New Smallville Spoilers! Upcoming Episodes

Episode 8.05: Committed Airdate: October 16, 2008

After they leave their engagement party, Chloe and Jimmy are abducted by a psychotic jeweler (guest star David Lewis) who was emotionally scarred by his wife’s infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie.  The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else. Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark and Lois pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves then, asked how they feel about each other. Source: The CW

Episode 8.10: Bride  Airdate: November 2008

Details are emerging on the blockbuster November sweeps two-parter (episodes 10 and 11) and they’re so tantalizing that even I’m tempted to watch. Following Chloe’s wedding to Jimmy, Brainiac slowly starts taking over Chloe’s body. By episode 11, he has taken complete possession of her. Source: The Ausiello Files

While everyone else is preparing for the wedding, Oliver goes on a Justice League-related mission as the Green Arrow. Clark and Lois make video messages to congratulate Chloe and Jimmy. Clark and Chloe dance at the wedding reception. Lois finally seems to recognize that there’s a spark between her and Clark… just in time for Lana to come back. Clark also seems to recognize his own interest in Lois, but Lana’s return might distract from that. […] At least two characters will be seriously injured. The wedding will take place at the Kent homestead. Clark and Lana finally have a talk, and Lana tells him why she needed to leave. All of the Season 8 regular cast except for Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) appears in this episode. This is the mid-season finale for the show, meaning some big things will happen that can keep us wondering what will come next. Source: KryptonSite

New Supernatural Spoilers! Upcoming Episodes

Episode 4.04: Metamorphosis  Airdate: October 9, 2008

Sam and Dean discover that Jack Montgomery (guest star Dameon Clark), a family man, is turning into a Rugaru, a creature that starts as a human but changes into a flesh-eating monster. The people who are infected don’t understand what is happening until they turn into cannibals and eat another person. Understanding what it is like to be a victim of a twisted destiny, Sam believes he can reason with Jack and convince him to control his urges. Dean doesn’t think Jack’s animalistic behavior can be subdued and decides the only honorable thing to do is to shoot him. Source: The CW

Episode 4.05: Monster Movie  Airdate: October 16, 2008

The brothers must catch monster-of-the-week Dracula. The latter is kidnapping girls, including a bartender named Jamie. Source:
In episode 5, Dean punches Sam not once, but twice. And not by accident! Source: The Ausiello Files

Casting Notes

The show is casting two new recurring roles: One’s a pretty ass kicker who hears voices and seems likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys; the other’s a he-demon whose serene demeanor belies a mile-wide sadistic streak. He’s a little less likely to become a love interest for one of the Winchester boys. Source: The Ausiello Files

More Gossip Girl Spoilers: “The Serena Also Rises”

In its Sept. 29 episode, Gossip Girl will hit New York Fashion Week for a runway show by Eleanor Waldorf. [.] On the show [the green dress worn by Serena on the catwalk] will be designed by Jenny Humphrey. [.] A twist of fate lands [the dress] and Serena on the runway. Source: Entertainment Weekly

More Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers! Upcoming episodes

Episodes 5.03: Here Comes the Flood  Airdate: October 9, 2008

A plumbing leak becomes a deluge and wreaks havoc at Seattle Grace, as the Chief attempts to implement new teaching policies and George tries to retake his residency exam; meanwhile Derek hopes to move the roommates out of Meredith’s house. Guest starring Amy Madigan as Dr. Wyatt, Daniel J. Travanti as Barry, Jim Ortlieb as Jack, Samantha Quan as Shelly and Suzy Nakamura as Jenn. — Source: ABC

Episodes 5.04: Brave New World Airdate: October 16, 2008

Meredith freaks out when Derek discovers her mother’s old diary in the house, Callie frets as she prepares for her first official date with Erica, and Cristina stumbles into a part of the hospital that neither she nor her fellow residents have seen before. Source: ABC

Sources confirm that ex-Alias vixen Melissa George is in final negotiations to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as an intern with, um, an open mind toward sexuality. To wit, I’m told she’s being groomed as a potential love interest for one of Grey‘s other two burgeoning bis, Callie or Erica. Source: The Ausiello Files

