New Pushing Daisies Episode Spoilers!

Episode 2.05 – Dim Sum Lose Some [Airing October 29]

Episode 2.06 – Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic [Airing November 19]: Ned’s twin half-brothers are visiting and Olive really likes them. The twins are into magic and enjoy making Olive and Chuck excited about it. Ned and Emerson on the other hand don’t like magic. They drag everyone, including Ned and Emerson, to a magic show and a magician dies when he supposedly couldn’t escape from one of his tricks. Emerson, Chuck and Ned believe it was murder and set out to prove it. Another magician, named the Geek, tells them the man’s assistant had reason to kill him. The Geek ends up holding Olive hostage. With the help of the twins, Ned figures out how the murderer sabotaged the trick. Source:

Episode 2.07 – Robbing Hood [Airing November 26]: Ned, Emerson and Chuck are working on a murder case and Ned has to follow a clue to find something. He follows one clue about a trophy and when he gets to it, he realizes it is a stuffed elephant head. Emerson tells Ned, Chuck and Olive that the simple murder just became a big case. Vivian is involved with a man that her sister doesn’t approve of and the gang wants to use the sisters’ house to set up a sting for the bad guys. Source:

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