New Desperate Housewives Scoop & Spoilers

[] Desperate Housewives SpoilersEpisode 5.04: Back in Business — October 19, 2008

Bree’s new cookbook and entrepreneurial success has the women of Wisteria Lane feeling envious; Lynette’s longing for a taste of her breadwinning days as an ad-exec leads her to lend an unsolicited hand to Bree’s marketing plan; and MJ’s drawing of a family portrait has left Mike feeling like he’s not a presence in his son’s life. Meanwhile, Gaby hatches a plan to have more sex with Carlos, Susan teaches a reluctant MJ how to fall, and Dave’s motives for moving to the neighborhood continue to take shape. Guest stars include Gale Harold as Jackson, Mary Pat Gleason as Ms. Elenora Butters and Charlie Babcock as Stu. Source: ABC

Heroes Episode Recap: “I Am Become Death”

“The world always needs saving, Peter.” — Gabriel/Sylar

On Heroes, that’s probably the understatement of the century, since in three seasons of the show, the world is always in need of saving. But as this season continues to suggest, the world is in need of being saved from the characters we used to know and trust to be the ones doing the saving. Worse still is the fact that it’s the extraordinary abilities that have driven mankind to its lowest point. So why with all this doom and gloom do we see a smiling Sylar cooking waffles?….READ FULL RECAP

Chris Haston /NBC


The latest installment of Heroes, “I Am Become Death,” didn’t just have an impact, it had a blast crater!…READ FULL ANALYSIS

Adam Taylor /NBC


New Greek Spoilers! Finally!

Casey doesn’t completely screw it up her relationship with Max—on her own at least. Remember that alum from Zeta Beta who slipped her a card last week? Well, Casey may just ditch Max for the summer to try her hand at politics. — Kristin at E!Online

Michael Rady — who plays Max (and who played Kostas in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, too) — is sticking around. In fact, when sorority rush rolls around next year, ZBZ will be rocking a Traveling Pants theme and the Kostas character gets a cute shout out… But be prepared for someone else in Casey’s life to finally say sayonara. Seems a faction of sisters will be seceding from the sorority and the Pied Piper role will be played by Frannie, of course. — Korbi TV at

Chuck Episode Recap

Zacharylevi_chuck_s2_240 Chuck gets lessons from an old-school, legendary spy this week, and his liver may never recover. Plus, it’s guest-star-a-go-go, with John Larroquette and Melinda Clarke competing for best super-spy honors. Oh, and there’s a knee-buckling kiss. Everybody wins!….READ FULL RECAP

New Private Practice Spoilers!

Addison’s (Kate Walsh) rejection does not go over so well—Pete’s (Tim Daly) reaction involves grabbin’ Violet’s (Amy Brenneman) booty in the next episode. Also, the docs are stressing that they can’t find new clients to come into the Wellness Center. — Kristin at E!Online

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

Kevin will be going back in the closet when he has to attend a big work dinner. He leaves Scotty behind and takes tips from the other couples on how to deal with a new bride at home. — Kristin at E!Online

Justin and Rebecca are still together in the episode that’s currently shooting. Not to say they won’t be having problems.  Well, Justin will be frequenting AA/NA meetings this year too, and it seems there’s a hot (and manipulative) recovering addict who’s got her eye on Justin. — Korbi at

Pushing Daisies Spoilers: New!

Daisies boss Bryan Fuller discussing a possible Paul Reubens return : “We would love for him to come back, and we would encourage anybody and everybody to write ABC and talk about how much they love him and would love for him to come back.”

Molly Shannon might eventually return according to Bryan Fuller: “We actually had a way to have an arc with her in the first part of the season, and then we were debating on if we should we kill her character off, and then we thought, no let’s wait and hopefully she’ll be available to do the show again, because she just fit right in with the cast.”

Emerson Cod gets some action in the ep “Dim Some Lose Some,” airing Oct. 29. Chi McBride said, “Emerson might get a little busy. The girl Simone from the ‘Bitches’ episode is going to come back.” — Kristin at E!Online

New Supernatural Spoilers!