Brothers & Sisters: Season 3 Premiere “Glass Houses” Recap

Rob Lowe, Calista Flockhart

Last season, Sarah and Saul lost control of Ojai, Justin fell for his (believed) half sister only to find that she actually didn’t share any blood relation, Kitty couldn’t get pregnant and Robert’s bid for the White House fell short and Kevin and Scotty got married. Oh, and of course there’s that little issue of the real illegitimate child of William Walker running around somewhere. Where would we pick up with each of these issues? Let’s find out…. READ FULL RECAP

From BuddyTV: It’s been a long, lonely summer without the Walker clan, but tonight the gang is finally back.  When we last left everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, Kevin and Scotty got married, Saul came out of the closet, Kitty and Robert decided to look into adopting, and it was revealed that William fathered an illegitimate son named Ryan.  Also, in the most divisive storyline of all time, Justin and Rebecca decided to act on their feelings for one another now that they’re officially not related.  Is it sexy and romantic or contrived and gross?  You be the judge.

On tonight’s season 3 premiere of Brothers & Sisters, Justin and Rebecca attempt to keep their relationship a secret, and Kevin faces a serious threat to his career.

The episode begins with Kitty poring over the recommendation letter that Sarah wrote for her to help with the adoption, though she’s not aware that the overly effusive testimonial was actually written by Nora.  While Kitty (Calista Flockhart) stresses over that business, Tommy and Holly are plotting to fire Kevin and hire a new lawyer for Ojai.  It’s nothing personal, of course, but Sarah is against it anyway.  Meanwhile, Kevin’s boss, who just happens to be played by the awesome Mitch Pileggi, gives him the keys to his fancy beach house.  People who become partners at the firm are usually the only ones allowed to visit the place, so things are looking up for Kevin.

Nora would love to forget about the Ryan Walker scandal, but Kevin (Matthew Rhys) is still looking into it.  He gets some info on the whereabouts of the illegitimate little brother, including a phone number, but I’m not expecting to see the mystery sibling anytime soon.  It’s too early in the season for that shocker.  While Kevin and Sarah tell Nora that Ryan may be in Bakersfield, Kitty walks in and overhears something about another Walker.  To hide the truth from her, Kevin is forced to invite the entire family to the vacation home.  So much for a romantic weekend.

I never tire of confrontations between Nora and Holly (Patricia Wettig).  Nora heads to Ojai to chew out her rival for planning to fire Kevin, but Holly tells her that she has no right to interfere in business decisions.  Holly’s bitchitude actually gets Nora to back off, which is fairly amazing.

While Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) babysits Paige and Cooper, Justin stops by to further the romance everyone loves to hate.  They want to keep things secret, but of course the kids catch them making out.  Good job, you guys.

Kevin and Scotty are the first to arrive at the Laguna house, but the rest of the clan shows up soon enough.  Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) is still pissed at Tommy for planning to fire Kevin, and it’s even more awkward since Kevin is still oblivious to the news.  Speaking of awkward, Paige and Cooper threaten to expose Justin and Rebecca if they’re not allowed to get high on soda and watch whatever they want on TV.  They’re little Gossip Girl kids in the making.

When Nora confronts Tommy (Balthazar Getty) about the Kevin situation, he explains that the whole thing was his idea, not Holly’s.  They simply can’t afford Kevin, and it doesn’t matter if he’s a relative or not.  Meanwhile, Kitty has figured out that Sarah didn’t write her recommendation letter.  Sarah tries to explain that she’s been stressed, and eventually breaks down and spills the beans about Ryan.

As if Kevin isn’t having enough problems, things go south when Paige and Cooper break an expensive glass statue.  Justin (Dave Annable) takes the blame for it, not out of the kindness of his heart, but to keep his scandalous secret safe.  While cleaning up the mess, all the Walker family secrets come out.  Kitty blurts out the news about Ryan, Justin decides to admit that he’s dating Rebecca while everyone is distracted, and Sarah tells Kevin that he’s being fired.  This vacation just went from awesome to horrifying in under five minutes.

Later that night, Tommy tries to explain his reasoning to his brother, but Kevin knows that William would have wanted him involved in the business.  He won’t be forgiving Tommy anytime soon, and Rebecca won’t be forgiving Justin for revealing their relationship to the entire family.  Sarah also doesn’t have any luck apologizing to Kitty, which means that everyone will be going to bed miserable tonight.

