Chuck Season 2 Spoilers & Scoop!

Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck Dean Hendler/NBC

Episode 2.01 (Season premiere) [Airing September 29]: When Casey answers a knock at the door by a man dressed in a Fed-Ex uniform, the man gives him the correct verification code but then surprises Casey, leaving him coughing up blood. His partner then tells him they have two more targets and shows him pictures of Sarah and Chuck. Source:

07/20 – Episode 2.02 [Airing October 6]: Chuck has to go undercover to try and seduce a woman named Sasha to get back the cipher that was stolen from Casey. He is shocked to learn that Casey and Sarah have been taken hostage by the woman after he has stolen the cipher and run. Source:

[Note: This seems to be the continuation of episode 2.01.]

07/27 – Episode 2.03 [Airing October 13]: Bryce Larkin is back and accompanies Chuck, Sarah and Casey on a mission. Chuck, working as a waiter, is jealous, watching Sarah and Bryce flirt and feed each other strawberries, and is distracted enough to cause a scene and get fired. A Fulcrum Agent later holds Chuck at gunpoint to get what she wants. Morgan deals with big, mean guys from another store that come in to Buy More to eat their lunch and play the video games. When he tries to tell them to clean up, quiet down and share the games with other customers, the lead guy stands up to him and threatens him. The big bully challenges Morgan and Lester to a fight but they chicken out and hide at the Buy More all night. Source:

08/13 – Episode 2.04 [Airing October 20]: Sarah runs into Heather, a woman she went to high school with, and while Chuck secretely listens, he overhears her real name and eventually learns more details about her real life history. They then learn that Heather’s husband Mark is being threatened and must steal some plans for a weapon he developed at his work. Chuck, as Sarah’s boyfriend, escorts her to her class reunion, where they learn what connects the biggest bully from Sarah’s high school years, Heather and the people threatening Mark. Source:

08/26 – Episode 2.05: Chuck, Sarah and Casey go undercover at a computer firm when satellite codes go missing. After getting taken by the bad guy, Chuck speaks to the head of the firm, who was forced to play the game he hid the codes in, in able to give them to the bad guys. The man is trapped there and the game is rigged with explosives. Casey rescues Chuck right before the entire room explodes in a huge fireball. Chuck plays the game at the Buy More and knows he must win to access the codes to pass along to Sarah and Casey so they can stop the terrorists in time. Source:

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  1. Jennifer

     /  September 27, 2008

    I Can’t wait til Chuck season 2 comes out! I luv that show

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