90210 Casting & Spoilers!

90210: Forget middle-aged Dylan. The 90210 dude we’re most looking forward to meeting is the illegitimate son of Harry (Rob Estes) and that mean blond lady – and meet him we will later this fall. Producers are still sketching out the character. His name is Sean, he’s in his early 20s, and he’s described as being both wholesome and absolutely charming. Word is a personal tragedy prompts him to go in search of his real parents. — Ausiello Files

Ugly Betty Spoilers & Casting News

Ugly Betty: Sarah Lafleur (ESPN’s Playmakers) has booked a recurring role as Molly, a kindergarten teacher and fiancée to Meade Pubs’ new CFO, Connor (Grant Bowler). My Betty snitch whispers that Daniel will start to fall for Molly, setting the stage for another tension-filled triangle at Mode. — Ausiello Files

Melinda Clarke on Chuck: Spoilers

Zacharylevi Good Luck Chuck: …Or maybe our secret agent guy doesn’t need luck any longer. Seems Bartowski will be asking Sarah out on a real date in this Monday’s premiere and she’s saying yes. Could computer geek be going all casanova on us? Word is he’ll lock lips with Ms. Walker, and he’ll be making out with guest star Melinda Clarke as well. But the smart money says these displays of affection all part of some larger scheme… — KorbiTV at Zap2it.com

Heros Casting & Spoilers: Episode 14!

Heroes: Amid buzz that the show’s next volume will be titled “Fugitives,” sources confirm that Tim Kring and Co. are on the prowl for an actor to play a badass FBI agent a la Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. The character is slated to show up in this season’s 14th episode. — Ausiello Files

The Best Quotes From the Ugly Betty Premiere!

From EW:

“Oh… my… God. Oh my God! Oh, Betty! Oh, I forgot how big and bright you are!” —Amanda (Becki Newton), after Betty (America Fererra) returns from her vacation to find Mode a cold, dark place

“I’ve been looking out for you, but you gotta look busy. Even if you’re doing nothing, which is one of your strengths.” —Marc (Michael Urie), urging Amanda to get to work before Willy swoops in and gets rid of her

“Oh my, it’s back.” —Willy, upon seeing Betty return from vacation to Mode

“I was once voted the lay of the land.” —Player assistant Ginger (Kate Reinders), after Daniel (Eric Mabius) tells her to give Betty the lay of the land at her new magazine

“I said gingham, and you give me Japanese floral-garden kimonos. And dragon prints, really, Margaret? Dragon prints? After all these years? And thank you, Rodrigo, for the gift of white-face kabuki makeup. You really put the gay in geisha!” —Wilhelmina, chastising her staff for their bad taste

“Like taking candy from a tranny.” —Marc, after he and Wilhelmina duped Alexis (Rebecca Romijn) into appearing on Live! With Regis & Kelly for nefarious purposes

“Oh my God, look at this! ‘Brittle and horny? Afraid your bones will crack in the sack?’ Been there, done that!” —Regis Philbin, while interviewing Wilhelmina and Alexis about Hot Flash, Mode’s new magazine for older women, on Live! With Regis & Kelly

“Well, I’m not a cheeseburger, so I know you’re not gonna eat me.” —Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan), after Betty threatens to hurt her for insulting Ignacio (Tony Plana)

“She’s as reliable as she is fertile.” —Marc, about Kelly Ripa, after the host helped him and Wilhelmina carry out their plan to bring down Hot Flash

New One Tree Hill Spoilers! Oct. 13 Episode

Tree Hill Preview: Someone’s Ex Returns to Town


James Lafferty in One Tree Hill by Fred Norris/The WB/The CW

Nathan’s ongoing recovery might not only (and literally) put him back in the game, it also will welcome a familiar face back to Tree Hill.

In episodes kicking off Oct. 13, Nathan will bring his strengthening skills to the arena of SlamBall, a new (and real-life!) sport which is played on a variety of surfaces and incorporates elements of basketball, football, hockey, soccer and gymnastics.

As the onetime NBA hopeful proves a big success in the full-contact sport, he struggles to honor a promise he made to Haley and their son, Jamie, that he would not risk his health again.

But where does the cutting-edge SlamBall idea come from in the first place? Sources tell me it’s a onetime acquaintance of Nathan’s who resurfaces in Tree Hill — and has a past connection to one of the town’s resident beauties. — From Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

New Gossip Girl Spoilers! All About Eric!