Justin visits Rebecca at her new apartment the next day to attempt to apologize once again.  She’s worried that the Walkers will disown her due to the relationship, but it’s a risk she’s willing to take.  Meanwhile, Kitty rants to Robert about her issues with Sarah, which mainly stem from the fact that Sarah thinks her sister’s life is all sunshine and kittens.  Well, she IS dating a rich senator that looks like Rob Lowe, so I think things could be worse.

Mitch Pileggi is not pleased when Kevin tells him about the damage to his house, nor is he thrilled that they’ve lost the Ojai account.  However, he manages to stay fairly calm about the news, which is not what I expect from the former Walter Skinner.  Over at Ojai, Nora (Sally Field) shows up to start round two with Holly.  In the ultimate bitch move, Nora throws the Ryan news in Holly’s face.  Burn!

Sarah arrives at Kitty’s to give her a real recommendation letter, but it’s too late to submit it.  Sarah wants to make things right with her sister, but Kitty is convinced they still have a problem trusting each other.  In case this episode isn’t depressing enough, it comes to an end with a montage set to “Everybody Hurts.”  Can’t those Walkers learn to get along?

Highlights — From

  • The opening segment, with Nora’s pastel-tinted version of the family played out over Hallmark-level music and Sarah’s heartfelt voiceover, was hysterical. It was interrupted by Kitty’s reaction: Kitty: “Some poor woman could spend her entire last trimester slogging through this thing. I don’t think she wrote it. I think she got it off the internet — at” Robert: “More likely she just sat down one night, cracked open a bottle of merlot and kept writing until she lost consciousness.” Hee!
  • Justin and Rebecca do a seriously lousy job of lying about their relationship. Justin, I hope you don’t play poker, because you’d lose a LOT of money.
  • Kevin discovers that Ryan is likely to be in Bakersfield. Why do they never move out of state?
  • Kitty tricks Sarah into revealing she didn’t write the letter by making up a story that was supposedly in the latter about Kitty giving her cookies to a friend in third grade. It wasn’t in the letter, and it never happened. Sarah: “I should have known, you would never give your cookies away to anyone.”
  • Sarah does seem to idealize Kitty’s life — actually she seems to think everyone has it easier than her. I’m getting seriously sick of Sarah.
  • Scotty tells Kevin that the crystal whale: “cost more than your car.” “Really?” Kevin says. “Now I hate my car.”
  • Rebecca gets a little freaked out about the news about Ryan. “They’re completely wrapped up with how to deal with my replacement.” Plus, if Rebecca and Justin break up, she’s afraid she’ll be written out of the Walker family again Rebecca — flee now. It’s healthier.
  • I love that Robert didn’t make it easy on Sarah. “Nobody can slide the knife between the ribs quite like the people who love us,” he says. “You’re not going to let me off the hook here, are you?” Sarah asks. Nope. Nor should he.
  • Still Robert tells Kitty that Sarah did feel bad the next day, and tells her that she’s got to communicate if she wants to get along with Sarah.
  • Nora confronting Holly with the news that he was bonking other other women was a sight to behold. Go, Nora!
  • “Everybody Hurts,” like the Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah,” need to be banned from soundtrack duty for at least 10 years. It’s just too easy, too expected. Find another song!

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere Recaps!

‘Desperate Housewives’ recap: The housewives enter a new era… READ FULL RECAP


Hard to believe it’s been five years, huh? As the dreamy, haunted voice of Mary Alice puts it: Where did the time go? Because in those 1,800-odd TV days, a lot has happened to the ladies of Desperate Housewives, and we’re not quite sure how it all went down just yet. Full disclosure: I’ve already seen next week’s episode as well, and while I’m no Spoiler McGee, I will say that you should prepare for a bumpy ride as the implications of all these changes becomes much clearer… READ FULL RECAP

Susan and Mike were in a terrible car accident since we last saw them. Mike appeared to have been badly hurt, but we discover at the end of the episode that he’s alive and well, unlike the mother and daughter in the car they hit. Susan’s constant guilty obsessing about the accident drove Mike out the door, it seems, and now they share custody of their adorable son.

Though she claims not to be ready for a real relationship, Susan has no problem having hot sex with her house painter, hiding him from her friends in a plot that somewhat resembles Gabby’s fling with the gardener in season one. He wants a real relationship but she doesn’t feel ready, so he agrees to hang out for a couple more months and give her a chance to change her mind…. READ FULL RECAP

Mary Alice’s voice is still haunting Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives, telling us about how Susan and Mike got into a horrific car crash during the five year jump. We then get quick glimpses of all the desperate housewives.