In a midseason episode, we’ll meet Anna, whose brain is a veritable wiretap of the angelic realms, and through her we’ll learn that the angelic hosts remain deeply fascinated by Sam and Dean. And yes, to
answer a question you didn’t ask, Ruby (Katie Cassidy) will be back. — Kristin at E!Online

Ugly Betty Scoop & Spoilers: The Latest!

Cristina got pushed down the stairs on Ugly Betty, but thankfully the baby will be fine, other than the fact that its mom is Wilhelmina. Christina won’t be the only person who goes down those stairs though. It looks like Wilhelmina, Betty, Marc and Amanda will take a spill as well. Apparently the main suspect whomever it is, doesn’t like Betty and the rest playing detective. It’s probably Alexis though, she was only scheduled for 3 episodes this season.

A fall down the stairs isn’t the only bad thing heading Cristina’s way. We’ve seen how her husband is digging into drugs again, but he actually has good reason. — Kristin at E!Online

New Gossip Girls Spoilers: Couples Scoop

Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl: According to Leighton Meester herself: “I think Chuck is for Blair just like Blair is for Chuck. They are perfect together. But I think that the whole thing with them is that they fight. If you saw them kissing and making up all the time or being best friends walking around town, it would be kind of boring. But maybe it will work out. I know that there is definitely a lot of back and forth material between them. There’s a lot coming.”

Blake Lively, Penn Badgley Jamie McCarthy/

Serena’s hooks up with the artist Aaron Rose while her ex, Dan, ends up dating Aaron Rose’s ex, Lexi.

Also,  Chuck and Blair meet their clones, Chuck 2.0 and Blair 2.0, and end up giving their respective doppelgängers advice on how to hook up with the 2.0 version of themselves. Hopefully in the midst of all that, the original flavors of Chuck and Blair will realize that they are madly in love and will get back together already! — Kristin at E!Online

New Heros Spoilers: Are Hiro and Ando Going Bad? & More

Heros: “I Am Become Death,” on NBC at 9 p.m.

Claire and HRG are headed for a showdown of sorts. As Jack Coleman told Kristin at E!Online: “Around episode five, Claire and Noah collide in a most unexpected and kind of horrific way—I don’t mean horrific…I just mean as a father, let’s just say she just turns up in a place where I’d least like her to turn up when I’m doing work that I don’t want her to know about.”This season on Heroes, Nathan gets his head sliced open, Sylar-can-opener-style. — Kristin at E!Online

From Kristin at E!Online

Chris Haston /NBC


This season of Heroes is delightfully villaintastic.  Some of our favorites are going bad, some baddies are going good, but which is which? Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura) and James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi) are here to sort out the good versus evil mess and share scoop on new powers.

“It’s a very eco-friendly gas solution!” says Masi

Zap! Bang! Power! OK, so, what was going on in the premiere episode when Ando killed Hiro in the future? Says James, “If I zapped him, it’s probably for a good reason. But we don’t know if he’s turned bad, or if I’ve turned bad, or if he’s betrayed me.” Is there a significance to Future Ando’s power of red lightning? Well, says Masi, “if you think of anybody with lightning bolts, they’re going to be evil. We see Elle as a villain, and we see future Ando shoot lightning bolts.” Eek.

Say It Ain’t So, Hiro: I never thought it would be possible, but Masi Oka says Hiro Nakamura could one day become evil: “I don’t know if it will happen, I don’t know if it has happened, but I do think it needs to go there eventually.”

BFF? Red lightning aside, can Hiro and Ando’s friendship make it through what’s to come? Says James Kyson Lee, “These two characters have always been good, loyal friends, but in this show, you can never try to predict what happens, because once you think you know, you don’t.”

May the Force Be With You: As of tonight’s episode, Hiro and Ando are currently stuck on Level Five, and I hear the Haitian is going to addle Hiro’s brain a little. According to James Kyson Lee, “Hiro thinks he’s 10—that’s the last age he remembers. So now I’m trying to save the world and babysit at the same time. I try to get him to remember how he used to use his powers, so there’s a little bit of ‘Yoda trying to get Luke get his memory back.’ ” So Ando is the new Yoda? “[More like] Ando-wan-kenobi.” And according to Masi Oka, there is another bonus to this situation: “It’s a good reason to be able to say ‘Yatta!’ again without feeling silly.”

