Privileged Spoilers! Sage’s new boyfriend!

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Ignacio Serricchio, Ashley Newbrough

Sources tell Kristin at E!Online that Privileged has just cast General Hospital hottie Ignacio Serricchio as a love interest for Palm Beach princess Sage Baker (Ashley Newbrough). Ignacio debuts as Luis in episode 10. Having a honey might make Sage a little more pleasant, don’t you think? (Or it might just make her all the more wicked; we’ll see.) Will this new love soften up the elder Baker sister. Watch Privileged Tuesdays on the CW at 9 p.m.!

Greek Season Finale Spoilers: Casey & Cappy?

I know some Greek fans think Casey’s new guy is Mr. Perfect, but I think he’s so stiff and robotic. It’s like watching paint dry. I’m surprised to say it, but I miss the Cappie-Casey dynamic. Is there anything coming up with those two? In two words: Um, yeah! In the season finale (airing Oct. 28), Casey will turn to two unlikely people for advice on her love life: Lauren Conrad… and Cappie. At the end of the soul-searching, I am told, Case might find herself and Cap in a very familiar place. — TV Guide

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Behind the Jenny Nate Hookup

Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen

Looks like “Little J” is getting some big face-sucking time on Gossip Girl .

The photo to the left is the second saucy shot of J herself, Jenny (Taylor Momsen), canoodling with Nate (Chace Crawford), which has many of you fans asking: What is the deal? Are they really getting together? How long will it last?

If you really want to know, keep reading…

According to inside sources, the real story with Jenny and Nate is that they will “kiss a couple of times” and then….the whole thing ends abruptly and they never become a real couple.

Still, there is much, much drama up ahead with stylista-in-the-making Jenny Humphrey, and I hear that episode nine in particular is amazing, thanks to a twist for her character. — Kristin at E!Online

90210 Casting Spoilers & Scoop!

Jessicawalter_dl It looks like 90210‘s martini-swilling granny may be headed for another stint in rehab. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jessica Walter has been dropped as a series regular.

A 90210 insider says while it’s true that Walter’s contract option was not picked up for the second half of the season, the Arrested Development grande dame has agreed to appear on a recurring basis, her schedule permitting.

“Fans have not seen the last of Tabitha,” assures executive producer Gabe Sachs. “We love Jessica.”

According to Michael Ausiello’s moles, the decision to take Walter off contract was made purely for financial reasons. As the show continues to evolve, it didn’t make sense to, as one 90210 insider puts it, “pay her all that money to utter two funny lines an episode.”

Instead, 90210 will continue to invest in headline-grabbing vets like Shannen Doherty, as well as characters that drive story, such as Jessica Lowndes’ Adrianna (who was just made a series regular).

Ironically, Walter’s status change comes as 90210 is about to morph into a show more worthy of her considerable talents. Upcoming episodes under its new exec producer, Gilmore Girls vet Rebecca Kirshner, have been a “vast improvement,” raves a setsider. “The writing is sharper and the characters much more interesting.”

And with all the dough they’ll save on faux vodka — not to mention what already has to be a minuscule craft-services budget — maybe now they’ll be able to afford Luke Perry! — Ausiello Files

90210 can’t get the real Dylan McKay, so what do they do? Create a character that fits his description and then name him after his portrayer, Luke Perry. Duh. Producers are casting the role of Luke, an impulsive, sexy, charismatic, mysterious bad boy who differs from every other guy on the show in one key way: He’s not a total pretty boy. — Ausiello Files

William Petersen’s Long Good-bye to CSI: Spoilers

From TV Guide: For eight seasons CSI has seen more than its share of stabbings, shootings, stranglings and poisonings. But the real crime is what’s about to happen this year: The longtime hit’s star, William Petersen, is about to exit the series. Word came this summer that his character, Gil Grissom, will be replaced by a new CSI, played by Laurence Fishburne. As the countdown begins for Petersen’s last 10 episodes, we sat down with him and longtime costar Marg Helgenberger (who plays colleague Catherine Willows) to reminisce about their days together and ponder their futures apart.

