CSI Episode Recap

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Jorjafox_csi_240 Love? Family? If CSI has taught us anything, it’s that both lead to horrible, painful death.

As if to make up for lost time, this week our favorite investigators tackle three cases. Suprisingly, they never connected, unless you count that all three show love leads to murder. Did someone at the CSI writers’ office just get dumped? Dude, give me a call; we’ll have some drinks and get you a nice rebound.

So, our first case: On top of the bus, Catherine declares our jumper a “soup sandwich.” Yowch. Sure enough, her bones are so pulverized from the landing that her legs wobble in a wholly disgusting fashion.

Someone tries letting Gil know; he’s too busy being sad about Warrick’s death to pick up. Sara, lying next to

Gil, tries to convince him to skip town.

Sara: Let’s go to the islands.
Gil: I can’t go, you should stay.
Sara: I can’t stay, let’s go.
Laurence Fishburne: I’ll just be waiting over here.

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