Heros Episode Recap

Heros Episode Recap….READ FULL RECAP

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: ‘Choosing My Own Way’

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: ‘Choosing My Own Way’…. READ FULL RECAP

This week’s episode of One Tree Hill was mainly about making choices and getting seconds chances. Luke had his second chance at another career success, Nathan was given another shot to play ball, though not in the way he imagined, new girl Samantha was given the option to better her current situation, Peyton was able to confront her real father and Dan was back with one final attempt to prove somewhere inside him he has a good heart. So what happened when all of these life changing opportunities were presented? read more

Jameslafferty_onetreehill_s5_240After the madness of the last episode, One Tree Hill returned tonight with a welcoming, quiet episode that focused more on characters and relationships than caricatures and ridiculousness. I have to admit: although the ridiculousness is fun sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded once in a while that Tree Hill isn’t always so darn crazy.

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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: ‘New Haven Can Wait’

‘Gossip Girl Episode Recap: New Haven Can Wait’

This week, the seniors went on their college visits. For all their talk in the past of Dartmouth, Brown and USC, they all wound up at the same place: Yale. Depending on what Upper East Side student you talk to, New Haven is a haven for overachieving bookworms, preppies, future presidents, horny womens studies majors, top English majors and the best secret society. Though the plan was to impress deans and secret societies, all unexpectedly got schooled in lessons on friendship…..READ FULL RECAP

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Cast4_gossipgirl_240 When last we saw our beloved Gossip Girl, all of these beautiful people were spinning dangerously off their axes: Dan taking Ecstasy and/or Viagra and winding up in jail, Serena pushing over Blair for old socialites with high-fashion hairdon’ts, Jenny stealing fabric and ideas and everyone else’s thunder, and Chuck Bass hanging out with poor people.

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Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck versus The Break-Up”

Chuck Episode Recap: “Chuck versus The Break-Up”

In Episode 3 of Season 2, Bryce comes back, a tug-o-love ensues between Chuck and Bryce for Sarah’s attention, and yes, there is a break up. But you won’t believe who does it and why. So put your spy sunglasses on and jump on the Chuck wagon.

Read the detailed recap, after the jump. read more

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Julialing_chuck_s2_240 Chuck brings on the heartbreak this week as our favorite geek-boy spy finds out that sometimes, love just ain’t enough. Sometimes, love can get you killed. Plus, there’s a stunningly fabulous Buy More Cage Match, Bryce shows his hand, and Captain Awesome brings the cheese — but still managed to be oh so very awesome.

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Gossip Girl Spoilers & Scoop: Death & Love Triangles

From TV Guide:

A death to come on Gossip Girl? OMG — say it ain’t so!

“There’s a lot going on,” Jessica Szohr told TV Guide “There’s a love triangle between Vanessa, Nate and Jenny, there’s a funeral….” Catching herself before she said too much, she then added, “That’s all I can say. We can’t talk about it!”

Though Szohr was mum on who kicks the bucket, she did hint that as far as Vanessa’s love life goes, “There’s some flirtation with Chuck Bass coming up — but I think she still misses someone else.”

Who do you think will be the one to die this season? We can’t imagine any of the main kids getting offed so soon in the series, but then again, anything can happen on television.

Dara Kushner/INFphoto.comTaylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Gossip Girl

Blair and Chuck will be circling around each other all season long and giving you at least one good squeal per episode. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Little J! Matthew Settle (Rufus) told me that Little Jenny Humphrey will do something “jaw-dropping” that makes you question Rufus’ abilities as a parent. I hear it may have something to do with another kind of dropping…The kind Frenchie did in Grease…and more, including fireworks with the fine specimen at right!Kristin @ E!Online

CW Orders More Gossip Girl!

From the Ausiello Files


Gossip Girl‘s ratings aren’t the only thing growing this season.

Sources confirm to Michal Ausiello exclusively that the network has ordered two additional episodes of the show, bringing its season 2 total to 24.

The move comes as the gap between Gossip Girl‘s massive hype and relatively paltry ratings has finally started to narrow. The soap is up double digits over last season, and its sophomore surge has even helped lift its lead-out, One Tree Hill.

BTW, Gossip Girl is all new tonight. It’s the episode where Serena and Blair beat the crap out of each other and I, in turn, thank God for inventing TV.

