The Ex List Episode Recap

We join the Fantastic Four as they set up the kiddie pool and discuss Tommy, the ex whose cat Bella found. Turns out Tommy was her prom date from high school. Elliott the Romantic Anvil stops by to pick up Rufus and Bella is less than friendly. The Foursome is then off to their Annual Watch Crazy People Exert Themselves While We Eat and Drink Brunch, where they watch a local marathon and drink beer and eat brunch. Now that is my kind of annual event. The Chicago Marathon is coming up, maybe that’s what I’ll do on Sunday! As they discuss googling their exes, a runner in the race tosses his water cup on Bella. When he stops to apologize, it turns out to be Jake Turner, an ex from her grad school days. This ushers us into Flashback Land…READ FULL RECAP

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