Susan is sleeping with her new man, the house painter, but he’s not allowed to stay over because she’s still having relationship issues. Gabi tries to shove her fat daughter Juanita into a princess dress for a kids party, to no avail.

Bree struggles to deal with a photo shoot for her newest cookbook cover, and Katherine gets snippy because it means Bree is ignoring their catering business. The Scavo Pizzeria has been turned into a dive where Lynette is shocked to see her teenage sons gambling and drinking.

Neal McDonough plays a creepy, slightly insane guy who shows up to a house on Wisteria Lane and hands the owner two giant wads of cash to leave immediately. A little persuasion gets the job done, and Mr. Williams now owns the house, along with his wife Mrs. Williams, who happens to be the former Edie Britt.

The next morning, Edie washes her car in a bathing suit, which gets the other four housewives to come asking questions. Edie invites the girls in to meet her new husband, a motivational speaker named Dave. Edie mocks Gabi’s weight gain, but Dave calms her down and seems to have softened Edie’s demeanor a whole lot, causing the other ladies to fall in love with him. They decide to throw a “welcome back” party.

Lynette yells at Tom for thinking the boys’ pranks are cool and going against her decision to ground them. She eventually agrees to side with Tom by letting their sons go to a homecoming dance, but as punishment for her husband, Lynette lets the boys take Tom’s new mid-life crisis convertible. The boys are late for their curfew, giving Lynette a chance to talk to Tom about how they need some more serious parenting to turn the boys into responsible adults. When they get home, Tom lays down the law very seriously.

At the princess party, Gabi is upset that Juanita is indulging in her second big piece of cake and the other moms are mocking the fat kid, so when they leave, Gabi drives ahead, forcing Juanita to run and chase it. After several blocks of this, Juanita gives up and gets on a bus, forcing her mother to now give chase. Back at the house, Gabi breaks down because she’s actually upset over how she’s let her own body go since having the kids, but blind Carlos says she’s still beautiful to him.

Bree and Katherine feud over Bree’s new cookbook containing stolen recipes. During a live video segment for a local TV show, Katherine feigns injury, forcing Bree to finalize a recipe from the cookbook that was originally Katherine’s that Bree can’t do, resulting in disaster.

At the party for the Williams couple, Edie is stunned that Karen McCluskey is still alive. Things get tense when the ladies and Edie debate whether this is a “We’re sorry for kicking you out of our town” party or a “We forgive you for acting like total bitch” party. Dave takes Edie aside and tells her they need to have everyone like them so it all goes well.

Susan’s house painter does some karaoke, singing “I Want to be Your Boyfriend” to Susan. She drags him off stage and confesses she can’t be in a relationship. Later we see the aftermath of the crash, and Mike is OK, but the mother and baby in the other car died. Susan blamed Mike for their deaths, so now Susan and Mike share custody of their son.

In the final scene, we learn that Dave Williams really is crazy, because he’s an out-patient from a mental institution. He was committed for issues with rage, and while he’s not a danger to himself, we see a videotaped session of him saying there’s only one person who should be worried. Uh oh, someone on Wisteria Lane is in trouble.

Quotes/Highlights from

  • Favorite quote- Edie to the ladies: “Oh, you don’t know. I have a husband now!” Susan: “Really? Whose?” Snap!
  • Second favorite- Edie to Gabby on her looks: “What happened to you?” Gabby: “I had two children.” Edie: “For what, breakfast?” Hee.
  • No sign of Adam, so it’s unclear if Katherine is alone.
  • Gabby’s child looks a lot older than Susan’s. I mean, I know she’s supposed to be big for her age, but there’s no way that kid is four and a half. Right?

New One Tree Hill Episode Spoilers!