Power Up? According to James Kyson Lee, there are many paths to abilities: “We learn this season that in order for people to obtain abilities, there has to be a combination of factors—both physical and environmental elements. We think the eclipse might have to do with it. Maybe the formula we are trying to find is closely linked to it, and of course Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is trying to do experiments to find out, but he’s not finding the answers either.” Does it involve midichlorians? Maybe something about fear, anger, hate, suffering and the Dark Side?

Death to come!

Some of Heros fans & critics alike are a bit overwhelmed by the number of characters and storylines on Heroes right now.

Inside sources close to the set are saying that there will be a little housecleaning this season. Not everyone will make it to the finale. Who  get their head sliced open by Sylar has not yet been determined

Who should stay and who should go?

Smallville Spoilers & Video Scoop with Lois Lane!

VIDEO: Smallville‘s Lois Is All about the “Smoldering”

Smallville‘s Erica Durance previewed to TV Guide in a VIDEO what’s to come at the “Daily Plane for Lane and Kent. “She’s going to give him a really hard time,” says Durance. All the while, “Clark is getting a lot edgier and saving the world. It’s classic Superman.”

Durance also dishes best she can on the return of Lana (at the :30 mark), Clark’s own feelings (:55), the rumor that’s been making rounds (1:10) and the overall “smoldering things” to come. — Matt Mitovich, TV Guide

Big Smallville Scoop from Erica Durance: Part 1
Big Smallville Scoop from Erica Durance: Part 2
• Coming later this week: Allison Mack Q&A, Part 2

Early Renewal: Season 7 for One Tree Hill!

Brian Austin Green Coming to ‘One Tree Hill’ as Sports Agent

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
Named Clayton, Brian Austin Green’s character is enjoying the spoils that come from being a wealthy, handsome single guy.

There is a chance that will be climbing to “” as a regular in the seventh season. He is slated to take the role of Clayton, a “young and brash” sports agent who represents Nathan’s basketball interest. The casting news is not yet formally announced by The CW or the execs but sources are telling EW that “they’re ironing out a few issues, but it’s pretty much a done deal.” This has been considered as a move which is apt to compensate the lost of two lovable actors in the series, and . More about Clayton, the character is in his 20s, and is described in the casting call as “fiercely protective” of Nathan. However, Clayton will not be the only newbie in the series for the show was also casting Haley’s older sister named Quinn and a model for Brooke’s clothing line, Alexis. Brian Austin Green was Derek Reese in “” until the show got canceled by FOX due to mild rating. He was then signed as the lead of The CW’s “The Body Politic” but the drama does not make it to the Fall 2009 schedule.

One Tree Hill – Exclusive first look at Season 7 New Characters

Here is the first casting call for Season 7 of One Tree Hill. Filming will begin on 17th June currently.
Mid to late 20s, very pretty. One of Haley’s older sisters, Quinn is a free spirit but can also be dependable and kind. Strong-willed, self-assured but also self-effacing, Quinn is facing a transitional time in her life, one that will bring her to Tree Hill with a wounded heart and in search of something more…SERIES REGULAR.

20s, gorgeous. Alexis is a model/actress and the new face of Brooke’s clothing line. Alexis is an adrenaline junkie and a bit of a diva who is used to getting her way. Book smart and street wise, Alexis uses her wiles to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of her profession. She has also never met a party she didn’t like, a habit that may inhibit or accelerate her transition from model to actress, depending on who crosses her path sptv050769. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…SERIES REGULAR.

Late 20s, handsome. A young and brash sports agent who represents Nathan Scott’s basketball interests, Clayton is a rising star at his agency and has become a close friend, ally, business partner and advisor to Nathan. A bit of a lothario, Clayton unapologetically enjoys the spoils that are available to a young, wealthy, handsome single guy, while always separating business from pleasure, and remaining fiercely protective of Nathan. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…SERIES REGULAR.
Source: SpoilerTV

Will One Tree Hill‘s “Leyton” be back next season with mini Leyton? MATT: Alas, in the days since you sent in this question, the CW confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be returning for Season 7. The silver lining is that the actors’ final outing is a solid one.’s Robyn Ross, who screened the May 18 season finale, reports that the hour “wraps things up in a little bow with no shockers to leave us hanging. Old faces were back, and dreams were truly realized. Perhaps it could’ve served better as a series finale, because I’d love to think this is the way these stories would have ended.” Source: TV Guide Online

Chad Michael Murray & Hilarie Burton’s ‘One Tree Hill’ departures confirmed

Source: Zap2It’s Korbi TV

Though we’ve known for months that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not return to “One Tree Hill” this fall for the series’ seventh season, The CW has just now officially confirmed the actors’ exits. A network rep tells me they will be welcoming two new cast members, in addition to Austin Nichols, as series regulars.

