More Spoilers on the Desperate Housewives’ Premiere!

We’re going to see why Mike and Susan split up, and it involves a seriously bad car accident. Also, a certain 5-year-old will be missing from Bree Hodge’s house, and it’s a sad goodbye. Also, Lynette’s twins have grown into pretty cute teenagers—in fact, I’m on set today, and I can tell you these boys (Max and Charlie) are going to have screaming-girl groupies off-screen and a cougar love interest (shhh…) onscreen in no time. Neal McDonough‘s Dave Williams is Edie’s new man, and he is just downright scary. Among other things, he’s got a leash on Edie, although not the fun S&M kind. — Kristin on E!Online

Gossip Girl Adds Two to Cast


John Patrick Amedori by Mark Sullivan/ and Willa Holland by Mark Sullivan/

Lonely Boy is out; Sensitive Art Boy is in. John Patrick Amedori has been cast on the CW’s Gossip Girl as Aaron Rose, a potential love interest for Serena van der Woodsen, it was first reported by E! Online. In the Gossip Girl novels, Aaron is an artist with a penchant for philanthropy.

Willa Holland (formerly of The O.C.) has also been tapped to play Agnes, a teen model/bad influence who befriends Little J. and encourages her to start her own guerrilla fashion line, sans Eleanor Waldorf.

Greek Spoilers: Season Finale and Finally the Initiation…

It’s coming up at the end of this season actually. Rusty is going to have to seriously prove himself when his initiation into Kappa Tau is threatened. It seems the boys don’t have faith that he is truly one of their bros. While Rusty is having trouble, Calvin is taking easy street; having the pledge educator as your big brother has its perks you know? But Calvin had better be careful—I don’t think his pledge brothers like his lack of manual labor very much. — Kristin on E!Online

Heroes: 10 Secrets/Spoilers You Aren’t Supposed to Know

The two-hour season premiere of Heroes, Volume 3: Villains, premieres Monday on NBC at 9 p.m.

From Kristin on E!Online

NBC Photo

Heroes Cast

1. Good Is Going Evil, and Evil Is Going Good: Our beloved Peter Petrelli, aka Milo Ventimiglia, revealed: “It’s not clearly defined in this volume who’s bad and who’s necessarily good. I think a lot of people who have been perceived to be bad could possibly be good, and I think a lot of people that are good could possibly be bad.” Sylar and Peter maybe?

2. Linderman Is Back and Recruiting Villains: Malcolm McDowell‘s mysterious and powerful Linderman, who has the power to heal, returns from the dead this season (Nathan is the first to see him). Malcolm told me, “I work with Cristine Rose, who plays Angela Petrelli, and I work with Brea Grant, who plays Daphne, Miss Speedy. She’s great; I recruit her. Oh, and I work with Robert Forster, who is Arthur Petrelli.” Wait a minute, in a flashback or a future scene? That’s a juicy bit to chomp on!

Masi Oka Lisa O’ Connor/

3. Hiro Has His Mind Wiped: In an upcoming episode, Hiro thinks he’s 10, which means Ando has to save the world and babysit at the same time. No dessert until you save the world, little Hiro!

4. Peter and Sylar Will Be Working Together: Milo spilled that there will be unlikely alliances this year as well: “There are moments where Sylar and Peter are surprisingly working together, oddly enough. But these two guys can’t deny who they are at their cores. They are yin to yang.” I’m also hearing that HRG will be partnering up with someone you would never expect…

5. Alert Child Services: Sylar’s Going to Have a Baby! According to sources, the creepiest mother-killer around, Sylar, has a son in the future. Apparently his son is “gifted” in many ways, and his first name is Noah, just like HRG. Quite an interesting namesake, don’t you think? Any bets on the baby mama? All I can tell you is that I’m pretty sure she will make a lot of you fans (who may have created a fanpage or two around this possible coupling) very happy.

Jack Coleman, Heroes NBC/Dean Hendler

6. Noah Bennett Is Still a Bad Guy: Don’t worry. Even though HRG has been nicer lately, Jack Coleman assured me, “You’ll see plenty of villainy from HRG this year, I can promise you that.” There is a possible Sylar alliance this year.

7. Another Eclipse Is Coming: According to James Kyson Lee, when the series’ iconic eclipse returns, it seems to reverse the power-accelerating effects of the first eclipse. He said, “Hiro’s powers aren’t working, and neither are many other people’s powers. I think we’ll see this phenomenon happens around the world and that everyone is affected by it.”

