Ghost Whisperer Spoilers: Episode 4.04 Preview Save Our Souls

‘Heroes’: What’s on your fix-it list?

‘Heroes’: What’s on your fix-it list?

by Marc Bernardin


Spoilers: Preview of ‘Ugly Betty’ 3.06: Ugly Berry

From Ace Showbiz

The old rivalry lights up again as Kimmie (guest star ) starts to show her true colors in “” 3.06, “Ugly Berry”. The episode that will air on October 30 sees Kimmie and Betty restarting their high school feud as Kimmie attempts to steal the spotlight at Mode.

New citizen Ignacio prepares to vote for the first time while Hilda takes advantage of the increased election traffic to promote her shop, and Wilhelmina wants to hire a new financial officer (guest star Grant Bowler) whom Daniel can’t stand.

Victoria’s Secret model will appear in this episode, posing for Mode’s “sizzling hot issue”. She will also work with Betty on the cover story that discusses the use of fictional fruit called “tico berry” to boost one’s sexiness. “Karate Kid” actor Ralph Macchio also makes a cameo, playing as a customer at Hilda’s shop.

On related news, E! reported that Lindsay was booted off the show and that the producers “don’t plan to have her back for more episodes.” The actress reportedly was more interested in playing herself, thus more episodes where she supposed to be in have been cut and rewritten.

However, producers of the show has released a statement regarding this saying, “Lindsay wrapped up her arc, and she’s done filming. She did a great job, and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight and next week.”

  • Preview of “Ugly Berry”
  • Mode After Hours 5

Ugly Betty Spoilers: The Latest!

Ask Ausiello: It’s certainly been uneven. I loved the first two episodes, but 3 and 4 were borderline unwatchable. Alexis’ entire farewell arc was a hot tranny mess. The good news is, I hear episodes 5 thru 7 are a vast improvement. Of course, my Ugly mole had me at “Betty and Amanda become roommates.” Less so at “Betty catches new nabe Jesse with Amanda,” but I’m hoping I just misunderstood that part.

Desperate Housewives Spoilers: “Mirror, Mirror”

What Really Happened to the Housewives?

Five years have passed on Wisteria Lane between last season’s finale in May and the current season, and this Sunday we’ll finally learn how each of the Housewives got to where they are. The drama isn’t just in flashbacks though, as there is sex, booze and two emergency hospital runs in the present.

Here are some of the scandalous happenings in Sunday’s episode.

  1. Someone engages in casual sex.
  2. Someone gets pregnant.
  3. Someone suffers a fiasco of a surprise party.
  4. Someone likes to break into other people’s houses.
  5. Someone makes out with someone else’s boyfriend.
  6. Someone is heading for singledom.
  7. Someone hits the bottle, hard.
  8. Someone goes to the hospital.
  9. Someone gets a new roommate.

The list of potential answers includes:

Bree, Dave, Gaby, Jackson, Katherine, Lynette, Mrs. McCluskey, Susan or Tom.

90210 Spoilers & Scoop: The Brandon Walsh Vigil

By Korbi Ghosh at


Jessica Lucas — the under cover cop who’s teamed with Harry Wilson to topple West Bev’s drug scene,  is currently contracted to appear in four episodes. After that, she’s not sure if we’ll see her again.

Executive producer Gabe Sachs who said he’s keeping the Brandon Walsh vigil alive. Now that they’ve got Jason Priestley signed on to direct an episode of the series, they’re hoping he’ll reconsider his decision to remain behind the camera. Sachs didn’t seem super optimistic about the chances, but has his fingers crossed. As for the chances of Priestley’s directorial episode including one of Shannen Doherty‘s guest spots, Sachs said they’re hoping for that as well, but at the moment, they’re finishing scripts at the last second and going right into shooting them, so it’s a bit tough to predict if these two stars will align… but this particular wish will probably come true.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Jenny’s Pregnant?

