home and watch certain shows for the escape they provide and the characters we can identify with. My husband has so much in common with Jim’s character that if anything “supernatural” happened to Jim on a permanent basis, I know I could no longer watch. We need to know that “Jims” exist and are here to take care of us…not only Mel, but all of us.

  31. Whispererfan

     /  November 7, 2008

    You guys are unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How the heck can you kill off a main character like that…again!
    First we lose Andrea (wow, she was a great character) then you bring on Camryn (she is really getting on my nerves) and we lose the Professor (Jay was excellent comedic relief) now Jim.
    I hope the writers find a way around this and bring him back with powers or something because it’s insane.
    Jaime Kennedy is an absolute bore and does nothing for the show.
    Fix this because someone screwed up when they thought up this idea. I don’t want a ghost Jim, I want him alive. Kill off Jaime Kennedy or Camryn. Them we can afford to lose.

  32. Tammy

     /  November 7, 2008

    I really hope that they didn’t just kill Jim off, I watch the show with my 8 and 12 yr old kids and I was so upset I cried at just the thought of Jim dying. If he really is dead, I know that we will not be watching the show anymore. Will definately find something else to watch on Friday nights. Why would they screw up a perfect match like that. With the way that things are today, it’s nice to see a couple (I know not real) but the idea of a couple who love each other so much and are so happy. HE’S NOT DEAD just got to keep saying that.

  33. ckrewer

     /  November 7, 2008

    I am with the rest of the fans, if they kill off Jim, I will find
    something else to watch. Their relationship is what made
    that show so special. He was the kind of guy we all wish we
    had. I sat their crying after tonight’s show when he was shot. They had better bring him back or I know a whole lot of people who are going to quit watching. We can only take
    so much heartache. What sick person thought that killing off
    Jim would make the fans happy, or raise the ratings. What
    dumb butt heads. Cold hearted ……..! Bring Him Back or just
    take the damn show off the air!!!

  34. Patti

     /  November 7, 2008


  35. This is just too much. I have always loved Ghost Whisperer and this is just TOO MUCH! Melinda has done nothing but good, helping the ones still alive and the ones that passed on to go to the light thereby helping the both of them find peace. Now Jim has to die? Okay, sure Melinda will be able to see him, duh… But for how long? Until he too has to leave Melinda and go into the light? Why not just rip her heart out and let her die slowly bleeding out slowly but fatally? THIS IS TOO MUCH. Sorry script writers but this is a dumb move. NO, it is NOT romantic!!! Sure to people that have not gone through something similar it seems so pure and romantic that he will still be with her because she can see the dead… But IT IS NOT THE SAME!!! I lost my love when I was 23. I am 40 now. Do you think the pain has lessened? NO!!! Do I still miss him? YES!!! Do tears help? No. Does it help that he has gone into the light? No. Do I understand that he had to? Of course… But all that will never make up for the hole in my heart that I had to live with every day of my life now… He was to me like Jim is to Melinda… Do the writers even know how much it hurts??? I am so sad, upset and dumbfounded that Ghost Whisperer could turn into something lame like this. Please don’t do this to Melinda. Enough is enough.

  36. very upset about jim

     /  November 7, 2008

    After i watched tonights show with my 9 yr old. We have both decided that if Jim is dead we will no longer watch Ghost Whisperer. Melinda has already lost so many people close to her. Now with Jim being gone they (the writers) have gone too far. This is the one relationship that should have been left intact. I am very upset and saddened by a show that up until this point was my favorite show.

  37. All I have to say is this. I stopped watching Close at Home, which I thought was a great series, because they killed off the hubby. It was so obvious they were headed to a fling with the new star (David James Elliot), which I understand they did initiate.

    As soon as I saw the promo for Ghost Whisperer, I vowed that I will not watch this show again if Jim dies. Period. Unless he’s going to become a ghostly regular, and Jim and Melinda become the first happy mortal-ghost husband and wife, and baby sees him and knows him, then forget it. I’m not interested In Melinda getting romanced by some new hot lead, or whatever. I’m still angry they killed off her original best friend, who I still like far more than Camryn and son.

