Pushing Daisies Season 2 Spoilers!

Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies ABC/Scott Garfield

Episode 2.01 – Bzzzzzzzzz! (Season premiere) [Airing October 1]: A young woman is killed by a hive of bees and her husband hires Emerson to find out who killed her. When Ned wakes her, she tells him she had been committing corporate sabotage, which leads Chuck to going undercover as a salesgirl at Betty’s Bees where the young woman had worked. Olive is feeling the strain of all the secrets she is keeping, including Chuck being alive and her own feelings for Ned, and heads to a nunnery for a break. Chuck has to hide when they get a surprising set of visitors to the Pie Hole. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.02 – Circus Circus [Airing October 8]:
A woman comes to Emerson and wants to hire him to find her runaway teenage daughter Nikki. Emerson, Ned and Chuck find out where Nicki had run away to and when they get there, they find the man she was supposed to have been with dead. In the minute Ned has him re-animated, he tells them that she had left him to be with a clown in the traveling circus. Ned and Emerson go visit the circus trying to find her, which lead them to the group of clowns. When they find them dead in the morgue, Ned has to reanimate one to find more information about Nikki. Ned and Chuck discuss her moving out across the hall. Olive is settling in at a nunnery, pretending to be a nun-in-training. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.03 – Bad Habits [Airing October 15]: Olive has just decided that she wants to stay at the convent for good when the body of one of her favorite Sisters falls from the bell tower dead. Mother Superior and Father Ed tell the nuns that she committed suicide. Olive, believing the woman was murdered, decides there is only one man that can help get to the bottom of things and goes to visit Emerson. He brings Ned and Chuck with him undercover as special Vatican Police to investigate. When Ned re-animates her, the not-very-sister-like things she says and does shocks them all but it does indicate she was murdered. They search her room and find a hidden shelf of forbidden items, such as CDs, magazines and more. Chuck talks openly to Ned about being alone, neither truly alive or truly dead, and whether or not she wants to or can go on like she has been. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.04 – Frescorts [Airing October 22]: We see a memory of Ned’s, when he was a young boy and he first begins to realize he is different. When his mother calls Digby, Ned tells her he was dead then he touched him and he ran away, Ned’s mother tells him if he was dead, he couldn’t have run away and tells him to go find his dog. Emerson is talking to his mother (played by Debra Mooney) and about to tell her for the first time that he has a daughter that is not in his life when he is interrupted by a woman begging him to look into the unsolved murder of her best friend, Joe. After she leaves, he tells his mother that a man came in the day before, hiring Emerson to investigate the murder of HIS best friend, Joe. Emerson and his mother work together, interrogating both people, trying to find the truth behind whatever the two weren’t telling them. They finally admit that Joe was a Frescort, or “friend for hire”. Chuck, Olive, Ned and Emerson go undercover at Joe’s place of employment to try and find out who killed him, while Ned tries to spend more time with Chuck. We meet Randy Mann, Joe’s roommate (played by David Arquette). Source: SpoilerFix.com

— Remember how Ned inadvertently “killed” Chuck’s dad when he was a kid? Well, let’s just say that Chuck and her dead dad are going to have more in common than blue eyes or a love of cheese. — TV Guide

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