8. The Speedster Has a Husband and a Child in the Future: Brea Grant’s Daphne is a mom in the future. Who’s her baby daddy? “Probably with someone you know and love.” Pair that with the information that Sylar’s son’s mother is “alive and silver-tongued” and you’ve got a second theory on his baby’s mama.

Dania Ramirez NBC/ Mitchell Haaseth

9. Maya Changes the World: According to Dania Ramirez, “I think you’re going to finally understand why Maya was even added to the cast. You’ll see how, in Suresh trying to help her, she changes the course of life, for not only him, but also for a lot of other people.”

10. The Haitian Has a Family…and Secrets: The fabulous Jimmy-Jean Louis dished, “They’re introducing my brother. And it’s good for the audience because they get a little bit of information about the Haitian.”

There is a shocker in the second hour of Monday’s premiere (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s still there) regarding Sylar that just might make you scream, cry and spend the rest of the night thinking about how this changes the entire core dynamic of the show.

Zachary Quinto Steve Granitz/

“Within those two hours, you’re gonna find out some serious, serious business about my character,” teased Zachary Quinto. You also find out definitively whether he eats those brains, but that’s not the big shocker…

Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Spoilers

Episode 3.01: Glass Houses (Season premiere)
Airdate: September 28, 2008

09/09 – Secrets can’t be kept for long in the Walker family, as Rebecca and Justin try unsuccessfully to hide their feelings for each another and the Walker siblings hatch a plan to reach out to their long lost brother, Ryan, while keeping it from their mother, Nora. Meanwhile, Kitty calls upon her family to lend support, as she and Robert begin the process of adopting a child. And just as Kevin and Scotty begin their life partnership together, Kevin’s career is put in jeopardy by a member of his own family. Guest starring are Michael Adler as Doug Manning, Mitch Pileggi as Browne Carter and Kulap Vilaysack as Gail. Source: ABC

08/26 – One Walker is getting fired, another is getting blackmailed. […] The Walkers will hit the beach for a little family vacay, and it’s going to get ugly. In fact, we’re in store for one of the worst Walker fights ever, and it’s going to leave a lasting impression. Also, a certain Walker is having trouble consummating a relationship. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/24 – Kevin arranges a weekend for him and Scotty, but focuses on business when he’s contacted by someone he once met while at a conference with his father. Later, he continues to brush off Tommy’s repeated phone calls and acknowledges that his brother ‘fired’ him to save money. Nora visits a surprised Holly in her Ojai office. Source:

08/24 – I’m hearing that Rebecca and Justin’s blossoming romance will be outed to the whole family right quick in the upcoming season. (I’m hearing Justin spills the beans to the fam in the first episode back, on Sept. 28.) Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.02: Book Burning
Airdate: October 5, 2008

09/16 – Much to the chagrin of her mother and siblings, Kitty decides to publish a tell-all memoir about Robert’s unsuccessful Presidential race and the trials and tribulations of the Walker family. Meanwhile, Justin slows his relationship with Rebecca to a near stand still. Guest starring are Cathy Ladman as Carla Hanson, Karl T. Wright as Alan Simms and Marty Ryan as Mike. Source: ABC

08/24 – Kevin and Nora exchange tense words. Holly gives Rebecca complete access to her two million dollar trust. Rebecca can’t help but wonder about her mother’s motive to do so. Kitty and McCallister move forward with adoption plans, but she surprises her unhappy husband when she tells him she wrote a very personal book – mere minutes before the social worker arrives to interview them. Later, the social worker joins the Walkers for a typical family dinner. Meanwhile, Nora and Rebecca discuss collateral damage while Holly begins looking into another William Walker secret… Source:
Episode 3.03: Tug of War
Airdate: October 12, 2008

08/28 – Two Walkers resign from Ojai Foods. Sarah stands up for Tommy. Justin wrestles with his job as a military recruiter and, along with Rebecca, has dinner with a fellow soldier. Later, Rebecca notes Justin doesn’t discuss his time in Iraq and worries about his sobriety. An uncomfortable Kevin dodges a marriage inquiry from a very important client and his wife. Source:

07/20 – We’re going to meet Ryan’s 60-year-old pa around Episode 3, and I’m told he’ll find himself drawn to Nora. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