Connorpaolo Gossip Guy on Guy: It won’t be long now before we meet Eric Van der Woodsen’s new Gossip Girl love interest. But word is, step daddy Bart Bass won’t be all that welcoming to Eric’s special dude… — KorbiTV at Zap2it.com

Gossip Girl‘s Connor Paolo started college over his summer hiatus! The young actor teases some upcoming curves thrown at his newly outed character, Eric van der Woodsen, including hinting that his detente with Jenny, who betrayed him last season, might not be rock-solid. XOXO. — TV Guide

Is Supernatural’s Heavenly Newcomer a Real Devil? Castiel Reveals Spoilers!


From TV Guide
Misha Collins by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

The CW’s Supernatural uncorked a helluva reveal at the end of last week’s season premiere, when Dean learned that he had been “pulled out of perdition” by no less than an angel named Castiel. But is this suave savior to be believed? TVGuide.com invited series newcomer Misha Collins to “wing it” in this Q&A. Plus: Look for a juicy piece of casting scoop! (Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9 pm/ET.) — Matt Mitovich

TVGuide.com: I see a lot of readers going, “Where have I seen this guy before?” What’s the best possible answer to that?
Misha Collins:
Um, Trader Joe’s?

TVGuide.com: Or 24.
24, probably, is the most likely place for people to recognize me from. I played Dennis Hopper’s son.

TVGuide.com: That was Season 1. You must’ve been a puppy back then.
I was, I was a young lad. But I was shaving.

TVGuide.com: What did the Supernatural producers tell you about the role when you first auditioned?
Well, the material I auditioned with was for a demon, so I went in as a bad, snarky little demon. Eric Kripke said, “Great job, but actually you’re an angel. We’re just trying to keep it under wraps.” He gave me a couple pointers on what he was looking for, I did another take, and I got the part.

TVGuide.com: Are Jared and Jensen happy to have another guy on the show?
You know, if Jared and Jensen are not happy to have another guy on the show, they hide it very well. They seem very warm and welcoming and very cool. They both have great senses of humor. They’re both witty and sarcastic, and that’s fun to work with.

TVGuide.com: Any initiation rituals?
No hazing, and no initiation rituals.

TVGuide.com: Was your character’s entrance as cool as you had hoped, once you saw it on screen?
It was way cooler. It was a pretty kick-ass character introduction. The best I’ve ever had.

TVGuide.com: The rattling walls, the wind, the wings….
I know! You come across as a pretty cool customer with a scene like that.

TVGuide.com: What’s your approach to this guy? You have to toe a line between menacing but not evil. Are you channeling any famous movie character or…?
I was channeling someone, yes — my younger brother. He is kind of like Castiel. He has this incredibly intense, powerful, kind of angelic presence, and I was tapping into that a bit. I don’t know if he’s going to be pissed or not, but….

TVGuide.com: I think you just got your brother his own flock of screaming Supernatural fans.
Cool. The way Castiel is written, he’s not omnipotent, but he’s borderline. He’s got a lot of power. He knows people….

TVGuide.com: He “knows a Guy.”
He knows someone who can have things fixed up if needed, yeah. He’s so powerful he doesn’t need to worry about flaunting it. He can be very calm and quiet.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of that line he has to toe, are there any “rules” he is bound by, like “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” as he helps out the boys?
There is a chain of command, a heavenly chain of command, which I am expected to follow, but I think there’s latitude for that to be defied. Other than that, he’s actually faced with moral and ethical dilemmas just as a human being would be. So far. He’s not bound by hard and fast rules.

TVGuide.com: In addition to the boys and Bobby, have you had scenes with any other principal cast members?
Yeah, there’s another angel that’s being introduced. His name is Uriel, and he’s played by Robert Wisdom, who was on The Wire.

TVGuide.com: Do Castiel and Uriel get along?
Not really. No, we are at loggerheads.

TVGuide.com: Do we know why? Is it just old unsettled business?
Well, I think that he’s got more of an itchy trigger-finger than I do.

TVGuide.com: There’s already speculation that Castiel is not who/what he claims to be, that this is all maybe a giant ruse….
Right. I would love to be able to put that to rest. I’m not positive that I can, but I think that I can. I think he actually is what he portends to be.

TVGuide.com: Are you braced for the Supernatural superfans?
I’ve heard that there is an avid fan base, yes. It sounds like it’s a true story.

TVGuide.com: So, “Bring it on”?
Yes. They seem like cool people. Nobody has violated my privacy yet and they’ve been very complimentary and supportive. If the fans hated me, that would be a different story. But they don’t seem to, so far, so I’m happy to be in their good graces.

Brothers & Sisters More Season Premiere Spoilers Revealed!

From Kristin at E!Online


Dave Annable, Emily VanCamp, Brothers and Sisters

Sunday, 10 p.m., ABC

Why to Watch: The best dang family on television is making a comeback—and making out, wheee!