Exclusive: Murray, Burton exit ‘One Tree Hill’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Onetreehillwedding_l It looks like One Tree Hill newlyweds Peyton and Lucas are about to embark on a permanent honeymoon. Sources confirm that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, whose characters tied the knot in last night’s penultimate episode, will not be returning for the show’s seventh season next fall. The CW is expected to formally announce their departures next Thursday at its upfront presentation.  Murray and Burton have been engaged in rather high-profile contract negotiations for the past several months. Ultimately, a deal couldn’t be worked out and both actors will make their final appearances in next Monday’s season finale. To fill the void next season, a Hill insider tells me that two new characters will be introduced. Additionally, Austin Nichols (Julian) is being promoted to a series regular. What say you, Tree Hill fans? Pumped for OTH 2.0? Too upset to even think about it? Let loose in the comments section.

EXCLUSIVE Hilarie Burton on ‘Tree Hill’ exit: ‘It wasn’t a rash decision’

Source: The Ausiello Files

Hilarieburton2_lDid you hear? After six years of angst, heartache, and more angst, Hilarie Burton will make her final appearance as Lucas-lovin’ music mogul Peyton Sawyer on Monday’s season finale of One Tree Hill. (Her leading man, Chad Michael Murray, will bid farewell in the same episode.) On the eve of her swan song, the onetime TRL hostess is setting the record straight about the reason behind her departure, the “hurtful” rumors that precipitated it, and a certain video that left many of her fans going, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Ms. Hilarie? (Warning: Potential spoilers about Monday’s finale below.)

There are a lot of rumors flying about why you’re leaving. What’s the truth?
There really wasn’t a lot of turmoil. It was a fabulous six-year run, which is how long my contract was for, and I feel really lucky to have been a part of the show. So when I hear that there’s turmoil or negotiations based on money it kind of hurts my feelings, because it’s not what’s been going on at all. I think my fan base in particular knows that money isn’t necessarily a big motivator for me, that’s why I work in the world of independent film.

How long have you known that you were leaving?
I’ve known for a little while. For me, it was definitely an emotional decision. And a professional decision as well. I got really, really lucky. One Tree Hill was my very first television audition; it was a fairytale. I feel really lucky to have that level of success right out of the gate.

Just so I’m clear, it was your decision to leave, not the other way around?
I think everyone was kind of agreeable about the situation. There were a lot of really wonderful conversations. It wasn’t a rash decision; a lot of thought, emotion, and kindness was put into it. I would hope that that‘s the story that gets out — that it was a bunch of adults being good to each other and being kind about the decision-making process.

Did The Powers That Be make a concerted effort to get you to re-sign?
The conversations that they had with me were very compassionate and very sweet. They told me that they valued me, and that meant a lot. And they also wanted me to be happy and challenged and excited. There was some confusion for a little bit as to what was going on, but I think everybody’s in a good place now.

Talk to me about the video message you made for your fans back in February. It seemed like you were maybe saying good-bye. What point were you trying to get across?
The purpose of that video was to dispel the rumors that were being circulated. I was on your end of it for a very long time when I worked at MTV, and I understand how the rumor mill works. Everybody wants a sensational story. People even back then were blaming it on money, and [on me] being high maintenance… Those rumors were really hurtful. Of anybody on the show, I was the one who was very excited about doing all the extracurricular stuff — the mall tours, the radio tours, going to the upfronts…  I loved my involvement with this show, and I really just wanted my fan base to know that I wasn’t turning my nose up at this wonderful opportunity I’ve had for the last six years. There’s an ugly trend where actors think they’ve surpassed the show that made them or the film that made them and badmouth it. I will never say a bad word about One Tree Hill. The entire shape of my world changed because of that show, so I’ll always be very affectionate toward it.

