Brothers & Sisters Episode Recap: “Book Burning”

Matthew Rhys, Sally Field On tonight’s Brothers & Sisters, a tell-all memoir written by Kitty stirs up all kinds of juicy drama.

Tonight’s episode doesn’t start out well for those still grossed out by the Rebecca and Justin (Dave Annable) pairing.  Just as the two start making out hot and heavy on the couch, Justin runs off to talk to Sarah about how he’s nervous about sleeping with his almost-sibling.  He needs advice, so Sarah tells him it’ll be best if he takes it slow….READ FULL RECAP

New Supernatural Spoilers!

Episode 4.04: Metamorphosis  Airdate: October 9, 2008

The boys are joined by an old hunter friend named Travis to fight a worm-like creature named “Rugaru.” The monster, who takes over a character named Jack Montgomery, makes people extremely hungry, eventually makes them want to eat humans. The brothers discover that the only way to stop them is with fire. Later in the episode, the boys (accidentally?) try to set Jack’s wife on fire. Seeking revenge, Jack kidnaps Dean and tries to eat him. Source:

Episode 4.06: Phoebia (aka “Yellow Fever”)  Airdate: October 23, 2008

The boys fight a ghost named Luther. Luther was in love with a married woman named Jesse. After Jesse went missing, her husband, Frank, went after Luther and choked him with a chain. Frank was never arrested because of his prominent place in society. Sam and Dean try to figure out if Luther’s spirit is involved with Frank’s death before the spirit goes after others. Source:

Episode 4.07: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester Airdate: October 30, 2008

Sam and Dean meet Uriel, who is much more coarse and less friendly compared to Castiel. Sam disobeys orders from Uriel to not interfere with certain demons who attack both the brothers and the town, so Uriel threatens their lives. The boys also fight against witches named Tracy and Don and another person (spirit?) named Samhain. Source:

Episode 8 – Wishful Thinking 11/6/2008 Lilith returns and beside her stands a demon of even greater power. Meanwhile, Sam learns of a new power within himself which has Dean quaking with fear.

— BuddyTV

Episode 9 – I Know What You Did Last Summer 11/13/2008 — BuddyTV

Supernatural: Lucifer is Busting Out All Over

Jensen Ackles Eric Kripke has repeatedly said he’d like to end Supernatural after its fifth season.  The first episode of season 4 introduced God and angels into the show’s mythology, while last night’s installment began setting up a showdown between the Winchesters and Lucifer himself.  Lilith’s quest to break the 66 seals sounds like it’d take about two seasons, and if Sam and Dean successfully thwart her and stop Satan from walking the Earth, where else could the series possibly go?  Once you’ve beaten back Lucifer and the armies of Hell, everything else seems like small potatoes….READ MORE (BuddyTV)

New Supernatural Interviews with Jared & Jensen & Season 4 Spoliers

Jensen Ackles of ‘Supernatural’ Answers Fan Questions

Jensen AcklesBuddyTV visited the set of Supernatural and had the amazing opportunity to hang out with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Jim Beaver.  They got to ask questions about the season, about the pranks they like to pull on the crew behind the scenes and about themselves… READ MORE

Jared Padalecki Talks About ‘Supernatural’ Season 4

Jared PadaleckiAt the beginning of September, BuddyTV had just come back from visiting the set of Supernatural where they learned that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are roommates. Well, here’s the interview that proves it. Straight out of the horse’s mouth, Jared and Jensen are roommates. Not only that, but they also hang out together and play guitar when they go home after a long day of work. How cute is that?

Jared took some time out of his busy day of filming to answer our questions about Supernatural and Sam Winchester….READ MORE

Jim Beaver Discusses his Role on ‘Supernatural’

Jim Beaver of Supernatural

When BuddyTV went up to visit the Supernatural boys, they were lucky that Jim Beaver was on set that day.  He talked about what it’s like to work on such a great show like Supernatural and told them about some of the funny antics that go on behind the scenes….READ MORE

Brother & Sisters Casting Spoilers: Ryan? Gregory Smith or Jason Ritter

Now that everyone in the Walker family know about the long-lost sibling, Ryan Walker on Brothers and Sisters, the qustion is – who will be playing him? The names so far at the top of the list are Jason Ritter (The Class, Joan of Arcadia), Jason Thompson (General Hospital), Tom Pelphrey (Guiding Light) and Gregory Smith (Everwood). Most of the rumors seem to swirl around Ritter and Smith.

Smith opens up some interesting possibility with Emily Van De Camp, who plays Rebecca Harper. On the show Everwood (which was produced by Greg Berlanti, also a producer with Brothers and Sisters) the pair had amazing chemistry as Amy Abott and Ephram Brown.

Ritter is best known for his role as wheelchair bound Kevin Giardi, on Joan of Arcadia. The show was a hit with critics, but not so much with viewers. More recently Ritter followed in his late father’s footsteps (John Ritter), in the sitcom business on the short-lived series, The Class.

Reportedly Ritter was seen at ABC studios for a casting meeting last week. ABC has not commented. – TB Television

Although Emily VanCamp said that if Smith would join Brothers & Sisters as Ryan, it would be Everwood overload, still he would be my choice. The chemistry would be amazing and plus he would “look” better as a Walker, he looks more like them. As an actor, he has shown the viewers he has the range needed to fit in the wide range dramatics of the Walker family.

So whose you choice? Let me know in the comments section.

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: “We’re So Happy You’re So Happy”

Gale Harold and Teri Hatcher, Desperate HousewivesPreviously on Desperate Housewives: Five years in the future, Bree and Katherine are still at odds, Gabi is upset she has a fat kid, Susan is dating her young house painter and Edie returned to Wisteria Lane with her new, super crazy husband.

In tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives, we learn that the women are all crazy. Actually, we already knew that, but in every storyline, the main women make crucial errors in judgment, whether it’s flirting with their son, fighting over a name, or getting angry when people do exactly what they’re told to do…. READ FULL RECAP

Ron Tom/ABC

Mary-Alice’s ghostly voiceover was not nearly as thematically tight on Sunday, a practically nonsensical ramble about how great it is to have good neighbors or something. Of course, this being Marc Cherry’s show, this tidy monologue was turned on its ear by the episode’s close, as we see how each of the housewives has her own share of dirty laundry with which, more so than groceries or missorted mail, they will ultimately need help. Let’s rifle through their unmentionables….READ FULL RECAP

More Supernatural Episode Recaps:

Amy GumenickThe shocks in last night’s episode were fantastic, but I’m still a little confused about the time travel element.  Castiel told Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he was seeing what had happened in the past, but some things wouldn’t have played out the same way had Dean not been there.  For example, Mary wouldn’t have discovered that the YED was going after her friend, and wouldn’t have gone to confront him without Dean passing on the information….READ FULL RECAP

Castiel did his mind meld thing on Dean and bent time to send him back to 1973 where he encountered his dad, mom and grandparents. In what turned about to be an origins episode, Dean finally learned the truth about his mom and her family; how the Yellow-Eyed Demon (YED) became involved in their lives; and even how the beloved Impala became the Winchesters’ car of choice….READ FULL RECAP

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