Ask Ausiello:

How about another multiple-choice quiz — this one pertaining to an equally tragic Gossip Girl event: Next month, Dorota will catch one of the following characters committing an act of self-love:

A. Serena
B. Chuck
C. Blair
D. Eleanor
E. Nate

What do Nate and Jenny have in common with Michael Cera and Ellen Page’s Juno characters? Nothing right now, but my Gossip snitch says that’s about to change. In other words, either Jenny is getting knocked up, or the two of them are going to perform a cover of the Moldy Peaches’ “Anyone Else but You” over the end credits.

Grey’s Anatomy Episode Recap: “There’s No ‘I’ in Team”

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Patrickdempsey_greysanatomy_s3_240 No one on Grey’s Anatomy is an island, no matter how much they sometimes wish they were. This week we find everyone wrestling with expectations — their own and others’, plus some cool surgeries, preening and scowling by the male attendings and some banter that was better suited to Showtime than the 9 p.m. timeslot on network TV.

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Supernatural Episode Recap: ‘Yellow Fever’

Jaredpadalecki_supernatural_240_003 Remember last season, when Dean died? How the hounds of hell ripped him to shreds and dragged him to the unholy abyss? Well, tonight Supernatural started with Dean running from the sound of a pack of snarling dogs.

And for a moment, I’m almost worried. Until the camera pans down to reveal a little yorkie with a pink bow on its head. And we go back to 43 hours earlier, where the brothers are playing FBI agents Tyler and Perry. It seems Frank O’Brian died of a heart attack, despite being a 44 year old marathon runner. In addition to another 2 suspect heart attacks, the boys want an autopsy done. Sadly, the coroner expects them to stay for it, and even goes so far as to ask Dean to hold the heart before Sam gets a squirt in the face from spleen juice. Beyond that, I am unsure of the man’s credentials, as he thinks nothing of the man’s bruised knuckles or scratched up arms and didn’t notice the missing wedding band….Continue reading »

More Smallville Spoilers: Tess Mercer interview!

TV Guide: Sexy Smallville Secrets from “Miss Tess Mercer!”

Might Tess Mercer and Oliver Queen start making a little more love and little less war? Last Thursday’s episode of Smallville (8 pm/ET, on the CW) offered a glimmer of hope. grabbed a few minutes with series newcomer Cassidy Freeman to discuss the LuthorCorp boss’ bad-ass behavior, Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex appeal and more. That was some “interesting” foreplay between Tess and Oliver last week….
Cassidy Freeman:
[Laughs] I know. I personally get all my dates by challenging them with sticks and such. Is that the technical term for those weapons — “sticks”?
Staffs, maybe? But I prefer “sticks.” How much rehearsal time went into that fight scene?
A lot. Justin [Hartley, Oliver] and I had a lot of off-camera rehearsals to choreograph all that. Any bumps or bruises to show for it?
Not from that scene. We got bumps and bruises form the boxing scene in the previous episode. [Laughs] Why do you think Tess is keeping Oliver at arm’s length? Is it because he hurt her that badly in the past, or because she’s afraid of hurting him in the future? Maybe he doesn’t quite realize what she has become?
I think she’s made her decisions born out of her hurt. Their relationship was not a normal one in that it wasn’t like they met at a party and dated for a while. They came out of grief together. When someone who has been through that with you hurts you, it’s very difficult to trust them again. Is it a bummer to be working for Lex Luthor but not acting opposite Michael Rosenbaum?
Absolutely. You can’t believe the wonderful stories I have heard about him. It’s a great role to take on, but it is a bit of a tease. Do you think we might see — or hear from — Lex at some point this season?
I hope so, but I honestly don’t know. If it was up to me, yes! Tess and Lois have had some fun face-offs. Do you and Erica Durance get a kick out of raising each other’s hackles?
Erica and I have a great time on set. We’re both the same height, which is odd for two actresses. [Laughs] We get to look each other in the eye! We have a wonderful rapport. How was it joining a show that’s been on the air for several years?
I was very excited to get to know how it all works. As long as you come in with a respect for the fact that they’ve been there for that time without you, and that you’re there to add onto something that’s already great, it’s an incredible opportunity to meet a “family.” They were very welcoming to me as the “new kid.” We all hang out outside of the set, so that’s nice. You’ve been schooled on all that Vancouver has to offer?
I’m learning! My odd hours sometimes leave me not able to, but it’s a beautiful city and I’m actually excited to be out of L.A. for a bit. I understand that, to put it lightly, you’re a “dog person”?
[Laughs] From who are you understanding this?! “Well-placed sources.”
I am a dog person, very much so. I have one on the couch with me right now. Her name is Shasta, and she’s a rare breed of Swiss Mountain Dog called Entlebucher Sennenhund. They were Alexander the Great’s dogs, “back in the day.” She’s the tricolored, 50-lb. love of my life. Are you going to get her a cameo on Smallville?
I’m trying! [Laughs] Tess has a black dog, so I don’t think it’d be too off for Shasta to be her lapdog. Care to share one last Tess tease?
She likes to get in fights — and there will be a few more in her future!