TV Guide: What would you like to see happen in your last scene together?
William Petersen:
We finally have sex? Believe me, it’s been brewing all along. For me, anyway.
Marg Helgenberger: Catherine would love to have a roll in the sack with Grissom!
Petersen: They have this understanding with each other. There’s a different kind of respect Grissom has for Catherine that would preclude a relationship on that level. The very thing that was wrong with Grissom and Sara is what he wouldn’t allow to happen with him and Catherine.

TV Guide: Maybe after a few eggnogs at the next CSI Christmas party?
That could still be in the offing. Grissom’s not going away forever, anyway. Maybe he’ll go to Mexico, then come back and take Catherine with him. A tequila holiday!
Helgenberger: [Laughs] Our lost weekend.

TV Guide: Marg, have you thought about a good-bye gift yet?
No! No! No! No gifts!
Helgenberger: I’m still working on it.
Petersen: I’m having a hard time with all this. I may not show up the last day just so I don’t have to go through all that.
Helgenberger: Isn’t that what John Huston used to do? He’d have his assistant director direct the last scene because he had such a hard time saying good-bye.
Petersen: Maybe I’ll have my stand-in do my last scenes.
Helgenberger: I try not to think about that last scene. That’s what everyone is feeling right now. We’ve had a lot of changes in the show these past years, and this is a big one. Everyone feels on unsteady ground right now.
Petersen: We don’t talk about it much. Every once in a while, I look across at somebody in a scene and think, “This is weird. This is one of my last times working with you.” And then you have to say, “Forget about that.”

TV Guide: How will you say farewell?
The hard part is saying good-bye to the cast and crew and writers. It’s the people you’ve been with for nine seasons. It’ll be very hard not going in the morning into one of those rooms and seeing them.
Helgenberger: [Laughs] You’ll just kind of forget all about this within two days.
Petersen: I promise I’ll remember everyone’s names.

TV Guide: How will Grissom say good-bye?
We’ve been mapping out my last 10 episodes that will take Grissom from one place to another. There will be no brain tumor for four episodes. That’s the easy way out. We’re trying to paint it as we have done with Jorja [Fox] and Gary [Dourdan]. We’re trying to make it as real and close to reality as the show has been all along.

TV Guide: Did you guys talk about it before you decided to go?
Marg’s known I wanted to go do theater.
I don’t know if he said he was moving on in so many words.
Petersen: The first couple of seasons I did. [Laughing, along with Helgenberger] I had the shows marked down on my trailer. I’d “X” them off like a convict.
Helgenberger: There were a couple of seasons there where he was wanting to.
Petersen: The decision was coming over a while. I mean, I wasn’t sure I was going to do Season 5. I did the show longer because of everyone I work with, and I’m really proud of what everyone’s done. I’m also concerned with the audience. They’ve been fabulous, stuck with us every year. But at the same time, I knew I needed to go do something. I don’t want to get to the point where I don’t feel creative anymore just because it’s comfortable and fun to hang out with your friends.

TV Guide: You had a pretty decent movie career going before you met Gil Grissom. Do you want to get back to the big screen?
If this was about going off and making films, I’d stay on CSI. I’d love to see us make a CSI film.
Helgenberger: Really?
Petersen: That’s the other reason Grissom isn’t going to die of a brain tumor.
Helgenberger: I didn’t know that.
Petersen: It could be good if we did it right. The whole world is interested in the show.
Helgenberger: I do remember it coming up in years past, but [it] wasn’t given a whole lot of validity.
Petersen: You have to make sure it’s not just an extended episode or even like the Quentin Tarantino two-parter [the Season 5 ender]. It has to be…
Helgenberger: Edgy!

TV Guide: What will you do in the meantime? Any immediate plans?
The Chicago theater community breathlessly awaits my return. (This fall, Petersen will star in the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s production of Dublin Carol, the play Petersen took time off to star in two seasons ago.)

TV Guide: What about coming back to CSI for an occasional visit?
I’m going to come back and see the guys on set doing episodes I’m not in. And I’m staying on as a producer. The show is important to me, and I’m not abandoning it. I’m coming back on some level. I just don’t know what yet.