Have you spoken to Chad recently?
I was in L.A. last week and we talked. Chad and I are good friends. I won’t speak for him, but it was not a rash decision on either of our parts. He’s very compassionate toward the show and the fans. It’s not an easy decision, but we’ve got to be grown-ups sometimes. [CMM’s rep declined my interview request, saying, “Chad is no longer on the show and has no comment regarding the new season.”]

What was your last day on the set like?
We wrapped together. We were the last two in the last scene, and we opened up a tab across the street for our crew to say thank you and cried a bunch.

Lucas and Peyton don’t really get an official sendoff next week. Is that disappointing?
It’s like when you leave for college but you know your parents still have your bedroom set up. You never know if you’re going to have to come home… I got really lucky with my character; I got a full-circle story. It was, “Lucas and Peyton: Are they going to be together? Are they not going to be together?” And as we saw in this week’s episode, my character got everything she ever wanted.

Might you make the occasional guest appearance?
Never say never. They didn’t kill us. There’s nothing vengeful about it, and I think that’s because as much as we love them, they love us back.

What are you going to do now?
One Tree Hill was a great learning opportunity for me, and I’m excited to go and apply that elsewhere and see where I end up. I’m hoping the fans support whatever my next endeavor is. I’m actually curious what they want me to do… On the blog that I have for my production company, we’re producing a web series that we’re going to start shooting on Memorial Day. We’ve also got a television show that we’re turning into a graphic novel, and we’ve got a film we’re raising money for. I’m busy. And I’m keeping my business down in North Carolina. I’m still going to be in the neighborhood; it’ll just be in a different capacity.

Last question, and it’s a biggie: What happens to Peyton’s record company?
Who knows? Maybe she’ll take it with her. I get to be a fan of the show now, which is cool. I get to sit back and be a fan. I’m personally very excited to see where it goes. I understand they’re introducing some new characters… I have no doubt they will come up with something to reinvent the show yet again.

James Lafferty’s deal is closed. Sophia Bush’s is not, but an insider says that she will definitely be back. (Michael Ausiello)

Does Dan ever get another heart on One Tree Hill?
Dan’s heart storyline is not resolved by the end of the season, so it looks like the bastard lives to fight another season! Can Dan even really be killed? He seems like one of those supersoldiers you can just shoot holes through and they keep getting up. (Watch With Kristin)

Question: Desperately need some scoop on One Tree Hill. Are Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray returning next season?
They’re negotiating new deals now. Everything you’ve been hearing, reading, and seeing about how Warner Bros. and the CW don’t want them back is bunk, so don’t fall for it.

A baby will be born on the One Tree Hill finale, but whether baby and/or Peyton survive is another question. (Watch With Kristin)

One Tree Hill 6.20 Promo “I Would for You” {Returns April 20th, 2009 ~ ONLY 5 more episodes left!!!}

‘One Tree Hill’ Preview: Pregnant Peyton Bleeding

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News

Nick Lachey, tragedy in Peyton’s pregnancy and a shocking secret.‘One Tree Hill’ will take two-weeks worth of break but will be back with

See larger image

” will not return for another two weeks, but a long promo has been given to highlight on the remaining five episodes. “I Would for You”, the episode that airs April 20 meanwhile, is not yet given an official synopsis. Among the things happening to the Tree Hill residents are Brooke discovering a secret of Samantha, Mia meeting , Hayley making out with Nathan, and pregnant Peyton involved in a car accident and bleeding. It was revealed that Nick’s cameo will be aired on April 27 and rumor has it creator Mark Schwan has asked the singer to stick around for en extra week and he had agreed. With 5 more episodes left, the fate of and in the show is still blurry. One source from the set said that although both actors have given cryptic message to their fans regarding their leave, producers are letting things come out that way since there has been no script developed for their characters yet.

