Supernatural Spoilers & Preview: Yellow Fever

From Ace Showbiz: Fear will become a disease that plague several men to death, in the new episode of ““. Entitled “Yellow Fever”, the episode will see Sam and Dean investigating on the mysterious deaths of men who dropped dead of fright.

They visit one of the victims in the morgue, and Dean becomes infected with the illness which starts as a general anxiety, then moves on to full-blown terror that eventually stops the heart. Sam and Bobby must find the root of the disease before Dean dies and is sent back to Hell.

“Yellow Fever” will be broadcast on October 23 at 9/8c on The CW. A clip from the episode has been released a week ago showing Sam discovering someone rocking out to ‘s “Eye of the Tiger” in a car. Another clip is also released for the same scene, but in another angle.

10/23 All New ‘Yellow Fever’

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious deaths of several men who apparently dropped dead of fright. They visit one of the victims in the morgue, and Dean becomes infected with the illness which starts as a general anxiety, then moves on to full-blown terror that eventually stops the heart. Sam and Bobby must find the root of the disease before Dean dies and is sent back to hell.

CSI Spoilers & Preview: Art Imitates Life

From Ace Showbiz: An artist is held captive as the prime suspect after the CSI team discovers that he has his models posing as dead bodies for his pictures, on “Art Imitates Life”. The October 23 episode of “” will also see the new addition to the team, Riley Adams, in replacement of Warrick who died at last season’s finale.

The team investigates the murder of a woman found in the park posed. It is found out that he hires models to pose as corpses for his paintings. Seen on the preview, the artist also uses a lot of life-size dummies for his piece of art. Meanwhile Sara visits an old friend who finally pulled the plug on his wife who was raped and shot in the head.

Adams, played by “The L Word” alumna Lauren Lee Smith, is a former St. Louis police officer who became a crime scene investigator. She comes in as a second-level CSI hired by Ecklie to the understaffed Las Vegas unit after the shooting of Warrick. “She’s a little bit of a sassy, sarcastic kind of spunky, spirited girl,” Smith said of the character. “She butts heads a little bit with Grissom. (But) it’s done in a very respectful way.”

A counselor is also brought in on this episode to help the unit recovering from the death of Warrick.

Nicole Richie Previews Her Chuck Episode: Spoilers

From TV Guide: Nicole Richie no longer leads a simple life — and that’s just fine with her. In January, the former reality star entered the hectic world of motherhood when she and her boyfriend, Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden, welcomed a baby girl, Harlow. (Despite tabloid headlines to the contrary, Richie says she and Madden are together.) On the professional front, the 27-year-old Richie is attempting a bit of a career reinvention, designing a line of jewelry, reportedly working on an album and even returning to TV. On Oct. 20, she guest stars on NBC’s espionage comedy Chuck (8 pm/ET) as a former high-school nemesis of Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). We asked Richie about the surprisingly physical role. — Mary Murphy

TV Guide: How did you get the role on Chuck?
Nicole Richie:
I auditioned like every body else. I knew it was a really fun part and it seemed like a challenge. I get a lot of scripts to play blonde, bubbly cheerleader types. She was different than that. She has a dark side. She is a typical mean girl. I was a cheerleader in high school, but I was never in a clique and I never treated anyone like she does.

TV Guide: You have a delicious fight scene with Yvonne Strahovski. Did you do your own stunts?
I did them all except for the falling down part, where I might get hurt. I worked with a martial-arts trainer for a week. It was so freeing. The director was nervous about the scene. He wasn’t sure I could do it. They thought they would have to pull me through, but it was easy — except by the second or third day, I was really sore.


Heros Spoilers: Casting Scoop!

Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Zeljko Ivanek, Heroes

NBC Photo: Chris Haston, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The hunt is on! (But the casting hunt is over.)

Sources tell Kristin at E!Online exclusively that Zeljko Ivanek, who just won an Emmy for Damages, will be joining Heroes later this season. He’ll appear in a multi-episode arc as a character named the Hunter.

According to insiders, the Hunter’s first appearance is in episode 14, which kicks off Volume Four: Fugitives. (Heroes creator Tim Kring is writing the Fugitives premiere!)

Volume Four will begin in late January or early February 2009, and since it is all about fugitives, the role of the Hunter sounds pretty key, don’t you think? Tommy Lee Jones has nothing on this newbie, from what Kristin hears…

90210 Spoilers: “There’s No Place Like Homecoming” October 28, 2008

Smallville Spoilers: BuddyTV Interview with Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy FreemanBy now, we’ve all gotten a chance to watch Tess Mercer, Smallville‘s newest villain in action. She has been a welcome addition to the cast, bringing to the table a fresh new look and a new, complex villain to battle.