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Private Practice Spoilers: Kate Walsh Interviews!

Private Practice: Kate Walsh Dishes on What’s Ahead

Private Practice, Kate Walsh, David Sutcliffe ABC

Don’t look now but the Addy and Pete love triangle just became a bona fide square on Private Practice. (Which was just picked up for a full second season, FYI).

Sources tell me Pete (Tim Daly) has a new love interest who’s coming on board.

TV Guide: Kate Walsh: Aggressive and Fabulous Addison Is Back!

Is ABC’s Private Practice — which just had its back nine episodes picked up, for a full second season — more robust with romance and drama than ever? Kate Walsh sure thinks so. invited the actress to diagnose the show as it enters its second season, take a temperature reading on Addison’s latest romance, and reveal the Grey’s Anatomy character she’d love to see stop by and “cause some trouble.” Also, check out our new video Q&A with Chris Lowell (Dell). Did [Private Practice creator] Shonda Rhimes have any discussion with you at the end of Season 1 about what was working and what could be better?Kate Walsh: The great thing about Shonda is she has many, many gifts, and one of them is that even if she has a storyline arced out for the whole season for every character, she also watches the episodes and she’ll see organically what comes about. She’ll take note of things she might not have anticipated with characters or story, and start writing toward those things. Or, she’ll have epiphanies in the middle of the night and go, “A-ha, this is where we’re going to go!” In that sense, we never really know as actors where we’re going, but it keeps things very fresh. I, for one, definitely welcome the return of Addison, Headstrong Surgeon Extraordinaire.
Walsh: Yes! It’s funny because when I went back to Grey’s last year for that [crossover] episode, it was really fun to go back and be Addison — the archetype of a strong female attending surgeon. I was more easily identifiable on Grey’s because you have all these interns running around, like kids, and then you have the few attendings, the “parents.” It was a totally different dynamic on Private Practice when we first started. We were veering a little more toward comedy, because that’s one of my strengths and Shonda wanted to write toward that. But it was a conscious decision to bring Addison’s strength back. This season that vulnerability and fallibility will contrast with the professional, alpha, aggressive, hipper and fabulous Addison. [Laughs] To that end, I understand Charlotte will try to woo Addison to work at St. Ambrose, with the promise of more surgeries?
Walsh: Yeah. I kind of pitched that last year: Wouldn’t it be fun if Addison went on a surgery binge? So they wrote this great episode where Charlotte tries to woo her. And next week, Addison takes a stab at fixing the practice’s financial problem. Um, how does that go?
Walsh: Well, you’ll see! [Laughs] It takes a definite twist and some turns. The great thing about Shonda and her writers is she’s not afraid to move through story and pack a lot in each episode. It’s fun to see how that turns out. But it’s safe to say she’s a better surgeon than bookkeeper?
Walsh: Maybe! Although who knows? She is, after all, “double-board certified in neonatal” and she excels in other numerous areas, she bakes a mean soufflé…. How excited are you to flesh out Addison’s family with the casting of Grant Show (as her brother)?
Walsh: It’s thrilling. I love Grant, and we found a great dynamic between brother and sister. I look forward to seeing where that goes. [Thus far, Show is slated for two episodes, starting in late November.] It was just fun to play with someone whose work you’ve seen but you’ve never gotten to work with them. It’s always been a strength of Shonda’s that just when you think you know Bailey or Addison or Derek, some other little thing erupts and you’re like, “Oh!” This gives me a whole other side to play. Do Naomi, Violet or Charlotte take a particular shine to Grant’s character?
Walsh: Oh, I think everybody does — how can you not? He’s handsome and charming! [Laughs] Is what Addison has brewing with SWAT guy Kevin the “real deal,” or does she simply think it might be?
Walsh: That’s what were going to explore. It’s always hard to know if something is the real deal or just something you want badly. It’s a journey. Which character from Grey’s would you like to see pay a visit? Who would it be fun to play with in the new sandbox?
Walsh: Anybody. But I’d love to see [Eric Dane’s] Mark Sloan. I mean, he’s a plastic surgeon after all. Shouldn’t he be in L.A. for a little bit? [Laughs] It’d be fun to have him cause some trouble!