Episode 6.05 – You’ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It [Airing September 29]: Lucas and Lindsey (guest star Michaela McManus) face a tenuous future, while Nathan receives an offer from a pro basketball team. Haley unwittingly puts Jamie’s life in peril, while Brooke struggles with giving up her company. Peyton discovers a dark secret about her new recording artist. Haley learns the truth about Dan, which leads to a final showdown with Carrie (guest star Torrey DeVitto, “Beautiful People”). Source: The CW

Episode 6.06 [Airing October 13]: At a book signing, a little girl asks Lucas to sign a book, a Gossip Girl book! A fan asks Lucas to take a picture, when he agrees, the fan gives Lucas a camera so she can be photographed with Mouth! Nathan, who’s been seeking an opportunity to play basketball again, meets up with Head Coach Mike Wilson. Brooke also appears. Source:

Episode 6.07 [Airing October 20]: Brooke takes care of Sam from the season premiere. Jamie is bullied at school because of his cape. Haley and Nathan try to deal with the situation. To Mouth’s surprise, Gigi interns at the TV station. Dan also appears. Source:

Episode 6.08 [Airing October 27]: 20-year-old Julian Beckett comes to Lucas’ house to discuss the possibility of optioning Lucas’ book. The two of them discuss contract details over a game of pool but before signing anything, Lucas wants to talk to Lindsey. Source:

Pushing Daisies Premiere & General Season 2 Spoilers!

Season Premiere Wednesday October 1st @ 8pm EDT

It’s going to be a great season. We can expect a full season of episodes this time around, and there are quite a few special guests this time too. Jennifer Elise Cox (aka Jan Brady – the movie version), David Arquette (aka Mr. Courtney Cox), and Autumn Reeser (aka Taylor Townsend from The O.C.) will all be appearing.

Some of the crazy things that happen this season include Olive joining a convent, Chuck’s dear old (not-so-dead) dad will be back, and Emerson’s (Caucasian!) mom will be visiting him. 

There are reports that the coroner will soon be revealed as having a teensy crush on Emerson – thus the easy entre to the morgue.

Episode one will find Olive checking into the nunnery because she “is feeling the strain of all the secrets she is keeping, including Chuck being alive and her own feelings for Ned, and heads to a nunnery for a break.” Don’t worry – this does not mean Olive will be missing from any of the episodes. She will be reunited with her beloved Piemaker by mid-October.

New Chuck Spoilers!

Episode 2.06: There is a flashback to when Chuck got kicked out of Standford and goes to talk to his girlfriend. She breaks up with him and he learns she is now dating Bryce Larkin. In present day, we see Jill coming into the Buy More to get her computer fixed. With her is her boss. Chuck flashes on a bio-weapon when he shakes the man’s hand. — Source:

Brothers & Sisters: Dave Annable Interview

DaveannableDave Annable On Smoochin His Former Sister & Possibly Welcoming a New Walker – Interview

Well, the headline says it all. Brothers and SistersDave Annable is easily one of the nicest dudes on TV today. B&S returns for its third season this Sunday, I’ve seen the season premiere and I think you’ll be pleased. Plenty of Walker arguing and pent up anger, to say the least… Video at KorbiTV at

Premiere Scoop: Sarah wasn’t kidding last season when she told Rebecca that the Walkers were like the mafia: Once you’re in, you’re in for life. Let that be a warning to William’s long-lost love child, for it should be this mysterious Ryan’s hope that they never find him. In the meantime, tonight’s third-season premiere picks up with Kitty and Robert proceeding with their adoption plans, and Justin and Rebecca trying to keep their feelings for each other on the down low. But things should really start rolling when the entire Walker clan plan a weekend getaway together, because we all know how well their family gatherings turn out. — Joe Friedrich, TV Guide

More Desperate Housewives Premiere Scoop and Season 5 Spoilers!

Episode 5.01: You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow (Season premiere)
Airdate: September 28, 2008

Look for Mike and Jackson to have an awkward first encounter: Susan’s new guy inadvertently exposes his privates. [.] Bree and hubby Orson are reunited after Orson’s stint in prison, but her new celebrity status as a caterer and author threatens his ego and their marriage – especially when Bree is interviewed on the radio and says her husband is dead. [.] Katherine, who finds out she’s going to be a grandma this season, is rattling around in her big old house and very lonely. “She’ll enter into a relationship with another resident on the lane – one of our regulars – and it’ll cause a bit of a scandal,” Cherry says. [.] In throes of a midlife crisis, Tom buys a sports car and forms garage band with the men of the cul-de-sac. He’ll play bass, Dave is on drums, Orson on keyboard, Mike on guitar and Carlos on tambourine. They eventually go public, leading to a big November sweeps club fire that’s also connected to the Dave mystery. Gail O’Grady appears as a hot-to-trot real-estate agent who raises Lynette’s suspicions when she helps the band find a rehearsal space. Other guest stars include Frances Conroy as a ritzy doyenne who wants to hire Carlos full-time (he doesn’t realize his massages give her killer orgasms!) and comedy legend Lily Tomlin as Mrs. McCluskey’s sister, Roberta, who shows up when McCluskey lands in the nuthouse. Source: TV Guide