Episode 3.04: Everything Must Go
Airdate: October 19, 2008

09/09 – Aghast at the 30-years-of-stuff piled up in the garage, Nora holds a huge garage sale. Kitty goes back to her roots. Robert interviews candidates, but eventually stuns Kitty and Kevin with an offer. Source:
Episode 3.05: You Get What You Need
Airdate: October 26, 2008

09/09 – Kitty wonders if Kevin will accept McCallister’s offer, but he makes it clear he’s not interested. Later, Kevin celebrates when it appears he’s about to get very good news, but then wonders at Scotty’s behavior in front of his parents. Sarah juggles a desire to find a new exciting career while trying to handle two kids. Nora urges Saul to find a goal, then takes her own advice. Tommy confirms Rebecca’s new position in the family as she and Justin grow very, very close. Source:

07/20 – Around episode 5, Tommy refers to Rebecca as his brother’s girlfriend. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Episode 3.06: Bakersfield

Airdate: November 2008

09/09 – Sarah is intrigued by a business proposal. Source:

Episode 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic?
Airdate: November 2008
09/09 – Rebecca, Sarah, Kitty and Nora visit a fortune teller who predicts great chaos is on its way. Saul does a magic trick. Tommy razzes Justin over Rebecca’s response to his three little words. Kevin’s first day is an eyeopener to the reality of politics, and of respecting his new boss. Source:

Episode 3.08: Going Once… Going Twice
Airdate: November 2008

Episode 3.09: Unfinished Business
Airdate: November/December 2008

Grey’s Anatomy: General Season 5 Spoilers!

Bob D’Amico/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

09/18 – Callie is definitely not pregnant. [.] Lexie and George don’t have a romance this season that’s a major storyline (at least, not in the first part of the season); however, two other doctors we love will be hooking up, and it is most definitely major. Source: Kristin on E!Online

09/18 – There’s an awesome, awkward, totally endearing scene between [Callie and Erica] at the end of the premiere. Sara Ramirez, in particular, is just fantastic. Meanwhile, looking ahead, there’s buzz that Callica may not be the only members of Seattle Grace’s rapidly expanding LGBT community. Although I haven’t been able to confirm this, there’s a rumor going around that when the casting call for the new female intern went out last month, interested parties were told they had to be comfortable making out with both men and women. Coincidence then that the actress who got the role hails from The L Word? The show is casting the role of a female patient who develops a multi-episode crush on one of the docs. My guess: We’re looking at a potential new love interest for McSteamy. Source: The Ausiello Files

09/11 – [Derek] finally ditches the trailer. “He is going to come and live in my house,” [Ellen] Pompeo reveals. “And that becomes a problem. He tries to say I have to throw my roommates out. And I consider it.” Lexie falls for an oblivious George. And after putting her through the emotional wringer last season, [Shonda] Rhimes says Bailey will find a better balance of work and marriage. Source: TV Guide

09/11 – Although [Kevin] McKidd’s status is technically still recurring, I’ll be shocked if he isn’t made a full-time regular by the end of the season. Shonda Rhimes is apparently doing cartwheels over his work thus far. […] L Word alum Janina Gavankar is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as an intern. Meanwhile, relative newcomer Brandon Scott (Cold Case) is also checking into Seattle Grace as a junior McDreamy. […] Gavankar and Scott will start off as recurring players. Source: The Ausiello Files

08/28 – [Dr. Addison Montgomery] may take another trip back to Seattle Grace sometime in the middle of the season, hints executive producer Shonda Rhimes. “I don’t know if it’s going to work with the story, and we don’t want her to come back for a visit if it doesn’t feel important, something only Addison can do,” says Rhimes. “But the idea is on the table.” Source: Entertainment Weekly