    So — it’s very simple. If he’s truly dead, I’m a past viewer. I never watched another episode of Close at Home, and I won’t watch this one.

    I’m one person, but I’m sick and tired of this network killing off the hubbies, and I will stick by my decision.

  38. Olivia Gutenberg

     /  November 7, 2008

    I am with u Marcia, i am sick of them killing great cast members off. This show was the greatest in the first season. Camron and son were’nt there and her old friend was. I like fell in love with jim. He is so cute and a great hubby. Why don’t these networks get that we dont want new cast members. We just want it the way it always was, which is a good, happy, exciting show and nothing less, especially less husbands and friends.

  39. what everyone thinks

     /  November 7, 2008

    I loved this show until jim died.

  40. moniie

     /  November 7, 2008

    Why do they (writers) take away the one thing that makes this show so Awesome? Melinda & Jim’s relationship is the most beautiful & honest relationship EVER on any T.V. Show. I will NOT watch or buy any more of the DVD’s if he is gone. Melinda’s character looses too much with out Jim and will KILL the show for the Cast & all the loyal viewer’s!!

    I am soo sick in San Diego tonight!

  41. I am not sure what they have in mind for Jim at this point, I don’t see how the show could possible be the same, not with him as a ghost.

    But I did really love Jim and Melinda while it lasted. I might have to find another Friday night something to watch.

  42. lindilu

     /  November 7, 2008

    There’s an old saying…”if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

    Why would you take a perfectly good show and ruin it by killing Jim???? If he was leaving the show it would be one thing, but from the previews it looks like he’s staying as an ethereal spouse….please….it’s making a joke of the show and of those who are mediums.

    Sadly my family’s days of being GW fans are over

  43. jitka robertson

     /  November 7, 2008

    Look what happened to “Close to home” they died her husband and the show was over. It may happen to to this show too if Jim really died.

  44. Victoria Johnson

     /  November 7, 2008

    If Jim is gone. I am gone. My husband is gone. My three daughters are gone. My two son-in-laws are gone. My other daughter’s boyfriend is gone. We get it. People die. But we already saw “Ghost” with Demi Moore. We do not need a rerun. Good bye. for good.

  45. Alan

     /  November 7, 2008

    Simply put……..if Jim is dead or even a supporting ghost, I’m done with the show. Can’t get simpler than that.

  46. Please write the network to keep Jim
    There are not many things that are going well in society today. People look at split families as normal, running around with a million things to do is expected, struggling to make ends meet is a given. I watch GW to enjoy an hour a week with my family and to see even though at times scary some good. It is nice to see relationships that WORK and now the network is ruining that as well. Why does that story line need to be affected to “shake up the audience” Can’t the writers be a little more creative if that is what they really want to do!!!!!!!

  47. Tina

     /  November 7, 2008

    I have been watching GW since it first came on and I fell in love with Jim and Melinda, they have soo much chemistry together! Jim is Melinda’s rock, He’s the one that keeps her going! He is also like her knight in shining armor. After I watched the show tonight I cried like a baby, it is a stupid idea to kill off Jim!!! WTF ARE THOSE WRITERS THINKING???



  48. Sheila Hunt

     /  November 8, 2008

    Why! Why! Why! With the world in caos and economics the way it is and sadness all around us, why would you do this to a show that is truly one of the best, if not THE best and visually wonderful?!

    Watching Ghost Whisperer was the hightlight of my Friday nights. I couldn’t wait to rush home and prep for that show. I made sure I organized my household and got things done to make myself comfortable in order to watch that wonderful Ghost Whisperer series. This was entertainment at its best and was not costly to viewers with prices of everything being what they are. Furthermore, I lost the love of my life also and it’s been years ago. However, I too still feel the pain sometimes and have flash backs of his face, his smile, his gentleness, his strength, his laughter and silly jokes and the way he cared about me. More importantly, I remember his unconditional love even when I was not at my best. That was Jim. Melinda will have a tough time and I feel for her Character. Now, I’m wondering if Jennifer Love Hewitt put up a fight against killing her “husband, Jim”. I would have…fervently. Alas, and needless to say, my heart is not in the series anymore and wish you could do something else to change this tragedy. If not…I will add this…thank you for the past shows, they were terrific. Now, I bid you adieu forever more and so will my friends and family who also watched Ghost Whisperer because I recommended it. Peace out.


