Supernatural Episode Recap: “In the Beginning”

Amygumenick_supernatural_240 Sometimes, story issues must be tackled head on in order to progress growth, further develop an idea, or allow for a more organic understanding of the motivations behind the actions that take place. And sometimes, Supernatural wants to torture it’s characters just a little bit more.

The show starts with a scene that is becoming more familiar: Sam sneaking out as Dean sleeps. Ruby picks him up and they take off. And that’s all we see of them for the episode. Back inside the hotel room, Castiel wakes Dean  to tell him “You have to stop it”. Dean asks him to clarify what he means, but all Castiel does is touch his forehead. Next thing we know, Dean is waking up again, only this time it’s on a bus stop bench with a police officer telling him he can’t sleep there…. READ FULL RECAP

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