Heros Casting Spoilers!

Danbyrd_l Ausiello Files: ‘Heroes’ Exclusive: ‘Aliens in America’ Star Goes Bad

Dan Byrd, best known for his roles as sensitive, wholesome teens on Aliens in America and Clubhouse, is about to tap into his inner Henry Evans. Byrd has been cast on Heroes in the recurring role of David, a dark and twisted kid who tells lies easily and has a cruel streak. Word is he’ll be a possible apprentice to Sylar (Zachary Quinto).

Byrd is committed to appearing in at least three episodes during Heroes‘ forthcoming “Volume 4: Fugitives” arc.

CSI Episode Recap

Laurenleesmith_csi_240 CSI has had its share of memorable killers, from blue-handed men to daddy’s dollhouse girl. Tonight… well, let’s just say I wished tonight’s killer had stuck around a bit longer….

This week’s episode opens with Guess the Victim. Is it one of the bicyclists? One of the joggers? The napping person? The pair of feet sticking out from a bush? Surprisingly not; even the feet turn out to belong to a very alive homeless man. No, our vic is a nice blonde woman leaning against a streetlight as if she were posed. Cree-pee.

Next we meet new CSI-2 Riley Adams, who bears a strong resemblance to Olivia Dunham but with, you know, a personality. Adams rides along with Grissom and gets to pull her sassy act on Li’l Dave, which sort of comes across as mean. He’s just so helpless! Anyway, the victim for this ride-along has again been posed, this time as a runner resting on a bus stop bench. While Streetlight Lady was a nurse, this guy’s a junkie.

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Smallville Spoilers: Doomsday Interview!


By Korbi Ghosh at

Beating the life out of Tom Welling, stealing Aaron Ashmore‘s lady and getting naked on set… Smallville‘s Sam Witwer, who joined the series this season as Davis Bloome — alter ego: Doomsday, the dude who kills Superman — fills me in on what’s to come…

Tonight’s episode is big for you, yeah?
Sam Witwer: Yeah, it’s the episode called “Prey” and I figure pretty heavily in.

What’s going down?
Davis is having these blackouts. He’s losing a bunch of time and he doesn’t know what’s happening to him in those periods, so he’s naturally very curious about it and he starts to investigate what’s going on during the blackouts. And it’s potentially not very good.

Does he uncover the mystery in this episode?
He figures a few things out. But I think the way the episode goes is a bit surprising. I really like the way it ends. No matter what is resolved or what isn’t resolved, he still has a lot on his plate, this guy.