As you all must know by now, it’s five years on as we return to Wisteria Lane. And while the vibe probably hasn’t changed much, some of the particulars certainly have, starting with frumpy mama Gaby. It’s no surprise that Bree’s a budding Martha Stewart, nor will you be shocked to learn that Porter and Preston Scavo (now played by twins Max and Charlie Carver) are as bad as their stepsister Kayla used to be. But when last we saw Susan, she was a giddy newlywed. Now she has a new guy, so what happened to Mike? Maybe we’ll find out tonight. Oh, and rumor has it that Edie has gone off and gotten herself married again. — Paul Droesch, TVGuide

Show Runner Marc Cherry Discussing Season 5 and the 5 Year Leap

Cleavland Plain Dealer

“The big secret turned into the big joke, because that got leaked like everybody’s business,” Cherry said. “I made the mistake of telling one of my actors, and the next thing, I read it in the Times, going, Marcia!'”

“My mom just loves that Marcia Cross plays her because she feels that makes her prettier in some way,” said Cherry.  “But, you know, my mother has very conservative values,” continued Cherry, who doesn’t. “And the thing I like about Bree is that Bree is religious. Bree is a character on TV who talks about the Bible and has gone to church and is a member of the NRA.”

Cherry first planned an eight-year flash forward. But, he said, “then someone explained to me how the actresses would react to the idea that they were eight years older.” He considered what that meeting would be like, explaining this to Cross and her co-stars. And then, wise man that he is, Cherry thought, “OK, maybe five . . . maybe I could get away with five.”

“I felt that the soap had really started to build up, and I kind of wanted to pare down to where everyone’s problems were small but very relatable,” Cherry said.

“And I thought, How am I going to do that?’  “And I thought, How am I going to do that?’ And I thought, Oh, let’s just go forward in time. Let me change everyone’s lives completely.'”

“And, of course, the ball will start rolling and pick up steam as the year goes on. But I thought it would be a good chance to do something interesting and give everyone some challenges.”

“Once I explained it to them how they really wouldn’t be looking older, they kind of went with it,” Cherry said.

Longoria Parker: “When I found out, I was excited because I felt like it was a reset button and we got to really start from scratch and explore more things specifically for my character and all of us. So I was excited, especially because how Gabby looks now. To play something other than glamour, it’s going to be fun for me.”

Huffman: “I agree. I thought it was great.”

Cross: “I was thrilled because I knew sort of where Bree was going and I was really looking for her to get out of the house. I mean, she’s going to get out of the house with her muffins. But at least she’s getting out of the house.

“I think it’s as it is in life. Growth is inevitable. I just thought it would be great for her to get out and get into the world and out of the problems, the domestic problems. Although, they’ll probably be right back there. I don’t know.”

Sheridan: “I was sad to see my son go.”

Delany: “Yeah, I mean, I was just happy to have my secrets out. That’s all I care about.”

Hatcher: “I think it’s great. I think it’s giving all the characters an opportunity to be something that they haven’t been. I think specifically for Susan. I think you’ve seen sort of years of a person who is like ‘Please love me, please love me, please love me.’ Who now, for many reasons that will be revealed over the new season, is probably a person who’s more closed off to love and not so searching and needy of it.

“And so it’s empowering and exciting to just play different levels, different parts of your personality of that character and to have a legitimate reason supporting why each character is in their new place.”

An empowering and exciting opportunity for Susan will be a new love interest, played by Gale Harold. Neal McDonough will play Edie’s new husband. Another new cast member, Gail O’Grady, will serve up trouble on Wisteria Lane. And high-profile guest stars for the season will include Lily Tomlin and Frances Conroy.

Cherry revealed that he also has a seven-year plan. He will shut down the fictional town of Fairview at the conclusion of the seventh season in 2011.

“I think we’re going to get out while people still like us,” Cherry said. “Of course, this might be a clever ruse on my part to get an obscene amount of money for season eight.”

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