Please tell me that Peyton and Baby Leyton will be all right on One Tree Hill!
A baby will be born on the One Tree Hill finale, but whether baby and/or Peyton survive is another question. Source: Kristin on E!Online

Mark Schwahn Signs Three Deals, Will Stay on One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush by Brownie Harris/The CW

Mark Schwahn, the One Tree Hill creator has signed a trio of production deals, one of which more or less guarantees a seventh season of the CW drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Schawahn entered a one-year contract with Warner Bros. TV, which produces One Tree Hill, to keep wearing his executive producer and showrunner hats. CW renewal announcement in three… two… one…

Schwahn’s other deals are a two-year pact with CBS Paramount Network TV and an agreement with CBS Records to launch his own imprint under the label.

Effective June 2009, the CBS Par TV deal will find the producer developing new series, including one on the music industry, while the CBS Records one is a dream come true for the one-time band member and avid music aficionado. “A frustrated musician who wasn’t good but wanted to be great,” as he puts it, Schwahn will look to expand on the musical offerings he’s given viewers on Tree Hill.

“I’m a fan of music, I feel I have a good ear for it and I would love to be able to help shine a light on new artists and new music even more than what I can do via One Tree Hill,” he said.  — TV Guide

5/4 New ‘Show Me How To Live’ HD

Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower, while Sam grows closer to Victoria. Lucas and Jamie bond while working on Peyton’s car, and Nathan learns that NBA scouts will be at his next game. Meanwhile, Skills and Lauren (guest star Allison Munn) go on a date that goes all wrong.

Preview of ‘One Tree Hill’ 6.22: Brooke Considers Adoption

Sam grows closer to Brooke’s mom and Brooke has one big plan for both she and Sam, all new in ‘One Tree Hill’ episode ‘Show Me How to Live’.

Preview of 'One Tree Hill' 6.22: Brooke Considers AdoptionSource: Ace Showbiz TV News
See larger image In a “” episode directed by aka Nathan, Brooke is making a huge decision to adopt Sam when her mother Victoria (guest star Daphne Zuniga) suggests her to let Sam sees her family. Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower, while Sam grows closer to Victoria. Lucas and Jamie bond while working on Peyton’s car, and Nathan learns that NBA scouts will be at his next game. Meanwhile, Skills and Lauren (guest star Allison Munn) go on a date that goes all wrong. Called “Show Me How to Live” after ‘s single, the episode airs Monday, May 4. On another “One Tree Hill” news, the wedding of Peyton and Lucas will occur on the May 11 episode where will once again guest stars as himself.

One Tree Hill – Episode 6.22 – Show Me How To live – Synopsis

Episode 6.22 -Show Me How to Live~
Airing: May 4, 2009
JAMES LAFFERTY DIRECTS AND DAPHNE ZUNIGA GUEST STARS — Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) throw Peyton (Hilarie Burton) a baby shower, while Sam (Ashley Rickards) grows closer to Victoria (Daphne Zuniga). Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage) bond while working on Peytons (Hilarie Burton) car, and Nathan (James Lafferty) learns that NBA scouts will be at his next game. Meanwhile, Skills (Antwon Tanner) and Lauren (guest star Allison Munn, What I Like About You) go on a date that goes all wrong. James Lafferty directed the episode written by William H. Brown. Source: CW

One Tree Hill – Episode 6.23 – Forever and Almost Always – Synopsis

WEDDING DAY FOR PEYTON AND LUCAS, NICK LACHEY GUEST STARS — Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Lucas’ (Chad Michael Murray) wedding day has finally arrived and surprise guests attend. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) plays an unexpected role in the ceremony while Nathan (James Lafferty) hopes to be called up to the NBA. Skills (Antwon Tanner) keeps Jamie (Jackson Brundage) on a short leash, and Brooke (Sophia Bush) does the same with Nick Lachey (appearing as himself). Greg Prange directed the episode written by Mark Schwahn (#623). Source: CW

Preview of ‘One Tree Hill’ 6.23: Forever and Almost Always

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
In the next ‘One Tree Hill’, Julian gets very jealous when Brooke is in the arm of Nick Lachey while attending Peyton and Lucas’ wedding.