UPDATE: The CW initially flirted with the idea of ordering 24 episodes of Gossip Girl back in May, the network ultimately decided to stick with the standard 22 episodes. Until now, that is. This new two episode order brings that number back up to 24.

New Smallville Episode Spoilers!

Episode 8.07: Identity
Airdate: October 30, 2008

Jimmy snaps a picture of Clark super-speeding to save Lois from a mugger and manages to catch a red and blue blur on film. Jimmy shows it to Tess who decides to run it on the front page of the Daily Planet. Clark fears his identity will be discovered so he asks Chloe to run interference with Jimmy, but she refuses. Justin Hartley and Sam Witwer also star. Source: The CW

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Spoilers!

Episodes 5.05: There’s No ‘I’ In TeamOctober 23, 2008

Bailey heads up a team of surgeons performing a “domino procedure” in which each surgery hinges on the one preceding it; Derek gets sole credit for the brain tumor study he did with Meredith; Lexie goes to great lengths to have George notice her romantically, and Sloan counsels a desperate Callie on the ways of love. Guest Starring Kevin McKidd as Owen, Carl Lumbly as Kurt, George Newbern as Stan, Colleen Flynn as Nancy, Saige Thompson as Lindsay, Leslie Odom Jr. as PJ, Steven W. Bailey as Joe. Source: ABC

Samantha Who? Premiere Scoop & Spoilers!

Eric McCandless

9:30-10PM · ABC · Returns Oct.13

Cybill Shepherd hops aboard as the old high school nemesis of Regina (Jean Smart), and Mary-Kate Olsen plays a troubled girl Sam wants to reform. As for Sam (Christina 
 Applegate), she’s moving back into her own apartment…where Todd (Barry Watson) still lives. (Applegate’s recent treatment for breast cancer did not affect production on the show.) But don’t look for instant romance rekindling in season 2, as Men in Trees hunk James Tupper will rear his manfully tousled coif as Sam’s new love 
 interest. ”He’s a philanthropist who does everything green and eco-friendly,” says exec producer Donald Todd. ”Then she’ll find out [that] it’s very hard to live up to the perfect person. Especially because she’s far, far from that perfect person herself.”

New Desperate Housewives Episode Spoilers!

Episode 5.06: There’s Always a Woman — November 2, 2008

Gaby is over the moon when Carlos’ client makes them an offer they can’t refuse, but a startling discovery leaves her second guessing; Lynette grows suspicious that Tom is cheating on her; and after breaking up with Jackson, Susan tries to surprise him, only to find the surprise is on her. Meanwhile, the bond between Bree and Katherine grows, and Mrs. McCluskey enlists the help of her sister to dig up dirt on Dave. Source: ABC

New Pushing Daisies Episode Spoilers!

Episode 2.05 – Dim Sum Lose Some [Airing October 29]

Episode 2.06 – Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic [Airing November 19]: Ned’s twin half-brothers are visiting and Olive really likes them. The twins are into magic and enjoy making Olive and Chuck excited about it. Ned and Emerson on the other hand don’t like magic. They drag everyone, including Ned and Emerson, to a magic show and a magician dies when he supposedly couldn’t escape from one of his tricks. Emerson, Chuck and Ned believe it was murder and set out to prove it. Another magician, named the Geek, tells them the man’s assistant had reason to kill him. The Geek ends up holding Olive hostage. With the help of the twins, Ned figures out how the murderer sabotaged the trick. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 2.07 – Robbing Hood [Airing November 26]: Ned, Emerson and Chuck are working on a murder case and Ned has to follow a clue to find something. He follows one clue about a trophy and when he gets to it, he realizes it is a stuffed elephant head. Emerson tells Ned, Chuck and Olive that the simple murder just became a big case. Vivian is involved with a man that her sister doesn’t approve of and the gang wants to use the sisters’ house to set up a sting for the bad guys. Source: SpoilerFix.com

New Chuck Episode Spoilers!


Chuck and Sarah are still on a break, but in “Chuck versus the Cougars,” you’ll notice that Nicole Richie‘s character, Heather, is married to a nerd (Ben Savage). When Heather and Sarah get into their big fight in the shower, one of the things driving the battle is Heather’s disdainful attitude toward nerds. And Sarah ain’t takin’ that kind of talk about her man Chuck! — Kristin @ E!Online

Episode 2.07 [Airing November 17]: Jill is held hostage by a man named Winterbourne, who wants a list that Chuck has. Casey is pissed when Chuck hands over the list to Winterbourne, who destroys it. Source: SpoilerFix.com

New Brothers & Sisters Episode Spoilers!