Today, for our final video interview from our visit to the set of Smallville, we find out all about the actress behind Tess, Cassidy Freeman. Buddy TV caught Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess Mercer, after she finished shooting a scene with Tom Welling. In the scene, Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) had just come to her with a scoop about Metropolis’ Good Samaritan (who is Clark, of course), which she assigns Clark to write up for the Daily Planet. Clark, wanting to keep his secret identity secret, tries to dissuade Tess from running the story, claiming that Lex Luthor would have thought better of running a “tabloid” story. It’s a tense scene between Tess and Clark, each one trying to suss out the other’s weaknesses, and foreshadows many clashes they’ll have in the future….READ FULL ACTICLE

More Gossip Girl Spoilers & Previews: Chuck in Real Life!

From Ace Showbiz: Several new clips from the Monday, October 20 episode of “” called “Chuck in Real Life”, have been released through E! Online. The clips among others show the pact made between Blair and Chuck and how Chuck conducts the evil scheme to the clueless Vanessa.

After Vanessa blackmails Blair using a picture of Catherine and Marcus, Blair feels the need to get a revenge. She asks the favor of Chuck to “seduce and destroy” Vanessa but Chuck wants to “raise the stake” at one point. Meanwhile, Lily and Bart throw a housewarming party, but Serena is feeling rebellious. Dan and Jenny, meanwhile, discover a secret that Nate has been keeping from his friends.

A recent scoop of the show reveals that a death may fall upon one of the characters. EW compiles a list of characters that will possibly die, one of them which has been confirmed by an insider. The possible candidates are, Vanessa, Bart, Nate, Rufus, Georgina.

In Monday’s all-new ep of Gossip Girl, “Chuck in Real Life,” Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) wins a round against Blair (Leighton Meester), Dan (Penn Badgley) steals Nate (Chace Crawford) from Chuck (Ed Westwick), and as you can see above, Blair entices Chuck into her “seduce and destroy” scheme with the promise of revenge.

I do believe that Blair’s scheme is snagged straight from Les Liaisons Dangereuses or possibly, you know, Cruel Intentions—our Blair is taking after Marquise de Merteuil, i.e. (depending on your generation) Glenn Close or Sarah Michelle Gellar, at her most merciless and manipulative.

Check out the clip above to see Blair and Chuck plot against their enemies (are they a delicious pair or what?), and then take a look at the other two clips below.

Gossip Girl airs on the CW Mondays at 8 p.m. — Kristin at E!Online

  • Clip 1
    • Clip 2
    • Clip 3

    Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers & Preview: “There’s No I in Team”

    Ugly Betty Spoilers & Preview: Granny Pants

    From Ace Showbiz:

    After dealing with Gio’s unexpected return to Mode, Betty will have to face one more nightmare, Kimmie. In the 3.05 episode of ““, returns as Kimmie who was introduced at the end of season 2 as Betty’s high school pal who often bullied her.

    Kimmie asks for Betty’s help in finding a job, and she will eventually land one at Mode. But Betty’s world is soon taken over and she decides that this could be an opportunity for her to get a revenge. Meanwhile, Daniel tries a matchmaking service with surprising results in his “perfect” match, and Justin tries out for a Broadway musical.

    The episode will be called “Granny Pants” after the kind of pants that Betty wears while in high school. It will be broadcast on October 23 on ABC.

    Along with the preview, comes the fourth webisode of “Mode After Hours”. Focusing on two eccentric Mode staff, Marc and Amanda, the video shows the duo spending a quality time together and having a slumber party where secrets are spilled out.

    Some recent scoops from EW revealed that at one point, not-so-much-friends Betty and Amanda will become roommates and that Mode will explore the online world.

    Preview of 3.05:

    Ugly Betty – Mode After Hours #4

    The Ex List Episode Recap

    Alexandrabreckenridge_exlist_240Our Fearsome Foursome are at the beach surfing and/or lounging. Woo, does Bella have on some tiny little bikini! Is that some bottom boob I see? Vivian gets a catcall from some of her students and Bella tells her she’s a living Van Halen video. Haha! Back at home, Bella’s window screen has been cut so they could steal her iPod off its player. Man, that sucks. But the cop is her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Helton. Mmmm. Up against the wall and spread ’em, indeed. (If you think I’m going to lay off the cop-terms-as-innuendo humor, think again my friends!)

