Smallville Episode Recap: “Toxic”

10/4 All New ‘Toxic’

Oliver collapses at a charity event and reveals he only has 24 hours to live. Clark and Chloe call Davis for help but his prognosis is grim. Delirious, Oliver flashes back to when he was stranded on an island and first learned how to use a bow and arrow. He also recalls meeting Tess for the first time on that island after she had been kidnapped by a drug runner. Meanwhile, Chloe decides to use her new powers to help save Oliver, shocking Clark…..


Give us all your money and save the rainforest! Clark and Chloe are schmoozing at a benefit Oliver is throwing. Chloe implies Clark and Lois will soon be an item, if they’re not already. Oliver arrives with arm candy attached, but collapses under the weight of the paparazzi. Clark comes to his aid and Oliver reveals that he has but 12 hours to live, no thanks to some mysterious poison. It’s always something with that guy.

The two take Oliver back to Chloe’s apartment, bypassing trusted medical attention altogether. Davis arrives to stabilize Oliver, risking a lot to not immediately take him to the hospital. Clark goes to call the girl in question, but she doesn’t answer as she’s being wheeled into an ambulance herself… READ FULL RECAP

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