Pushing Daisies Episode Recap


Wednesday’s premiere did a deft job of bringing folks up to speed, with a tidy recap for new viewers or those who’ve forgotten what’s going on mixed in with a little bit of new information — the origins of Chuck’s bee fascination, the “ballet of avoidance” that is Ned and Chuck’s home life — for loyalists who have been anticipating this return, then launched into a main story that had the usual complement of quirks along with a nice thematic tie-in. I’ll say it again: TV is better for this show being on the air…. READ FULL RECAP

Fun Quotes

  • I really loved the two-level discussion about workplace romance. “We ruled out office romance,” Ned replies to Olive’s theory about the case. “Oh. I’ll just cross that off my list then,” she replies. “I haven’t ruled out office romance,” Chuck says, causing Ned to melt a little bit. “Romance does give us a motive,” Emerson chimes in, then adds with a pointed stare at Olive, “Someone’s always lovin’ someone they shouldn’t be lovin’.” They may not all have been talking about the same thing at the same time, but it was also apparent they were catching everyone else’s meaning.
  • Emerson’s dressing-down of Kentucky’s husband as he’s about to cry: “It is not OK for a grown-ass man to weep in public with a bunch of happy families around eating pie. If you can’t hold it, take your ass to the men’s room and cry in private on the toilet — like a man!”
  • The entirety of Kristin Chenoweth’s shotgun-of-secrets rant, including her ineffectual throwing of napkins and the long, broken scream — and then the Sound of Music spoof after she arrives at the convent.
  • Also at the convent, Mother Superior’s clear exasperation at Olive’s inability to get with the program: “Gawd … in His infinite wisdom brought you here.” — Zap2it.com
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