Yes, the much-buzzed-about romance between Justin (Dave Annable) and the girl he thought for a little while was his sister Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) is most definitely heating up in the new season, and you’ll see that they have just as difficult a time coming to terms with it as some of the viewers have. Still, “I actually really like the storyline,” Emily tells Kristin at E!Online. “It is giving us a lot to work with. A lot to do.”

Regardless, the Brothers & Sisters third-season premiere is a solid offering, and you’ll be delighted, I’m sure, to see that one of the most compelling and well-written series has not lost its oomph.

Kitty and Robert are moving foward with their hope for adopting a baby, Kevin is moving on up, Rebecca is moving on out and oh, yeah, there’s the talk of that secret brother Ryan no one ever knew they had.

Supernatural Episode Recap: “Are You There, God? It’s Me Dean Winchester”


Supernatural was down to 3.2 million viewers — a steep 20 percent decline from last week‘s debut of 4 million viewers.

Episode Recap: “Are You There, God? It’s Me Dean Winchester”

From TV Guide

In “Are You There, God? It’s me, Dean Winchester,” Dean struggles with understanding why God saved him. Meanwhile, Castiel fills him in on Lilith’s plan to set Lucifer free. Her first order of business is to cook up some angry spirits in the form of victims Sam, Dean, Bobby and other hunters couldn’t save. So it’s old home week as we see the return of Meg Masters, Victor Henriksen and Ronald the wacky conspiracy theorist….

While Dean’s skeptical about his entire situation, it’s kind of comforting to realize Sam has faith in what Dean’s telling him is real. In Season Two’s “Houses of the Holy,” we learned Sam clung to his faith and also prayed. So, it’s no surprise he’s more willing than Dean to believe an “Angel of the Lord” saved his brother. Sam seems amused by Dean’s dilemma. I like him challenging Dean’s denials, deflections and defense mechanisms.

According to Castiel, Lilith wants Lucifer free. Apparently 66 seals need to be broken in order for the devil to walk among us; the Rising of the Witnesses is just one step in making the Apocalypse happen. The spell involves conjuring up some of Bobby, Sam and Dean’s victims they couldn’t save to give them a little payback from beyond. Meg Masters and Victor Henriksen are two characters I wish the show had never killed off, so it was good to see them – well, ghosts of them – even if they were angry spirits…. READ FULL RECAP

Another Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap

ABC’s powerhouse Grey’s Anatomy dominated the ratings last night. According to overnight data, the sudsy hospital drama garnered 18.3 million viewers in its two-hour premiere, easily topping last season’s average of 14.4 million. That’s down 12 percent from last fall’s 20.9 million premiere, but with DVR usage increasing so much, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Grey’s will get a huge bump in viewership once those numbers are out. — EW

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: That Old Feeling

The season gets started with a crash, while Meredith and the gang learn big lessons on friendship and love, natch… READ MORE

PLAYING HOUSE Derek and Meredith are still doing their dance but now they’re moving in together
Scott Garfield/ABC

New Desperate Housewives Casting & Premiere Spoilers!

Desperate Housewives: Susan’s now-adult daughter, Julie (Andrea Bowen), is hightailing it back to Wisteria Lane later this fall, and I hear she’s got a helluva surprise in store for Mum. (Hint: It has to do with her new BF.) — Ausiello Files

Kathrynjoosten Desperate Houseguy: Edie’s new shady husband, hell bent on getting the residents of Fairview to look kindly upon him and his wife, will charm most of the women on Wisteria Lane. But it won’t take long for one lady in particular to suspect that something’s off. Mrs. McCluskey (the Emmy-winning Kathryn Joosten) and her cat, Toby, will be the first to fall victim to Mr. Edie Britt’s special brand of bullying persuasion, and the plucky McCluskey won’t just forgive and forget. — KorbiTV at Zap2it.com

ABC/Andrew Eccles

Desperate Housewives

Sunday, 9 p.m., ABC

The time jump really seems to work, and in the season premiere, you’ll see a whole new take on the Wisteria babes: Gabby the frump, Bree the entrepreneur, Felicity the warden, Edie the good little wifey and Susan the jaded singleton.

Still, the best reason  to watch? The new Desperate men! Neal McDonough—aka the world’s hottest albino—is terrifyingly creepy and brings fantastic new energy and intensity to the show (think Kevin McKidd on Grey’s), and Lynette and Tom’s terror of twins, Porter and Preston, are now 16 and played by Charles and Max Carver, two 20-year-old USC students who look a little like Matt Damon and will make a few of you younger female viewers all tingly.

Food for Thought: Gabby has a controversial storyline with her four-year-old who has “weight issues.” Too young for such talk? Or does anything go on this fantastical show? — Kristin at E!Online

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