One Tree Hill: Interview with Lisa Goldstein “Millicent”

From TV Guide

After being MIA for a few episodes, everyone’s favorite quirky assistant, Millicent Huxtable, made a much-anticipated return to One Tree Hill two weeks ago to help out friend in need — but where was beau Mouth (Lee Norris)? Real-life alter ego Lisa Goldstein gave the lowdown on the a-dork-able twosome’s possibly “rocky” future, a surprising visit from a blast from the past and if there’s anything cooking in “the oven.” But Millicent’s back in Tree Hill helping Brooke (Sophia Bush) now that Victoria (Daphne Zuniga) has Clothes Over Bros. What’s this new project they’re working on?
Lisa Goldstein: Yeah, I come back to Tree Hill and I assume Brooke doesn’t have the company anymore, so I ask her if she wants to start a brand new company. That hasn’t really happened yet in the scripts that I’ve read, but there’s definitely been some alluding to that. I’m excited about that too. It should be a fun storyline. You’re not the only one back — word on the street is, so is Gigi, Mouth’s ex.
That is correct. She comes back in episode six. She’s working with Mouth and she’s kind of trying to get in on that, but I don’t know if she will or not. We’ll see. I don’t even know it right now! That’s exactly what we’re shooting right now, so I don’t know exactly what happens with it. We’re on — oh I lost count — the tenth episode. How will Millicient handle Gigi?
Goldstein: Millie, as good as she is at her job, and as smart as she is, she gets really frazzled when she’s under stressful situations, so I don’t know how she’ll handle it. But I think in the end, she’ll get a little more grown-up about it and deal with her job in confronting her and telling her to get lost! Go away! [Laughs] You came back at the end of the last episode by yourself, which begs the question: Where is Mouth? Is he still in Omaha?
Goldstein: Millicent came back, and I don’t know about Mouth yet. You’ll have to watch and see if he comes back or not, what’s going on with that. I don’t know! Well if they split, that’ll break a lot of fans’ hearts. It seems like everyone is cheering for you guys.
Yeah, of course they have their problems and issues that they have to deal with, but they’re so in love with each other that it doesn’t matter. I mean Millicent moved to Omaha for Mouth. It’s just so fresh and new and innocent and sweet. I think that’s what the fans like. I guess we’re the role models for the relationship they actually want because it’s so perfect. They’ve been immune to a lot of the drama so far. Are things going to get tough or will that innocence be preserved?
Goldstein: I don’t know. Even now, it looks like there might be some rocky terrain ahead, but I haven’t even read past the tenth episode, and that’s what we’re shooting right now. I don’t know if it’ll get as dramatic as a murder in a cornfield or anything like that. [Laughs] But I think they’re kind of like the calm storyline in the show. They’re kind of like an anchor, with all this other stuff going on, it’s much more refreshing to have a few scenes in between that are down-to-earth and normal and whatever. It’s the love relief. There’s a lot of speculation going on that Millie’s pregnant.
Goldstein: Oh, that is false! I heard all about that! It was just the dress that made me look like I had a bun in the oven, but I don’t. It’s so funny because I was like, “Oh my God, I look terrible in that dress!”… It’s so funny how people jump on that so fast. I would prefer not be waist-thin and to starve myself after hearing a comment like that. I saw the comments and was like, “Oh, whatever, I’m moving on.” You’re a regular this season. Congrats! Are you feeling part of the crew now?
Goldstein: Thank you! I definitely feel so much more comfortable and I’m having so much more fun on set. Because I feel so part of the family, I feel I can go in and have a good time instead of going in and being like, “Oh my God, I hope they ask me back for the next episode! What am I going to do?” It’s so nice that I’m here for the year so I can play around for a bit.

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