Shocking Dismissal from America’s Next Top Model: Episode Recap

Shocking Dismissal from America’s Next Top Model


Tyra Banks by Danny Moloshok/The CW

Episode Recap: Fierce Eyes This week’s episode featured models in blindfolds, very little Tyra Banks, and the dismissal of not one but two contestants… READ FULL RECAP

From TV Guide

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the outcome of the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model.

Isis, the first transgendered model in the history of America’s Next Top Model, was sent home this week — and Tyra Banks made it clear that her being transgendered had nothing to do with it.

Isis found herself competing for the last photo with Samantha, who earned a spot in the bottom two by pulling up her skirt slightly while walking a runway blindfolded. Isis put herself in jeopardy, Banks said, by looking “sleepier and sleepier and sleepier” each week — like someone afraid to stand out.

Earlier in the episode, fellow contestant Clark had whispered that it was time for Isis to go home, and that parts of her body were too manly for her to get modeling jobs.

Also sent home this episode was Hannah, the Alaska resident who pushed Isis two weeks ago for backing into her personal space.

Isis said when she was announced as a contestant that she was there to win, not just set an example.

“I like to help people, but I’m here to follow my dreams,” the 22-year-old told Us.

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