TV Guide: Do you have a favorite moment together?
I remember a scene in the season finale of Season 3. You were going in for ear surgery.
Petersen: I’m in my little room waiting to go in for this surgery…
Helgenberger : And he’s got this little hospital gown on, and I come to say something, and we have this tender moment in the doorway. He starts walking down the hall. And Billy didn’t have anything on under the gown. It was a cute, fun moment.
Petersen: And we were going to have the words “The End” up on screen. They shot it but didn’t use it. They got afraid.
Helgenberger: They showed my reaction but not your actual…
Petersen: The producers just thought that would make people think of Grissom in a different way. But as long as the characters are going to do what they would do, the audience is with you.

TV Guide: Laurence Fishburne is joining the cast as a new CSI. Will it be an easy transition?
The writers are trying to wrap their minds around Billy having a graceful exit, but also creating a graceful entrance for Laurence.
Petersen: I think it’s going be fine creatively for the audience and for the story and for the character. Shooting [the season premiere] was the most difficult nine days I’ve had in nine seasons on CSI. But Grissom leaving will open windows. Laurence will come in. Catherine could change her position. It will be interesting and different.
Helgenberger: I could be made supervisor, and Laurence is a CSI Level 1. I don’t foresee any tension there for the characters, but I haven’t had scenes with him yet.

TV Guide: As you count down your time together, what do you think you’ll miss most about each other?
The fact that we’ve done this for nine seasons and still like each other, and still want to work with each other, is an amazing thing. Believe me, for leading men and ladies, that’s not always the case. But she is a very fun gal. She’s got a great infectious laugh. She gets all my jokes. She’s passionate about her work and the show. Many times, she kept me in control. Many times she’d say, “Billy, it’s not that bad. Enjoy this. It’s the No. 1 show in the world.”
Helgenberger: I’m incredibly touched. I know that a part of me is in denial about Billy leaving. I’m crying! I didn’t realize how much I’ve been avoiding facing the reality of CSI without him. And even though we haven’t been having as many scenes together as we used to, he’s under my skin. I’ve been very blessed these past eight and a half years not only to have shared in the success of CSI, but to have worked with a man who is an actor’s actor minus the pretension, an executive producer minus the superiority, and a stud minus the bulls–t. I love Billy… he’s the bomb! I know that we will work together again, and not just as Grissom and Catherine.

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap

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Chandrawilson_greysanatomy_s3_240 Like most hospital shows, Grey’s Anatomy is best when it focuses on the medicine rather than the characters. Tonight made for some interesting cases — and then focused pretty much entirely on the characters.

At its core, tonight’s show was all about the line between personal and professional — and on the need to have boundaries between them. The fact that those lines blurred to the point of non-existence has affected people’s relationships, people’s careers, and the hospital’s precious ranking. And something clearly has to give. Oh, and Patrick Dempsey was naked — waiting for Meredith au naturel when she spotted her mother’s diary on the nightstand. He found it when he was trying to make space for his stuff in a closet — which sent Meredith into a tizzy about space and boundaries and what have you. But that’s more of a backdrop. Continue reading »

CSI Episode Recap

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Jorjafox_csi_240 Love? Family? If CSI has taught us anything, it’s that both lead to horrible, painful death.

As if to make up for lost time, this week our favorite investigators tackle three cases. Suprisingly, they never connected, unless you count that all three show love leads to murder. Did someone at the CSI writers’ office just get dumped? Dude, give me a call; we’ll have some drinks and get you a nice rebound.

So, our first case: On top of the bus, Catherine declares our jumper a “soup sandwich.” Yowch. Sure enough, her bones are so pulverized from the landing that her legs wobble in a wholly disgusting fashion.

Someone tries letting Gil know; he’s too busy being sad about Warrick’s death to pick up. Sara, lying next to

Gil, tries to convince him to skip town.

Sara: Let’s go to the islands.
Gil: I can’t go, you should stay.
Sara: I can’t stay, let’s go.
Laurence Fishburne: I’ll just be waiting over here.

Continue reading »

Life on Mars Episode Recap

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Harveykeitel_lifeonmars_240 Life on Mars shows us that while life was tough in 1973, it did have its perks — embodied by a blissed-out naked chick who makes pot lasagna, breaks in for impromptu dance parties, and drops little bombs of wisdom involving lonely blue hearts. It almost makes the coma and/or alien abduction worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Continue reading »

Ugly Betty Episode Recap

Gio Ahh, Gio’s back with a vengeance on Ugly Betty as the grumpy, smart-assed and annoying guy we first grew to know and love. Yup, that means that abrasive chemistry with Betty is back.