  49. Kim

     /  November 8, 2008

    If David Conrad (Jim) needs a break from the show that would be understandable, I guess:(…it happens to some shows. But can’t he reconsider for the show. As it has been said Jim and Melinda has chemistry most shows can only hope for. If he really needs a break we all know Melinda has to stay where she is at, let him go off to Med school as he wanted to do, or at least in a coma for a while…again I will ask why fix something that is not broke. If Jim dies it will be just to Depressing to watch. And if the show is built around Melinda ( who is great) and Jim it will never be the same. I have stopped watching a lot of shows on tv because of a replacement being brought in but the chemestry between the actors are just not the same.
    You (the writers) are in for a downfall…I know you portray Melinda as being a strong person, but the strongest meets a wall somewhere. Also does anyone know if the proffessor is coming back, there is not a lot of chemestry with the new guy either…it is like the writers lost interest in the show and are just throwing anything together!!! Nothing wholesome anymore. It is a shame I will truly miss GW…but life goes on and Friday night can always go back to movie night. I realize for one the show was made for Melinda and it is Melinda who is the star, and she does a great job, but the show itself is losing chemestry, find the right people, the ones with the chemestry, I am afraid if you Kill Jim off you will lose this and lose a lot of viewers.

  50. Ariana

     /  November 8, 2008

    OMG! They can’t kill Jim he is my fav, and he is like my human Edward from Twilight! I know they will probably keep him on as a ghost but they will still lose a lot of fans if they do that! I think you should keep him on and he is really just in a coma, I mean that would make perfect sense! I LOVE DAVID CONRAD PLEASE SAVE HIM AND SAVE 1 MORE FAN………ME!

  51. Benny Martin

     /  November 8, 2008

    I don’t particullary like the other ‘filler characters’ that they have had on the show, after killing off andrea. now that the show has killed of jim, i will start looking at something else on fridays. i don’t like camryn, she is very boring, her son is a little better, but the kennedy guy is a loser. i think that jennifer love hewitt must want the show to end, because i don’t believe too many people will be watching anymore. she should have just ended the show.

  52. Audrey

     /  November 8, 2008

    I CANT BELEIVE JIM DIED!!! that made me really mad. also they were going to have a baby! when i found out jim died i cried! and if jims gone then the show wont be goog anyone!!!!

  53. Louise Sommer

     /  November 8, 2008

    Watching the November 7th show I was shocked at the ending. A poor move on whomever decided this story line. The relationship between Melinda and Jim was perfect. Is Jim going to appear as a ghost to Melinda and continue with a “ghost” relationship? Dumb idea.

    Seeing how the show ended, how about 1) Melinda wakes up from a dream and finds Jim OK or 2) take a similar approach as Dallas did and bring Jim back in a year as they did with Bobby Ewing?

    I will continue to watch to see how the show, sans Jim, proceeds, but I honestly feel I won’t rush home on Friday’s to watch it if Jim “stays dead”!

  54. Lindsay

     /  November 8, 2008

    I couldnt even sleep last night after watching that episode!! I loved this show but I will never watch it again if Jim really is dead!!! I wasn’t going to watch it next week but maybe I will just incase he isn’t really dead. I dont know why they would kill him off!! I stopped watching the OC when they killed Marissa off and I will stop watching ghost whisper too!!! Might as well just kill Melinda off too. At least then they could actully be together in the same spiritual relm!!! Why would they kill Jim??? Just suicide for this show. This must be the last season!! Keep Jim on!!!!! Melinda and Jim together!!!!!!

