Pushing Daisies Premiere: Season Spoilers & Previews

Pushing Daisies: Chuck’s life is changing. She will move out of Ned’s house and land a job.  And though the Pie Maker is heartbroken over her absence, he’ll find a way to be near her. As for Chuck’s aunt/secret mother, Lily, she’s sending Olive — who now knows the truth about her — away indefinitely. What else? Well, Vivian’s going on a date. Emerson Cod’s writing a kids book! And Ned’s bearing his chest for a nice little shirtless scene! — KorbiTV at Zap2it.com

The weirdest crime procedural on television (and considering the amount of competition, that’s saying something) springs back to life with more murder mysteries, colorful characters and G-rated romance between Ned and Chuck, the soul mates who can’t even touch each other. The Season 2 premiere finds Chuck acting as the lead investigator when she goes undercover at a honey-based cosmetics company. And Olive lands in an even stickier situation when she learns an astonishing secret from Lily, who tries to lock her away in a nunnery in order to ensure her silence. — Jack Rodgers, TV Guide


Pushing Daisies

From Kristin at E!Online

After a very long, strike-induced hiatus, ABC is relaunching this dramedy as if it were its very first season. Meaning anyone can (and should) watch.

So what’s the inside skinny on the new season? Pushing Daisies boss Bryan Fuller was kind of enough to share some juicy details…

Did Someone Say “Sex Toy”? As season two begins, Ned and Chuck continue to struggle with their impossible love. (Refresher: If he touches her, she’ll be dead for good.) Still, Bryan Fuller insisted, “They are meant to be together, that’s the relationship to root for. And we’re implying that things are progressing with their intimacy. There’s bedtime contraptions; there’s some bedtime, classic sexy—I think episode eight is when you see the device.” Um, device? I thought he was kidding, but no, Chuck and Ned are getting down, and you’ll be amused at how.

Skivvies Alert! In tonight’s premiere, expect Ned (Lee Pace), Chuck (Anna Friel) and Emerson (Chi McBride) to continue waking the dead and catching bad guys, including a bee-based case that involves Pace strippin’ down to his Skivvies. (Ooh la la.) But the big news is that Olive quits her job at the Pie Hole and retreats to a nunnery! Diana Scarwid plays Olive’s mother superior in the first three episodes. “She’s kind of brilliant, she and Kristin—it’s comic gold,” said Bryan.

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Kristin: Olive Snook, aka brilliant Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth, will sing again! “We have her singing in episode one, we have her singing in episode eight and we want more singing, and hopefully we’ll have more episodes after 13 so we can have more singing from her.” Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming Pushing Daisies soundtrack that includes at least two songs from season two: an operatic homage to Rodgers and Hammerstein and the Bangles’ “Eternal Flame.”

More on Chuck’s Dad: We know the shocking reveal of the identity of Chuck’s mom (Swoozie Kurtz), but what about daddy dearest? “Episode 5 through 10 are a big arc,” said Fuller. “And that involves the Stephen Root character. He’s a guy who knows Chuck’s dad and knows Ned’s dad. He knows a few secrets, too, so Swoozie’s character is not fond of him being around. We have a romantic story for him and Ellen Greene.” Also, don’t blink! If you do, you’ll miss the Pie Maker’s dad’s cameo in the first episode.

Time for pah! Or pie if you must call it that. It all goes down at 8 p.m. on ABC, and if you’re excited and you know it clap your hands down onto your keyboard and comment below…

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