Betty is thrilled to see Gio back behind the sandwich delivery cart, but the feeling isn’t mutual. In fact, he tells her he hates her. Ouch, right? Well, our bubbly go-getter won’t let a little thing like his anger over being dumped get in the way of their friendship. She schemes to corner Gio by having him deliver dinner to her apartment (the existence of which he’s unaware) whereupon she will gift him with a few pounds of rare, Italian cheese from a cow named Luisa….READ FULL RECAP

‘Life on Mars’ Spoilers!


From KorbiTV at

There are few new shows this Fall that I’m thrilled with, so it was quite a relief to find last week’s Life on Mars premiere totally enjoyable. Based on a BBC series of the same name, producers are now saddled with the task of turning a 16-episode event into a long-running series. They seem to be off to a good start with really solid casting — Jason O’Mara, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Lisa Bonet, Gretchen Mol — a classic soundtrack and cool wardrobe (diggin’ O’Mara in the 70s-flavor threads and Mol in that charming, vintage police woman get-up). The overall vibe has me wondering what’s to come. E.P. Josh Appelbaum was kind enough to clue KrobiTV at in…

Lisabonet In last Thursday’s pilot, we met Detective Sam Tyler’s lady, Maya (Bonet), and their romantic bond was established. But it wasn’t long before Sam (O’Mara) was somehow transported to the year 1973, leaving her behind. And in the “past,” he meets a lovely policewoman named Annie (Mol). So, tell me, how long will it take for those two to get it on?
Josh Appelbaum: Well, you’ll see in episode two, there are scenes where it’s clear that she’s definitely his solace in a land of savages, and he continues to be drawn to her. But that will sort of meet with complications, there’s definitely going to be a roadblock keeping them from being together that will be exposed by the end of this week’s episode. Her character, quietly, has a great mystery behind her. There’s stuff about Annie that we’ll be revealing in the first thirteen [hours], both romantically and otherwise. She holds some very big secrets and some very big things in her past. And so, for her and Sam, for a good long while, it’s a friendship. They want to keep it a friendship, because first, he has to figure out what the hell he’s doing in 1973. And then the more he settles in and realizes [this situation] is real, the more he’ll have to let the thought of Maya go, realizing he might never get back to her. And that’s a painful thing, so then it’s about letting himself be open to the idea of this new love, whatever that might mean.

Gretchenmol So Annie has secrets, huh? Do they have to do with any of the guys on the force that we’ve already met?
JA: Nobody that we’ve already met. No. She is not entangled with any of those monkeys. Give her a little more credit than that!

Speaking of the monkeys, are they going to give Sam a break in the upcoming episodes or will he continue to be a crazy loon in their eyes?
JA: Oh, in the first thirteen episodes, so much of it is about Sam trying to get their validation. When they’re on the job, they’re on the job together and they all work together to do what they need to do. But then, certainly during downtime and stuff, it gets interesting. The second episode is actually very interesting — it’s very loyal to the BBC [version of the show] — and it’s really going into the exploration of the differences in police techniques from 2008 and 1973. Sam is very much like, there’s a code and there’s a right and a wrong and you have to follow protocol. And Gene Hunt (Keitel) and Ray (Imperioli) and these guys are like, f–k that. You know, if there’s a chance they could close a case, they’ll plant drugs on somebody, they’ll do whatever they need to do to get them off the
Michaelimperiolistreets and keep the streets safe. And that battle is waged between these two points of view and it ultimately blows up in Sam’s face in a pretty horrifying way. And then it’s about how they all sort of resolve all that. But yes, the struggle will continue, they’re not going to let him off the hook anytime soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing the “creative” old school crime fighting techniques… so much more fun than all the CSI-type stuff.
JA: Yeah, totally. And you’ll see in this week’s episode that the mythology, in a weird way, helps him solve the case too. The universe is definitely operating on some odd level, giving Sam some messages and dispatches, helping him along this journey in a really trippy way.