  55. sophia

     /  November 8, 2008

    dont usually comment i thought ghost whisperer was going to be unique keeping a love story going we all lead misrable lives all we want to do when we watch a tv seiris for a change is watch at least a little bit of happines
    fancy killing of one of the best charicters you writers that night must have had way to much to drink when making that desion
    well i hope this punches you back in the face how can you kill a perfect marrige
    please if you ever get to read this your making the biggest mistake the show will gow down do not kill that jim off there are woman here that adore this man so do i
    sorry this comment may be going to far but i have been crying since this has happend you are messing with the audiences emotions way to far..i trust you writers when the show ratings go down you better thing of something you going to loose alot of views i mean it

  56. Mary Ellen

     /  November 8, 2008

    Time for another writers strike! Are you guys raving idiots?
    The minute the writers are tired of writing a show they think they have an epiphany and whoosh take the show in a new direction. No that makes it a different show and if I want a different show I will watch a different show you fake intellectuals.

    Okay here is how you can save it- sort of like on Bob Newhart years ago. It is all a dream and she wakes up at the end of this season and she is pregnant and Jim is alive and he decides to get a new job which brings some change to the show. Then I can watch next season. Or not, and then I can watch your replacement show.

  57. Luanne

     /  November 8, 2008

    I’ve never missed an episode but I won’t be watching anymore. There is enough misery in the real world, why would i want to watch more on TV? I watch to feel good. Besides that fact of basically punishing Mel for doing good is just ignorant. It seems writer’s always have to destroy a good show.

  58. Michelle

     /  November 8, 2008

    I too am sad about the death of Jim. I only hope that it is a dream. This is my favorite show. One person said “We all lose loved ones, get over it”. Please, I lost my fatrher at a very young age and yes I did get over it, but it hurt like hell. Sometimes we need the fictional world to make us feel better. There are SO many bad things going on in this world right now that I need to channel my feelings into the positive. They were my positive. I have a wonderful family life, but its nice to know that that exists in the fictional world as well.

  59. Michelle

     /  November 8, 2008

    oops. He wasn’t my fatrher we was my father. Ok maybe one funny laugh. We need it. Right????

  60. Lisa

     /  November 8, 2008

    I have watched the show since the beginning. My sister-in-law comes over and we watch the show together every week. We never miss it. After last night I have decided that I’m done with the show. I don’t know if anyone from the show reads these but if they do maybe they will see that they screwed up. GW was a feel good show. I hated it when they killed off Andrea and cried like a baby. JIm being a ghost isn’t good enough. Like someone else said – take the show off the air.

  61. Sherry

     /  November 8, 2008

    I too was totally shocked by the writers killing off Jim! I shed many tears at the end of tonight’s show! What are the writers thinking? The relationship between Melinda and Jim was sweet, believable, nurturing and in short, the relationship we’d all love to be in! Why end it now? This is very short sighted for the writers.
    Losing the professor was not great and the new replacement has no charisma at all!!!!!! I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, but without Jim, this series will never be the same to me again……………..

  62. trisha stewart

     /  November 8, 2008

    The scene with Melinda thinking Jim was all right then to look over his shoulder and see him coding was heartbreaking. I to am finished with the show if Jim is dead or a ghost. There love story is one of the main reasons I watch the show. Maybe just maybe Jim wasn’t the one shot. It looked like a shot came from inside the house to outside. The guy in the house was pointing a gun towards the window. It looked like to me the window was shot out from the inside. Maybe the scene we are seeing is what Mel is thinking when she is coding. WISHFUL THINKING since we know Mel won’t be killed off.

  63. DarlAnne

     /  November 9, 2008

    We all have enough trials and tribulations in the real world. We watch tv to be entertained and escape our problems, if only for an hour. If you bring this sadness to our escape, what do we have? We’ll have no choice but to find another, happier entertainment.

  64. Windham NH

     /  November 11, 2008

    Watch the show and even save it on DVR to watch with my daughters when they’re home from college. Loved last season with them stepping up a notch making it more on the horror side however this season – is just plain silly. The new guy with the voice that sounds like the guy from scrubs – sorry can’t take that too seriously. The plots are silly and not scarey at all. Jim dies in the last 5 mintues. A strong and necessary character to just dump so quickly. You would have thought it would be a little more drawn out at least. I’m afraid that with the character Jim gone that the show will get off track from the romance, growing family and with touch of scarey to plain goofy. Here’s a hint to the writers an old saying that everyone knows – KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

  65. Andrea

     /  November 11, 2008

    If Melinda becomes a “widower” as Ausiello states, then we’re in for some even bigger surprises!!!!!!!!!