Is there a sort of cliffhanger at the end?
Maybe a little bit, yeah. A tiny bit. You can’t really help having things dangling with this character at the end of episodes considering the fact that he’s eventually going to kill Superman.

Tomwelling Is that a definite? I know it’s part of the Superman mythology, but you guys have sort of re-imagined Doomsday and created your own version of the character, so I wasn’t sure if killing Superman was definitely in the cards. Is it?
Are you asking if I’m going to beat up Tom Welling until he stops breathing?

Are you?
It’s very possible. To be honest, that much I don’t know. Am I pretty sure they’re going to throw down? Yes. But is he going to be successful and choke him out? He might be. In fact, it may even be likely. He is Doomsday after all.

Right. It’s in the name.

You could end the whole series.
[Laughs] That would be great. We throw down. I beat him up. He dies. Roll credits.

So, in tonight’s episode, Davis is trying to figure out what’s up during these blackouts, but how long will it take the other characters to realize there’s something sketchy going on with him?
Well, that depends very much on who he trusts and who he doesn’t and I’ll leave it at that.

Allisonmack_2 I think he trusts Chloe.
[Laughs] You don’t know that, you’re just making that up.

You guys definitely have chemistry. Sure, she’s engaged, but is there something more to come between Davis and Chloe?
You know, possibly. Allison [Mack] and I enjoy each other personally and we like hanging out on set and we get along well and I think that translates on-screen. As for where that goes plot-wise, you never know. But my thing is, I’m a big Jimmy Olsen fan, and I think Aaron Ashmore is a really good actor, so I actually shy away from any thought of taking his girl.

You don’t want to steal Jimmy Olsen’s girl?
No! Aaron Ashmore is just too cool of a guy.

What about Clark? I’m thinking the two of you are not going to have such a harmonious relationship. Is he the one who’ll try to convince Chloe that Davis is bad news?
Clark is concerned about a lot of things. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries to mess up my friendship like that. It’s very possible that Clark [will act] with the intention of protecting his friend from a potential threat. As for the specifics of that, you’ll find out [tonight].

Because Davis doesn’t really know what’s going on, he is a really nice guy and he doesn’t seem to have any control over what’s happening, will the other characters have sympathy for him when the truth is revealed? Or will everyone turn on him?
It really depends. In later episodes, it gets complicated. Certainly I hope the audience has sympathy for him. As for other characters, I think the potential is absolutely there, yes, but I can’t spoil it for you.

Are most of Davis’ scenes with Chloe?
Generally Chloe, yeah. But I’ve worked with just about everyone at this point. As a matter of fact, I think I have worked with everyone except Cassidy [Freeman]. I haven’t worked with Tess, which is unfortunate because Cassidy is an amazing actress and she is also a fellow Chicago native, and our dads know each other. And I just really like her.

Oh, cool. Maybe there could be some interaction there in the future?
Yeah, I think there will be. I think [the producers] get a kick out of the fact that we have this connection aside from Smallville.

Do you know how many episodes you’ll be in? How often will we be seeing you?
You’ll be seeing me more and more as the season goes on.

Cool, can you clue me in on what’s to come for Doomsday? Maybe stunts or special effects?
Stunts or special effects… what can I talk about? I had to do a shower scene. Take that as a stunt.

Tell me more.
Oh God, shoot me in the face! No, in all seriousness on special effects, you’re going to see some stuff. I’d rather not give it away, but I very much enjoy doing the physical stuff. I really love it.

But not so much the shirtless shower scenes?
Bleh. I don’t know what it is with this show and naked, but every now and then, they like to throw that in.

When is that coming up?
You’re just going to have to keep your eyes peeled.

Haha, okay. Any last words regarding Davis Bloome?
Yeah, you know, we created the Davis Bloome character so we could eventually drag him through the mud and have this very psychologically intense journey with him. And eventually that’s going to bring us to the point where you see something very similar to what you would expect from the Doomsday character.