You mentioned that this week’s ep is very loyal to the BBC version of the show, but how closely are you sticking to their outline? For people who have already seen the BBC series, are there going to be several episodes that they might feel like they’ve watched before?
JA: The second one has a lot of similarities, but significant differences. There’s not any one episode that we whole-clothed copied. Even the pilot, which was relatively similar, included all new material in the final act. Sam saying, shoot me, Colin, shoot me, and that whole thing with the kid at the end, all that stuff was ours. The one thing that is pretty similar [to the BBC show] and that was important to us to include in this [initial arc] is Sam saying in episode three, I’m here. I was four-years-old in 1973. I don’t remember where I lived — because they moved around a lot — but a four-year-old me is here somewhere. And his mother and his father, with whom he has a very troubled history, are there. So, on top of solving crimes, he goes out and finds them. And it really becomes like Back to the Future meets David Lynch meets Field of Dreams because he’s seeing his dad who basically left the family in 1973. Sam wonders, maybe this is the reason I was sent back here, to keep him from leaving. And when he sees his father, the whole thing is heartbreaking. So, yeah, the BBC focused on this family [storyline] and we’re doing our own riff on it because it seemed like such a natural thing. But there will still be differences. Even in this week’s episode, for instance, a visitor — who is a big part of this mystery of what the hell Sam’s doing there —
comes into his life and starts delivering messages as to what’s going on. The only thing I will say about the visitor is that it’s not a human being. It’s this weird other vessel that’s delivering this information, and that’s something they didn’t do in the BBC…

Smallville Episode Recap: “Committed”

Tom Welling, SmallvilleTonight’s episode of Smallville is about uncovering secret feelings of love. Is Chloe still in love with Clark? Are Lois and Clark soul mates? Why are these women so preoccupied with these losers when Davis Bloom and Oliver Queen are hanging around?

At Jimmy and Chloe’s engagement party, Lois gets drunk so she can cope with the fact that her little cousin is making a huge mistake. The alcohol does its job and drunk Lois stands on a stool and calls out the fact that Jimmy isn’t Chloe’s soul mate. I love drunk Lois, and it’s not just because Erica Durance’s cleavage feels like it’s attacking me. Clark saves the day with a nice speech. After the party, Jimmy and Chloe get ready for some post-engagement party sex when a mystery man shoots them with tranquilizer darts….READ FULL RECAP

New Brothers & Sisters Spoilers!

Nora will not be without a gentleman caller or two this season, that is for sure. Sarah will start to go insane as a stay-at-home mom, but it won’t be long before she gets a new company off the ground. As for Robert and Kitty, I’m hearing their bundle of joy will arrive around episode 10, so before the holidays.  — KorbiTV at

How much trouble will Holly and Ryan be for Justin and Rebecca this season?
Ryan? Not so much, as he won’t even surface until midseason at soonest. As for Holly, ask yourself: Typically, how smooth is the sailing for a couple when their moms hate each other? Now if I may offer you a longer-term scoop: Neither Holly nor Nora is the woman you should worry about busting up JuBecca. — TV Guide

Theo Wargo/Getty Images, Scott Garfield/ABC

Kelly Ripa, Regis Philbin, Calista Flockhart

Where do you go after you’ve pissed off your whole family with an exposé book to tell the world about it?

Why, Live With Regis and Kelly, of course!

And that’s precisely what Calista Flockhart will be doing. Sources and ABC confirm exclusively that Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa will guest star this season on ABC’s thoroughly awesome drama Brothers & Sisters. They’ll appear in episode 12 of the current season, when Kitty Walker (Flockhart) goes on Live to promote her new book.

Far more fascinating to you longtime fans, though, is the news I’m hearing about who’s coming back to the show—for a hot steamy makeout session with a certain Walker! And that guest star is…

Steven Weber

Steven Weber!

Yes, Rachel Griffiths is finally getting some action on the show. ABC confirms that Weber will return in the ninth episode, and sources tell me he’ll be locking lips with Sarah Walker (Griffiths) in no time flat.

Are you digging the new season of what Dave Annable calls Bros & Hos? — Kristin at E!Online

Supernatural Episode Recap: “Monster Movie”

Jensen Ackles, Todd StashwickTonight’s episode of Supernatural is a black-and-white ode to the monster movies of the 1930s.  If you’ve ever longed to see Dracula escape from the Winchesters on a motorized scooter, now’s your chance.

