Heroes Spoilers & Scoop!

Spoil me big on Heroes! Who’s going to die?

Dying of the Light

NBC Photo: Adam Taylor

Coming right up! Here’s your big spoil with a side of tease: I think it’s pretty obvious that a certain recently dug-up bad guy (ahem, Adam) would be going back six feet under, as well as the girl who’s grating on everyone’s last nerve this season (ahem, Maya). But I’m also hearing of another blond female Hero/Villain (seriously, who can say who’s what these days?) whose head is on the chopping block. Check back later tonight for the Heroes Redux for more! — Kristin at E!Online

I’m loving Heroes this year, but especially everything Bennet and the Petrelli. Got anything to share?
How something about the newest Petrelli, Sylar (Zachary Quinto)? We’ll get some clues about the identity of baby Noah’s mother in upcoming episodes when we see Sylar in flashbacks with a female character we know and love. He and his maybe-baby-mama knew each other way back before Gabriel Gray started slicing people’s heads open.

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