    She becomes a man?
    She always was a man?

    This could be a very exciting turn of events. Or Ausiello doesn’t know what a widow and a widower are. Much less exciting.

  66. Chloe

     /  November 11, 2008

    I left a comment early about this jim situation and i said that i wasnt going to watch the show any more but i must have been grieving but i think its stupid to stop watching a show because they killed someone off i mean it is a show about death and you know dam well your going to keep watching the show to see wat happens cause its addicting because you want to know whats going to happen next and this will keep going and going so dont say you wont watch it again its impossible especially if you watch it every week like me its addicting and you never know wats going to happen if you dont watch it. heck i got upspet about jim but all i said was oh i cant wait till next week. i was more upset when jim died than i was when the kicked leo off of charmed for a long time i threatin not to watch it too but wat was i doin sunday nights at eight pm watchin charmed. if you stop watching a show because they kicked off someone than you werent a true fan and you waisted your time from the beginning and just think if you stop watching it and others stopped watching it than it gets cancelled what are you going to do now that its really off watch the re runs and wish there were new episodes and you and the others who stopped watching ruin it for the ppl who still watch it. so please dont be so quick to stop watching the show cause you know its an interesting show to watch. so dont be upset that jim is dead its a tv show they can do whatever they want its not reality although there are “earth bound spirits seekin help~ lol.

  67. completelydevastated!!!

     /  November 12, 2008

    i myself am in total shock! i cried with melinda when i realized that jim was “dead”. why in the hell would these dumbass writers think that killing him off would keep anybody watching? i like many of you have watched every episode from day one but will never EVER,EVER,EVER watch it again if he is truely dead! let’s all hope that jim is in a coma and pulls through because that will be the only way for the network to redeem themselves. one final thought,for those of you who posted crappy comments,get off of the site because it’s for REAL fans!

  68. Sherry

     /  November 13, 2008

    I don’t understand why writers feel the need to bring reality into their shows. If I want reality, I’ll turn off the tv and open the front door. I watch television as an escape from realtity. A sort of “feel good” therapy. I watch ghost whisperer because I like the interaction between the characters. If they kill of Jim, I’ve had it! I am tired of watching shows and movies where the writers have no other creativity left than to kill off one of the main characters. I would rather see them dump the entire show all together. Like the lady before said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Maybe what they need instead of a new “jim,” are some “new writers!”

  69. Ed Dun

     /  November 15, 2008

    Everyone I know that has had an interest in the show has decided, as have I, to stop viewing the show as a result of this change. While I can’t speak for everyone I know I myself am tired of seeing things that work fine changed just for the sake of change.

  70. Sue

     /  November 15, 2008

    I was very disappointed to have Jim die on the show. Even if he comes back in someone else’s body it is not the same. He died. That is the reality. It was fine before and I’m disappointed in the plot.

  71. April

     /  November 15, 2008

    I really liked the marriage between Melinda and Jim. As someone who is deeply in love with her husband, I can relate to their marriage depicted on tv. There are far too many shows and movies which have not been able to convey a happy marriage or who do not want too. The world is cynical enough, let us see some love on tv. I won’t watch anymore myself. I really liked Jim.
    I was sad after Andrea died but I got over it quickly and continued to enjoy the show. If you ever see what a mistake this was and David Conrad returns to somehow reprise his role, please develop his character more. Give him some more variation in his role and uh NOT as a ghost. I’ll be over by the sidelines reading a good book till you come to your senses.

  72. Biggest fan

     /  November 18, 2008

    I think that it is stupid to kill Jim of on the last season, its stupid (the writters are stupod to) because, it will have no happy ending, and if Melinda is pregnet then the baby should know her/hes real father. everybody will hate Ghost Whisperer if Jim dies and especilly if he dies on the last episod of the last season, now thats just plain wrong and stupid what are the writters thinking?