“Monster Movie” starts out with a swelling orchestra, the old-timey WB logo and credits that look straight out of an old movie.  This may be the best Supernatural opening ever.  Sam and Dean are driving to Pennsylvania to look into a vampire attack, which Sam thinks is a miniscule task compared to the apocalyptic shenanigans of the past few weeks.  That’s exactly why Dean is excited about it.  It’s nice to get back to some good old-fashioned demon slaying….READ FULL RECAP

Newest Desperate Housewives Spoilers!

Desperatehousewives Everyone’s talking about an upcoming hookup between two series regulars that we would never expect!

One of the parties involved: she’s currently a single Wisteria lady and her daughter is all grown up, so she spends her spare time catering and supporting her frienemy Bree’s blossoming career.

Mike Delfino will be around. We’ll be seeing plenty more of him…

Carlos Solis might not be blind forever? Word is, Gaby’s guy will get the good news — that a quick surgery could  restore his eyesight – around episode nine. Of course that leaves good old Gaby scrambling to get her svelte figure back in a hurry. — KorbiTV at

As of Wednesday evening, Desperate Housewives actor Gale Harold was in “critical but stable condition” after being hospitalized with injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, USC Medical Center spokeswoman Adelaida De La Cerda tells

Soon after Harold was admitted, his publicist acknowledged that he had fractured one of his shoulders. Housewives creator Marc Cherry later said that Harold apparently also had swelling on the brain, but was expected to recover fully after “a couple of weeks.”

Although Harold’s hospitalization was not expected to interrupt production on ABC’s Housewives, Cherry tells the AP that at least one scene thus far has needed to be rewritten, since the character of Jackson figures prominently in a November sweeps episode involving a nightclub fire. (Harold had already filmed some scenes.)

In a statement, the Housewives production team said, “Gale is part of [our] family, and our thoughts and wishes are with him for a speedy recovery.” — TV Guide

One Tree Hill Spoilers: James Van der Beek Visits Tree Hill & More!

James Van der Beek, who spent much of his young adulthood in North Carolina lensing Dawson’s Creek, is heading back South to guest-star on One Tree Hill.

Right now, TV’s former Dawson is slated to appear in just one episode, airing Nov. 24, playing a filmmaker who wants to put one of Lucas’ novels on the big screen.

“The specter of Dawson’s Creek is always around us,” Tree Hill boss Mark Schwahn tells EW, pointing out that the CW series films on the same lot that DC used to. “So I thought it would be cool to get James.” — TV Guide

Even though Lucas’ book tour is canceled, We haven’t seen the last of Michaela McManus’ Lindsey. –KorbiTV at

Sophiabush Sam is sticking around and staying with Brooke permanently. Well, for the forseeable future at least. Brookie’s got a teenager on her hands and will soon be dealing with teenage stuff such as boys sneaking in and out of Sam’s bedroom. –KorbiTV at

Pushing Daisies Episode Recap

The week’s case takes Emerson, Ned and Chuck to the convent of the Sisters of the Divine Magnatum, where one of Olive’s fellow nuns takes a header off the convent’s bell tower and Olive, fearing that sweet Sister LaRue has committed suicide and therefore is hellbound, turns to Emerson to prove that she didn’t kill herself.

After Emerson stops laughing at the sight of Olive in her habit — it takes a little while, and rightfully so — he’s on the case. But, Olive tells him, he has to go incognito, and by the way leave Ned and Chuck at home. He follows the first part of her request, showing up at the Blue Nunnery as Father Dowling of the Vatican police….READ FULL RECAP

Supernatural Scoop: Jared on Sam & Ruby!

Supernatural fans want to know: Did Sam hook up with his demon helper, Ruby? While series creator Eric Kripke thus far is mum on the subject, Jared Padalecki is willing to offer his own (albeit unconfirmed) opinion on the possibly sticky sitch.

Padalecki theorizes that the unlikely associates “have been lovers,” noting that “from the first episode this season, when Dean returns and Ruby (now played by Genevieve Cortese) is in her underwear and Sam is coming out of the bathroom, it’s hinted that Sam and Ruby have a bit more going on than, ‘Hey, let’s study how to kill demons.'”

Padalecki, however, stops short of suggesting that any hook-up (if one happened) means anything. “Maybe she’s just being nice to Sammy,” he says, “since he thought he lost his brother.”

Hey, at least one of these hunky hunters might be — might be, we say — getting his due. — TV Guide

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