Greek Episode Recaps!

Its prom night at Cyprus Rhodes and love is certainly in the air for some of our favorite Greek characters. Not so much for others but everyone made the most of the ZBZ formal, even the people who didn’t get to attend. … READ FULL RECAP

Past Episodes:

TV Recap: Greek – See You Next Time, Sisters, Sept. 30, 2008

Casey’s trying to map out her future, which includes figuring out her potential career paths. Being an English major, this can be quite a tricky task. Max gives Casey some words of encouragement, telling her that she can do anything because she’s amazing….READ FULL RECAP

Greek – Pledge Allegiance, Sept. 24, 2008:

Casey is really excited about the start of her new relationship with Max. She’s ready to “swim in the deep end.” Considering her relationships with Cappie and Evan centered largely on greek life and “pie,” diving into a new romance with a guy who has actual serious things to think about, like the death of his previous girlfriend, it’s understandable that she might be a bit nervous about how to be around Max….READ FULL RECAP

Greek – Gays, Ghosts And Gamma Rays, Sept 17, 2008

After having a sweet, kissy dream about Max, Casey decides to make up an excuse to see him. Since he didn’t seem all that into the idea of hanging out at a bar, she hires him as her astronomy tutor. The “date” doesn’t go as Casey planned though when Max includes a bunch of jocks in his tutoring session. He doesn’t respond to her flirting once again and Casey doesn’t know what to think about this. Then Rusty comes across a photo of a girl and Max says she’s his girlfriend. Rusty relays this news to Casey who realizes the game is over. She sends Max a check for his tutoring services and plans to leave it at that….READ FULL RECAP

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