Pushing Daisies Spoilers & Sweep Episode Scoop!


It’s back this Wednesday! Ned’s dad is going to pop up in the premiere, though Ned just doesn’t know it yet. Speaking of fathers, watch for Emerson to try and track down his missing daughter this season. Chi McBride told Kristin at E!Onlibe at the ET/People post-Emmys party that the audience will be seeing her before Emerson does, and that there’s some serious baby-mama drama.
Trouble is afoot at Olive’s nunnery, so the gang will be going undercover in an upcoming episode. I’m pretty sure that’s when we’ll hear Kristin Chenoweth sing The Sound of Music, god bless her perky little awesome soul. — Kristin at E!Online

From the Ausiello Files

Pushing Daisies is about to get seriously bizarro.

Orlando Jones (Drumline), Michael Weaver (Notes From the Underbelly), and Ivana Milocevic (Casino Royale) have been cast as a band of Norwegian detectives who bear striking similarities to Emerson, Ned and Chuck, sources confirm to Mike Ausiello exclusively.

The trio flee their home country looking for bigger, better crimes to solve, which makes things mighty difficult for Emerson and his untouchy-feely sidekicks.

Rumor has it the script for the episode, titled “The Norwegians” and slated to air in November, is nothing short of Snapplarious (i.e., so laugh-out-loud hysterical Snapple will likely shoot out your nose). If it’s half as funny as this Wednesday’s second season premiere — particularly a certain subplot involving reluctant nun Kristin Chenoweth and Mother Superior Diana Scarwid — then we are in for a treat.

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