90210 Episode Recap: “Model Behavior”

This week, not one, not two, but three relationships officially crumbled in the span of one episode. And the Kelly-Dylan-Brenda love triangle has been reprised from the olden days leaving viewers wondering what Brenda is hiding.

The episode starts off where we left off last week with Adrianna and her mom meeting with Principal Harry, Kelly, Brenda and Ryan. In true intervention form, the accused, Adrianna, lashes out. But so does her whacked-out stage mom who is oblivious to the world and destroying her daughter in the process. Love how she actually suggested they lighten her work load when they suggested she lighten up on the auditions.

Annie, now the bell of ball at West Bev after her lead in the play, tells Ty to go to hell (not in those words) since she thinks he fooled around on her. Dixon and Silver can’t seem to pull their lips apart much in this episode, but the loverboy does come up for air when Navid suggests he Annie, Dixon and Silver start double dating. Jealous bro doesn’t go for it. Hmm…won’t let his friend date his sister but is willing to give her a condom? Um, yeah…. READ FULL RECAP

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