More Supernatural Episode Recaps:

Amy GumenickThe shocks in last night’s episode were fantastic, but I’m still a little confused about the time travel element.  Castiel told Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he was seeing what had happened in the past, but some things wouldn’t have played out the same way had Dean not been there.  For example, Mary wouldn’t have discovered that the YED was going after her friend, and wouldn’t have gone to confront him without Dean passing on the information….READ FULL RECAP

Castiel did his mind meld thing on Dean and bent time to send him back to 1973 where he encountered his dad, mom and grandparents. In what turned about to be an origins episode, Dean finally learned the truth about his mom and her family; how the Yellow-Eyed Demon (YED) became involved in their lives; and even how the beloved Impala became the Winchesters’ car of choice….READ FULL RECAP

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