Heroes Spoilers & Episode Recap: “Dying of the Light”

‘Heroes’: Who’s Your Daddy?

Nathan finds out who’s running the Pinehurst Corporation, while Claire continues to freeze out HR…READ FULL EW RECAP

EXIT STRATEGY With no way to escape Papa Petrelli, we find out what else can kill Adam Monroe besides decapitation
Adam Taylor

The line that’s being drawn in the sand this season was made even clearer in this episode, and it’s quite a surprise which side of the line Sylar’s currently standing on. But this hour was not the Sylar show we’ve been seeing lately, but was more about Papa Petrelli getting his groove back, which he did in grand fashion. Also in this episode, Hiro made his way to Africa with Ando (!), Parkman and his turtle returned to the states, Daphne was pretty much everywhere and Mohinder tried to get the best of Nathan and Tracy. Plus, Claire played a game of Russian roulette and much, much more, so let’s jump in….read more

From Kristin at E!Online

Zachary Quinto, Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar NBC Photo / Mitchell Haaseth

After tonight’s episode of Heroes, I bet the Petrelli boys are wishing they had a deadbeat dad. An absentee father has to be better than one who’s a supervillain, right?

Want to know which of the three sons will ally themselves with daddy dearest, which blond fave might be in the line of fire, and when Kristen Bell will bring her sexy back to Heroes? I’ve got the dish…

Dying of the Light NBC Photo: Adam Taylor


Daddy Petrelli Is Alive, Extremely Powerful and Just Plain Mean! Boy howdy, the Petrelli boys certainly take after their daddy, what with having multiple powers and not being afraid to use them! Arthur Petrelli (Robert Forster) is apparently telepathic and has power-sucking skills not unlike those of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto). But most important, that big jerk Arthur Petrelli used his mojo to suck Adam Monroe’s (David Anders) regenerative ability right out of his hot, hot bod, killing Adam and restoring Arthur to robust health. Then, to make matters even worse for the pretty boys of this show, Arthur hugged it out with Peter and swiped all of his powers! Although if Sylar is to be believed, Peter isn’t in control at the moment anyway, so perhaps this is all for the best…

Awesome: Consider this my formal request for Sylar and Peter to fight in every single episode. Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia are two of the actors who truly elevate this series, and it’s nothing but fun to watch Angela Petrelli’s (Cristine Rose) boys wrassle. I mean, what’s not awesome about throwing lightning bolts at your brother? For that matter, what’s not awesome about Peter bratting “I’m the most special” even as he’s slipping into a moral and emotional graveyard spiral, while Sylar tries to take the moral high ground?


  • The Puppeteer is a great villain!
  • I heart family Parkman. I want Matt (Greg Grunberg) and Daphne (Brea Grant) to have their happily-ever-after future.
  • OMG! Those bastards! They killed Takezo Kensei!! (So not cool.)
Heroes, Brea Grant NBC Photo: Chris Haston


“High-five, turtle!” —Matt Parkman to his spirit guide upon spotting Daphne at the airport terminal


All for One and One for All: Peter’s lost his powers—thanks to his bad dad—but Sylar retains his abilities, and he seems to join forces with Arthur next week. Will he become (like Daphne) a pawn in Pinehearst’s plan for world domination? Well, I don’t want to give away the store, but I can tell you that Peter and Sylar are both mama’s boys, and whatever else goes down, they will work together to release their mom from the grip of Arthur Petrelli’s vast and terrible powers.

Daphne’s in Danger: As I teased in the chat, a Hero is marked for death. Sources tell me producers planned to off the Speedster toward the end of this volume, but they’ve changed that plan, and for now she’s still alive and kicking. And while I know the show has waaay too many characters, I find that I want to keep her. Your take?

Elle Returns Next Week: Yay! Kristen Bell is back next week as Elle! It seems Elle’s powers now control her, not the other way around. She’s overcome by the electrical forces within her, and when she can’t find HRG to help her, she goes with the next best thing: Claire. Yep, next week Claire and Elle try to team up against Pinehearst—but first they have to overcome the fact that they, you know, hate each other.

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