Preview of 'One Tree Hill' 6.23: Forever and Almost AlwaysSee larger image Julian is suddenly 98 Degrees hotter when Brooke brings as her date to Lucas and Peyton’s wedding. In “Forever and Almost Always”, Peyton and Lucas’ wedding day has finally arrived and surprise guests attend. Haley plays an unexpected role in the ceremony while Nathan hopes to be called up to the NBA. Skills keeps Jamie on a short leash, and Brooke does the same with Nick Lachey, who plays as himself. Lachey was initially meant to be a guest star in an episode but creator Mark Schwahn had expressed his interest in the character and thus made it a story arc that involves the love triangle of Brooke, Julian and Lachey. The remaining episode before the season finale, “Forever and Almost Always” is the title derived from ‘s single. It will air on Monday, May 11 on The CW. After that the season finale on May 18 will have Peyton delivering her first child.

One Tree Hill – Episode 6.24 – Remember Me As a Time of Day – Synopsis

“ONE TREE HILL” — (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET)
“Remember Me As A Time Of Day”

THE SEASON FINALE FINDS FAVORITE CHARACTERS’ LIVES ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER — Nathan (James Lafferty) is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage). On the eve of Peyton’s (Hilarie Burton) delivery, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton receive a surprise visit from Karen (guest star Moira Kelly). Dan (Paul Johansson) is on death’s door, while Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) prepare to re-launch Clothes Over Bro’s. Mark Schwahn wrote and directed the episode (#624). Source: CW

Nathan must face Haley and Jamie after being released from the Chiefs; Peyton and Lucas receive an unexpected visit from Karen (Moira Kelly). Source: SpoilerTV

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton I need to know more about the One Tree Hill finale!
Are we sure this is a season (not series) finale? Because we’ve seen the last ep of One Tree Hill for this year, and all the storylines end so darn pleasantly! It’s positively unnerving! Source: Kristin on E!Online

‘One Tree Hill’ Season 6 Finale Preview: Peyton’s Life in Danger

Source: Ace Showbiz TV News
In a rather sad tone, the preview of ‘One Tree Hill’ season finale next Monday shows Lucas’ personal dilemma when his wife is brought on stretcher.

'One Tree Hill' Season 6 Finale Preview: Peyton's Life in Danger
See larger image” could wrap up the sixth season with a tragic ending. In the preview released for the May 18 episode titled “Remember Me as a Time of Day”, unconscious Peyton is brought to the ER by Lucas who got his hand bloody. The official synopsis is read: “The season finale finds favorite characters’ lives about to change forever. Nathan is released from the Chiefs, and is forced to face Haley and Jamie. On the eve of Peyton’s delivery, Lucas and Peyton receive a surprise visit from Karen (guest star Moira Kelly). Dan is on death’s door, while Brooke and Victoria prepare to re-launch Clothes Over Bro’s.” A scoop from E! Online reveals that Julian will also be in the finale, which could lead to the reconciliation of him and Brooke. Also, aka Mia will release a record on the episode. “There’s this amazing scene that we shot at a Best Buy, and they have a huge line of fans,” Voegele said. “Mia’s releasing her record, and Mia’s record is my record. So on the day that my album, , comes out in real life, Mia’s album, A Fine Mess, will be coming out on One Tree Hill.”

Question: Bummed about Chad and Hilarie leaving One Tree Hill. At least tell me Lucas and Peyton get a proper sendoff in Monday’s finale.  Ausiello: According to EW’s Jennifer Armstrong, who screened the finale yesterday, Leyton “definitely comes to a natural resting place that feels right for them and ties up their story nicely; however, they do not get an actual sendoff of any kind.” Speaking of Chad and Hilarie’s exit, in the very near future I’ll be posting something every Tree Hill fan will want to read. Trust me. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Give me something about the One Tree Hill finale!
What else you got, Armstrong? “Brooke finally gets two things she’s long wanted, we find out the fate of Peyton and the baby, and Whitey (the retired HS basketball coach) and Karen (Lucas’ mom, played by Moira Kelly) appear.” Thanks for ID’ing those last two JA, ’cause I wouldn’t of had a clue who you were talking about. Still don’t, in fact. Source: The Ausiello Files

Question: Give us scoop on the new characters that will be joining One Tree Hill next season.  Ausiello: The three new faces include: Quinn, Haley’s free-spirited, strong-willed older sister; Alexis, a model-actress-crazy bitch in her 20s who Brooke hires to be the new face of her clothing line; and Clayton, a young and brash sports agent who takes on Nathan as a client. Source: The Ausiello Files

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