08/24 – “Do you want to move in?” [Meredith] asks. Of course [Derek] does, but after four seasons of she-loves-me, she-loves-me-not, Derek replies the only way he can: “Are you sure?” […] “The first three episodes start the dynamic of where we are all going,” reports Patrick Dempsey. “Meredith is trusting him and moving forward cautiously, and Derek is waiting there, saying, ‘I’m here to support you.'” [… Kevin McKidd] who starred in last season’s time-travel drama Journeyman […] will be hanging around Seattle for at least 22 episodes. He plays a new character, brash Army surgeon Owen Hunt, who arrives at the emergency room after an auto accident. On the way to the hospital, he saves the other crash victims in the back of the ambulance. Derek, who is unaware of Hunt’s heroism, gets up in his business when the rugged redhead interferes with one of his patients. “Who the hell are you?” he barks, later calling the soldier on leave from Iraq “Uncle Sam.” […] It’s clear McKidd hasn’t been brought aboard just to be McDreamy’s worst nightmare. Love, or at least some steamy sex, seems to be in the air for Cristina Yang, who spent most of last season being depressed and mean while she got over Burke. In the first episode, Cristina most certainly gets her flirt on, giving Hunt’s leg wound some extra-special attention. “He and Cristina definitely have a moment, which plays out not as we’d all expect,” [Shonda] Rhimes says. “But, then, things never do.” […] Izzie’s got a love story — and it’s a big one. […] George and Lexie’s love story is going to take an incredibly unexpected turn. See, Lexie loves George. She loves him. And George, so focused on finally getting another shot at being a resident, doesn’t even see that she loves him. It happened while he was looking the other way. […] Callie and Erica have a love story of their own. And, yes, it includes Mark. [… Mark is] finally going to get [a love interest.] Source: TV Guide

08/24 – Many of the medical stories this season involve couples whose relationships could shed light on Meredith and Derek’s situation. In one case, when a wife throws a remote control at her man, the resulting examination of his skull reveals a tumor. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/13 – Chief Webber is going to be whipping the staff into shape when the hospital starts to slip in the national rankings as one of the best teaching hospitals in the country. Source: Kristin on E!Online

08/13 – An upcoming episode will find some of our favorite residents wandering over to Seattle Grace’s never-before-seen dermatology department — and they will not be happy with what they find. Namely, the kind of posh work environment more consistent with a five-star spa than a hospital. Source: The Ausiello Files

07/20 – Things are going to be… awkward… between the [Callie and Erica] when Grey’s returns. Source: TV Guide Online

07/12 – ABC is not officially confirming the news yet, but reliable sources tell me that Rome-ing Journeyman Kevin McKidd has just signed on the dotted line to join ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy for its upcoming season. Playing a surgeon who arrives at Seattle Grace fresh from a tour of duty in Iraq, McKidd will first be (barely) glimpsed during the two-hour season premiere. McKidd’s character, by some accounts, ultimately will play doctor with Cristina, who has been nursing a broken heart and a seriously bruised ego ever since you-know-who didn’t stop talking skedaddled out of Seattle a season ago. Source: TV Guide Online

06/14 – I hear someone may be preggers – and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale! Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide

New 90210 Spoilers

The seventh episode is called “Hollywood Forever.” There’s a famous cemetery here in L.A. called Hollywood Forever, and it’s famous in the business for its “cemetery screening series,” where kids go to watch movies outdoors amongst the gravestones. Our new WestBev friends go there together for a group date in a spooky setting. – From Kristin on E!Online

Desperate Housewives: New Season Sneaks/Spoilers

For Full Story and Accompanying Video Previews Visit Kristin on E!Online

ABC/Andrew Eccles

Desperate Housewives

Get five sneak-preview vids of the fifth-season premiere of Desperate Housewives, airing Sun., Sept. 28 at 9 p.m., along with five bonus spoilerific tidbits about what’s to come…

Spoiler bonus: Lynette (Felicity Huffman) may be hard on the boys now, but just wait for one of them to be flirting with her later. Gross I know, but luckily it’s not an Oedipus complex, just a misunderstanding…

Spoiler bonus: Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) got a booty call? Yes, but it will be getting serious soon when Jackson (Gale H-A-R-O-L-D) meets Mike (James Denton), and the two of them hit it off. Her ex-hubby and her new lover are becoming friends? Oh, boy!

Spoiler bonus: Lynette puts it perfectly when she calls all the women together, “She’s back!” That wonderful husband that Edie (Nicolette Sheridan) is talking about is none other than Neal McDonough himself, who plays the terrifyingly nice Dave Williams, emphasis on terrifying…

Spoiler bonus: We’ll also see that since Bree (Marcia Cross) still goes by Mrs. Van de Kamp, it makes a certain Mr. Hodge (Kyle MacLachlan) unhappy, which in turn brings tears to Bree’s eyes.

Spoiler bonus: Gaby (Eva Longoria-Parker) isn’t the only one upset with the fact that the Solis family has gotten a little frump…they are pulled off the guest list for several parties dropping their social status when they become “the help.”

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