  73. Calm yourselves people! For everyone ranting that they will no longer continue to watch the show just because Jim dies, well…. let me put it to you this way:

    You’re gonna die. I’m gonna die. We all eventually die. Death is part of life. We have all lost someone close to us at some point in our lives, & it sucks. It really sucks. Truth be told, although Jim dying on the show was emotionally heartbreaking for me, [I cried & I cried & I cried] I can see the bigger picture as to what will happen to the show. When Jim died, I felt that I was losing someone too. I loved Mel & Jim together. It was truly heartbreaking. But so is losing someone in your life personally. Which comes down to the writers making the show even more believable….. death is the end result of life. We all deal with it, and watching Melinda go through the crisis of losing her soulmate, makes the show hit even closer to home. We can all relate to the storyline. We have all lost someone before. And I really believe that this twist will turn out to be a wonderful idea.

    But you’ll have to keep watching to see it unfold. Otherwise, you’ll just wish you had.

  74. Bev

     /  November 22, 2008

    Couldn’t they have at least picked a better looking body for Jim’s soul to have gone into? Someone who was at least as good looking as the original Jim. Or are they going to keep Sam looking, and being played by Jim’s actor?

  75. Kim

     /  November 24, 2008

    Ok…just what do the producers of this show think the fans are??? I will leave that open.
    How many times have a ghost took over another body to get a point across, funny how they new who they were. Now Jim took over a body and does’t remember at all????
    And this going back between Jim and Sam…what is up with that??? I have always loved Ghost whispers but it is getting kind of sci fi these days…I am sure the sam will get some kind of memory but just because it is Jims memories it is still not Jim Melinda will be looking at now will it??? And if it is why all the drama of killing Jim in the first place.
    I will ask again…just what do the producers of this show think the fans are and what was it they were thinking???

  76. Kim

     /  November 24, 2008

    also from what I have seen Sam doesn’t seem to suit Melinda…again i think the chemestry between the actors will be lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. lizi

     /  November 29, 2008

    Kim… this is different though, Jim didnt invade a persons body while they were alive… he jumped into a body that had no soul in it and more to the point a freshly dead body. Melinda sees Jim not Sam. We see what she sees. Which if you ask me is just the way i like it. David Conrad is Gorgeous!

  78. Brenda

     /  December 12, 2008

    This is totally jumping the shark. How can a dead guy be in another guys body. Doesn’t that body rot after awhile. Babies can’t be made – now the network is having a girl with a dead guy. Jim won’t need to eat, sleep, or anything. He is dead and the body he is in is dead. I think the writers need to have Melinda wake up from a bad fall, accident, whatever and find out that Jim is still alive. I don’t like Ghost Whisperer no longer. It’s really gotten corney. David Conrad is a good actor, but the writers have never given him any good things to do on the show. What happens if they have a baby. Whose DNA will it have. Fix this mistake or the network is going to take the show off the air.

  79. graham

     /  January 6, 2009

    i was checking up on this site because my girlfriend loves the show.. and there is one thing that is disturbing me greatly..
    you guys actually let your children (ages varying from 8-11) watch this show?
    how come you need a license to own a dog, but anyone can have kids?
    some people should never be parents..

  80. Red

     /  January 23, 2009

    I’ve just lost interest. Shame…it used to be my favorite show. Not solely because it was about the “bright light” but all the components and how well they blended. I think they could have worked in more lines and acting ops for David Conrad w/o doing it this way. I have a lot of stress in my life and love shows that let me escape my life and delve into something different. I would have never missed a Ghost Whisperer before but now…….. I record them and if I get to watch, I watch…if not…oh well.

  81. nik

     /  January 26, 2009

    it is a tv show! everyones all “how can jim be in dead persons body?” well how can melinda see dead people and evetyone else cant? it is a show its not real. stop reading so much into it, it will all be figured out!

  82. Marus

     /  March 15, 2009

    I’ve read all your thoughts and i think if that it is possible to lead everyone in one direction while we go in another without realising it.

    They obviously are being clever in this storyline and each episode leaves you wondering, there are some clever thoughts from people and i agree with one i read, the last episode could easily be Melinda waking up at Jims side in the hospital after one big dream and the whole season was just a dream, or not!