    Flashback time! This is my favorite part of the show, I think. It’s 1991 and “Right Here, Right Now” plays as 16 year-old Bella sneaks out to meet Ronnie. She gets busted by her dad, who promptly ships her off to her grandmother’s house for the summer.

    Back in the present, Ronnie “takes her statement” and then calls her on checking his left hand for a ring. HAHA! I’ve never had a guy call me on that. She says she’s not a ring-checker. Oh please, girlfriend. Once you’re over the age of 24, you have to do it. He then Dragnets “just the fact, ma’am” and asks her if she’s going to look 16 forever. Hmm. Half compliment, half creepy….READ FULL RECAP

    Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap

    Jamiekennedy_240We open with Ned, Delia’s son, fixing Melinda’s computer and he introduces her to some role-playing computer game. I hope Ned’s character is a sports writer from Philadelphia named Jim. He makes Melinda an avatar and she asks to be taller. Snerk. There’s a creepy geek avatar named Phoenix who is spit out into the real world and only Melinda can see him, though Eli can hear him. A ghost, methinks? He cannot control his bodily movements and then disappears out the front door.

    They surmise based on Phoenix’s “where is she” that he is looking for a girl from the game. Ned takes them to a bookstore where the girl gamers hang out and they find Phoenix staring creepily at a female gamer in a school uniform. Phoenix promptly disappears when the girl’s ride shows up. Melinda hypothesizes he died while playing, hence the avatar lookalike. She narrows it down to three reports of gamers dying while playing….READ FULL RECAP

    Major Spoiler Alert: Who’s Dying on ‘Gossip Girl’?

    Girl_lFrom Michael Ausiello, Ausiello Files: Spotted: A body bag on the Upper East Side.

    You may have heard — a pivotal Gossip Girl character will soon be laid to rest, setting off a series of aftershocks that will reverberate well into next year. By using both Met-step chatter and common sense, Ausiello narrowed the field of candidates to the following five characters — one of whom, a source confirms — is the victim.

    Vanessa (Jessica Szohr)
    Why She’ll Die: Unfortunately, her alter ego is easily the most expendable of Girl‘s core clique. As a bonus, eliminating Vanessa would get Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar off producers’ backs.
    Why She Won’t: Who’d steam everyone’s lattes?

    Bart (Robert John Burke)
    Why He’ll Die: His death would be a massive story generator: Not only would it pit Lily and Chuck against each other in a battle over the millionaire’s estate, but it would add a new layer of angst to Ed Westwick’s brooding scion.
    Why He Won’t: Come on — killing the old guy? Way too obvious.

    Nate (Chace Crawford)
    Why He’ll Die: Rumor has it that Crawford recently made some noise about wanting a fatter paycheck. Killing off his character would nip a potential salary dispute in the bud.
    Why He Won’t: He’s the prettiest one on the show, for chrissakes!

    Rufus (Matthew Settle)
    Why He’ll Die: It would rid the world of Lincoln Hawk and Dan would be forced to grow a pair.
    Why He Won’t: His unrequited romance with Lily is where Gossip‘s true heart lies.

    Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg)
    Why She’ll Die: Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned murder mystery.
    Why She Won’t: For starters, she’s not currently on the show. Plus, producers would be foolish to permanently wipe out the Alexis to Serena’s Krystle.

    Gossip Girl Spoilers: What Lies Beneath Jenny and Nate’s Kiss

    From Ace Showbiz:

    Following some leaked pictures and footage on the filming of “” where Jenny kisses Nate passionately, there have been some questions of what’s the deal between the two. E! Online may have an answer to that, citing inside sources that the two characters actually are together and will “kiss a couple of times”.

    But the bomb is, there’s a possibility that Jenny will be pregnant. No further details have been exposed except for a new photo of the twosome kissing that is also leaked.

    Some on-set photos erupted earlier this month through Just Jared, revealing the scene where Jenny leaves a club followed by Nate before they kiss. Jenny, who is an intern at Waldorf House of Design, will get her share of spotlight in the episodes to come. Some scoops revealed that J will do something jaw dropping this season that makes one questions Rufus’ abilities as a parent. There’s also a story when J suffers from an emotional breakdown and bursts into tears after hearing a bad news from Blair.

    “Gossip Girl” is aired on The CW every Monday at 8/7c.

    Jenny and Nate’s kissing scene:

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