You mean from the original mythology?
Yes. Absolutely. This re-imagining might not be as far out as some people think.

Hmm, okay… So you are going to kill Clark!
[Laughs] You never know. You never know.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Chyler Leigh Spills on the new season and resolves “Reunion” mystery

Chyler Leigh: Lexie with McDreamy Would’ve Been a Nightmare! — TV Guide

Chyler Leigh may not be sure whether Grey’s Anatomy‘s Lexie and George will ever be on the same page romantically, but one thing she knows for certain: Mer’s sis setting her sights on Derek would have been a prescription for disaster. In this Q&A, Leigh lets loose on Lexie’s love life, the tease of being Ellen Pompeo’s “sister” and much more. Let’s start off talking about this week’s episode, where “Lexie goes to great lengths to have George notice her romantically,” says the ABC logline. What’s involved?
Chyler Leigh: Lexie’s just kind of throwing herself out there – obviously, in her mind, but he’s just not getting it. No, he’s not.
Leigh: He’s completely oblivious. [Laughs] Even little comments that she is making repeatedly…. Like, “Let’s go out and celebrate you passing the exam!”
Leigh: “Let’s go out and celebrate,” and then she’s left in the dust. Even so, she didn’t really take that too close to heart. She just keeps throwing herself under the bus. Do any of her tactics involve whipping out the Stuff Magazine cover you did a few years back with Mia Kirshner?
Leigh: Oh, lord…. Because that would raise George’s eyebrows.
Leigh: Yes, but that wouldn’t have been Lexie. [Laughs] And unfortunately it was me, many, many moons ago. George and Izzie certainly had their fans as a couple. Were you nervous to be his potential “rebound” girl?
Leigh: Nah! On paper, they’re a really good match, in the way that they get along and support one another. When I first learned about it, I was like, “Oh, that’s really cool!” And I love T.R. [Knight]. Plus, it’s better than coming in to bust up Meredith and Derek, which is where I thought they were going when Lexie first flirted with Derek at the bar.
Leigh: Oh, gosh, yeah. I got enough flack for that when I first came on! I’m really, really, really glad that didn’t happen, because I probably would have gotten slashed tires. The Lexie we saw in that scene with Derek seemed more sure of herself. Was the character purposely tweaked between then and when we first really got to know her?
Leigh: What was special and different and about that scene was that fact that 1), her mother had just died, so she wasn’t necessarily thinking the way she normally would, and 2), she was drunk. A lot of times, that brings out a lot more courage than we actually have. Even when she slipped and hooked up with Alex, it wasn’t out of her being a bad girl. In the midst of her having so much thrown at her at one time — all these negative feelings from work and from Meredith — that was her one ploy to get some sort of positive affirmation. Was it a tease to be cast as Ellen Pompeo’s sister and then get so few scenes with her — let alone any civil ones?
Leigh: No kidding! We kind of laugh about that. It’s something that, before the writers strike, they were going to bring up more. But because we lost time, [Grey’s creator] Shonda [Rhimes] didn’t want to just cram it all into the last couple of episodes. It will be explored further this season. I find myself screaming at the TV, “C’mon, can’t we just get along?!”
Leigh: [Laughs] We do that, too. When we do have scenes together, we have to ask, “We haven’t seen each other in two episodes. Are we cool yet?” I like your scenes with Eric Dane, where Sloan calls Lexie on her feelings for George, yet she resists being goaded.
Leigh: There’s something cool about their “friendship.” She finds in him somebody that she can be more of herself with, and that emboldens her. He’s a great talk-to for Lexie, if only because no one else wants to listen to her… or they’re George.
Leigh: Exactly. During a long day of shooting, who’s most likely to lighten the mood on the set?
Leigh: I would say Sandra Oh. No offense to anybody else – Katie Heigl is very funny, too – but Sandra really is one of the coolest people I have ever met. Back when Fox’s Reunion was abruptly cancelled, we were flooded with emails demanding resolution. Where were we going with Carla?
Leigh: Alexa Davalos’ Sam was the one who ended up dying, so everybody was trying to cover their tracks. [The shooter] was supposed to be her daughter, who later down the road would have come to work for me. I tried to get them reconciled, but someone breaks into the apartment of Sean Faris’ character, while Sam was there with her daughter. In a struggle with this intruder, Amy accidentally shot Sam. OK, one last tease about what’s coming up for Lexie….
Leigh: All I can say is this: There are really, really big, good and juicy things coming up for Lexie. One of them involves the other interns who Lexie starts to bond with. She becomes more assertive as they all try to get more hands-on training. It’s pretty cool.