    Keep watching i say, you cant keep things the same, the nature of everything is variety, and GW season 4 will end on a high i think, if it pans out the way it is, season 5 will be even better!!!

  83. Samantha

     /  June 4, 2009

    I really hope Jim isn’t dead because I don’t like him being in Sams body. Jim seems so lonely. Let’s hope Season 5 reveals he isn’t actually dead. Also why didn’t Jim have a funeral? 😐

  84. gw,b&s,h, gg, b,ga r da best tv shows evr

     /  June 5, 2009

    don;t worry peeps
    he dies but at the end of the season he goes insode some1 elses bod! he shortly remember s he is jim and they get remarried and she is PREGNANT!!!wow
    cant wait for season 5
    hope i helped

  85. I think in the next season all the ghosts are gonna come after Melindas baby. And Melindas baby is going to be extremely special even more special than mommmy herself and have a greater destiny than Melinda. Gabriel may try to steal her baby.

  86. I think that Melindas baby is going to be extemely special more specail than mommy. And her baby will have a greater destiny than she does and she will have to prepare her baby for what it may face like Terminator with John Connor. Gabriel might try to steal her baby.

  87. Aimee

     /  June 14, 2009

    I hope Jim does not die plus he is so popular and if he is killed of they might lose lots of fans

  88. I am wondering when Ghost whisperer season 5 is comming back I want to see melinda with the her Son..

  89. L

     /  August 22, 2009

    It’s really annoying that they killed jim..and it’s just stupid that the ghost of jim is in sam.. (which is not the best character..have they seen his look? not wery jim’ish..)
    I think a lot of people are going to ditch this serie.. it i great! until they killed jim! it was bad enaugh that andrea died, and probably professor payne too..
    it seems that everyone that melinda loves fell like flies..
    so now i’m just waiting for that delia and ned are gone too, ’cause then there is non of the people from season one exept for melinda…
    can’t the writers just..make jim come alive? that it was all a nightmare melinda had? they could just say that she fell in coma or something and everything was a “dream” or that her spirit had helped other ghosts to enter the light…
    I haven’t watched season 4.. ot..I saw the episode when jim died, and I cried for many hours..
    and I saw that melinda married sam..or jim as sam.. that is just sad..
    why did they have to kill jim, if he still are in the show??
    I read that the writers of the show ment that malinda and jim was “too happy”..I know of many people that is that happy, it’s like the writers meen that nobody can live together happy for the rest of their lifes..
    BRING JIM BACK! or else you’ve just ruined a great show!!

  90. L

     /  August 22, 2009

    Sorry for my bad english:)

  91. L

     /  August 23, 2009

    I read that GW is coming to tv at september this year:) the 25th I believe..
    but that is in america, so in the rest of the world, maybe after christmas??:) or if we are lucky it’s before christmas:)

    this is not a spoiler..!!
    when GW returns to TV (season 5)
    It’s 5 year forward in melindas son is 5years old:)
    His name is aiden, and the first episode is on his birthday:)

    you can check it out if you search for Ghost Whisperer season 5 on google:)

  92. Hunter

     /  November 17, 2009

    I can’t believe they want to kill Jim! What’s the point of that? Are they magically gonna make him alive again? No, I don’t think so… Killing him off is pointless and just makes the whole series bad after that. And does Sam ever realize Jim’s ghost was it him? I didn’t get to see that many episodes after the one where Sam says Melinda is crazy…

  93. dianehpalazzo

     /  September 21, 2010

    no i dont want anything happening to jim melinda would be lonely and helpless without him especially their son without a father he and melinda put the show together dont write him off ok keep him on and also hes cute sincerely yours d

  94. halie

     /  September 23, 2010

    i think that they should have never taken ghost whisperer off air. it is the best show ever. please put it back on air

  95. Ohmygod.

    Lol, I just read Andrea dies. XD. Great. I’m at episode 10 of the first season now, I shouldn’t have looked this up.

    By the way, why are the ghosts getting stronger, if anyone is willing to tell me?

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