New Private Practice Spoilers & Casting!

Season Premiere: Except for a little wibbling at the top of the episode, Addison is the amazing hero we know and love in the season premiere.  This premiere genuinely feels strong and refreshed, like the show’s been staying at Canyon Ranch since we saw it last. Story-wise, Cooper blows off Violet in favor of sex with Charlotte, Dell quits the practice and Addy is crazy angry with Naomi for making an unethical choice about a patient. Also, Amy Acker from Angel is the main patient in the ep, and she does her usual sterling acting job. — Kristin at E!Online


Ming Na by Eric Charbonneau/

Ming Na, who once played a doctor on ER, next will be playing with the doctors of Private Practice.

In the fifth episode of the ABC drama’s second season (which kicks off this Wednesday), Ming Na will guest-star as a friend of Violet’s, and thus will help shed some light on Amy Brenneman’s introverted shrink. (Oh wow, it just hit me — she’s a “shrinking Violet.” D’oh!)

Ming Na’s other credits include NBC’s short-lived Inconceivable and Fox’s almost-as-fleeting Vanished (in which she was woefully underserved).

Previously announced Private guest-stars for the coming season include Billy Dee Williams (as a man who has taken care of his ill wife, at great cost to his own health) and Grant Show (playing Addison’s brother). — TV Guide

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