Despite appearing on Desperate Housewives Steven Weber said “Yes, there’s a chance that I will be back on.” (Brothers & Sisters) And let me tell you, the eyes said, “Hell, yes.” Aww, yeah! — Kristin @ E!Online

Sad to say, the fight with Tommy continues for a few more episodes. I think when you screw your whole family out of jobs and take over the company, you’re going to be in the doghouse for a while. — Kristin @ E!Online

Episode 3.05: You Get What You NeedOctober 26, 2008

Rebecca’s trust in her mother is put to the ultimate test when a file on Ryan Lafferty turns up in Holly’s possession. Meanwhile, Kevin has an uncomfortable first outing with Scotty’s conservative and disapproving parents. Guest starring are Michael O’Keefe as Wally Wandell, Jayne Brook as Bertha Wandell, Mitch Pileggi as Browne Carter, Ned Vaughn as Michael Gradstein, Andy Hoff as Aaron Ziven, Elizabeth Prestel as the paralegal, Kulap Vilaysack as Gail, Howard S. Miller as the senior partner, Tom Kopache as Berkeley Goldschmidt, Vinny Chibber as the waiter, Maia Danziger as Dierdre Holder and Geoffrey Wade as the board members. Source: ABC

Episode 3.06: Bakersfield November 2, 2008

Nora goes on a quest to learn more about William’s son and also to beat Holly to the punch, while Kitty and Robert wait for a birth mother. Source: ABC

Episode 3.07: Do You Believe in Magic? November 9, 2008

Tommy and Julia celebrate their wedding anniversary in a magical way while Justin and Rebecca get spooked about their own romance, and Kitty’s neuroses endanger the McCallisters’ shot at adoption. Source: ABC

Episode 3.08: Going Once… Going TwiceNovember 2008

Episode 3.10: Unfinished Business November/December 2008

Episode 3.11: Just a Slice November/December 2008

Episode 3.12: A Father Dreams — December 2008/January 2009

Episode 3.13: Sibling Rivalry — December 2008/January 2009

Simon Alexander: 50-60. Caucasian. A fifth generation Republican, he is a state politician in California and very powerful. Senator McCallister goes to talk to him about potentially running for a state position, and he doesn’t make it easy for McCallister. Role will also appear in an additional episode. Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 3.14: Title Unknown January 2009

Andrew: 50s, any ethnicity. Attractive, intelligent, charismatic, non-pretentious and down to earth. He is Saul’s (Ron Rifkin) new boyfriend who he meets at the symphony. They share similar interests in books, music and art. Guest star, recurring. Probable 3 episode arc. Source: SpoilerTV

Major New Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Jim actually dies in Nov 14 Episode….

The November 14 episode confirms what we all feared, Jim does die and becomes a ghost, but will he really stay dead?

What’s your thoughts, do you believe Jim will really stay dead, and will he somehow be allowed to live again like Dean in Supernatural?

Episode 4.05 – Bloodline [Airing October 31]: A young woman passes out at a tennis club and Ned is there dialing 911. She dies and her ghost tries to convince Melinda not to tell a secret about her parentage that she had been keeping because it would hurt her mother to know the truth. When Melinda decides to tell her mother, the girl is shocked to find out her mother already knew the truth. Melinda feels nauseous and dizzy and thinks she is pregnant but is disappointed when she and Jim go to the doctor. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Episode 4.06 – Imaginary Friends and Enemies [Airing November 7]: A little girl named Natalie is haunted by a ghost and her mother Tricia calls it her imaginary friend. The ghost is making trouble on Tricia’s wedding day. Melinda learns from Tricia’s mother that Tricia had an imaginary friend growing up. Melinda realizes they are one and the same. The ghost, named Owen, helps Tricia remember what is important to her. Source: SpoilerFix.com

10/12 – Episode 4.07 – Threshold [Airing November 14]: Melinda talks to a ghost that says she thinks she helped kill [highlight if you want to be that spoiled… Melinda’s husband. Jim begins to see how things work from the other side.] — Source: SpoilerFix.com

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