90210 Episode Recap: “Hollywood Forever”

In this week’s episode of 90210, a new girl starts her first week at West Bev, Ethan and Annie get mighty cozy with one another and Adrianna finds herself in over her head. But one of the most notable things about the episode is that it was, for the first time, solely centered on the new 9-0 generation without relying on the crutches of past alum….READ FULL RECAP

A new student is introduced to Matthews class.  Her name is Kimberly.  She’s a total bitch to Annie, who was trying to be nice.  Kim is from Vegas, and she’s kind of a loose cannon.  In Health class, it’s the “old take care of a fake kid” assignment in school.  They have to feed the baby, use its diaper, etc.  Annie and Ethan are “married,” partnered up.

Silver passes out invitation it her half-birthday part.  She’s having it at a cemetery.  Annie doesn’t want anything to do, romantically, with Ethan.

Naomi and Adriana. speak and she refers to her mom as Dina Lohan, which is very funny.  Adriana. expresses her hatred for Annie.  They are both auditioning for that movie today.  Naomi is concerned for Adriana., who she sees putting in eye drops.  Adriana. is defensive.  Then, they decide to be BFFs again.  They’re totally going to hang out at Pinkberry later.  They giggle a lot.

Tracy talks to Harry.  About their son.  Harry is still in a little bit of shock.  Tracy has decided to hire a private investigator to find him….READ FULL RECAP

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