Ugly Betty Episode Recap: “Granny Pants”

Lindsaylohan_240 Lindsay Lohan tends to make her mark with controversy, and her guest-starring turn on Ugly Betty is no different…..Inspired by Betty’s “go get ’em, tiger” speech, Kimmie shows up at Mode’s doorstep asking for a job, and since Daniel needs a temp, she’s it. At first Kimmie’s a total waste of space, but then Betty shares with her a horrible acronym ARG (Anticipate needs, do Research, show Gumption aka know how to work it) for success.

Surprise, it works! Kimmie even learns to schmooze enough to get into all the exclusive clubs. At first, it’s high school all over again (complete with flashbacks of Betty getting pants-ed, uh, skirted, to show off her granny panties) with Marc and Amanda accepting Kimmie into the cool clique and clubs and ostracizing our girl. But strangely, Kimmie ditches them and parties the rest of the night with Betty.

Ugly Betty Spoilers: Lindsay Lohan Leaves Early, Why?

From TV Guide: Who was the real Mean Girl on the set when Lindsay Lohan resumed her Ugly Betty run — the tabloid mainstay, or series lead America Ferrera?

The New York Post‘s Page Six column claims that after some indecent behavior — including, perhaps, the forgoing of bloomers for a scene in which Betty yanks down her high-school nemesis’ trou — Lohan was abruptly cut loose from her guest-star turn, which this season was to last six episodes.

A pal of Lohan’s, however, argues to the paper that Ferrera “was mean to Lindsay” and “got her kicked off” the last two episodes she was supposed to film. A spokesperson for Ferrera would only tell the Post, “America is grateful to have had [Lindsay] on the show and thinks everyone should tune in to see how great the episodes are.”

Other online accounts of the alleged on-set squabble claim that not only was Lohan’s visit truncated, but that she is now being edited out of anything that already had been filmed.

Well-placed sources, however, tell that such “editing” rumors are completely untrue, yet confirm that Lohan’s run will end early — strictly for “storyline purposes.” Summing up the rash of Thursday-morning gossip, one setsider tells us, “It’s all so silly.”

A statement from the show’s producers reads: “[Lindsay] did a great job and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight [at 8 pm/ET] and next week.” Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, has yet to respond for a comment.

Kristin at E!Online had more to say about the whole situation:

Lindsay Lohan Booted From Betty

The main driving force for this decision is that Lindsay was not gelling creatively with the series. “She was not so interested in creating a character,” another reliable insider close to Betty tells me. “She was more interested in just playing herself, and that doesn’t work on a show like this with such heightened reality.”

Update: I was originally told that Lindsay’s scenes were cut from what would have been her fifth and sixth episodes, but another source clarifies that everything Lindsay filmed will be aired. And, next week, her fourth appearance on the show, is all they ever shot and edited for Lindsay.

Update: According to sources who work on the show, Lindsay was originally written into an upcoming script of Betty, but she was taken out of that script and the scenes with her character were rewritten.

Producers of the series released a gracious official statement about Lohan, saying, “Lindsay wrapped up her arc, and she’s done filming. She did a great job, and we enjoyed having her. Viewers can look forward to her episodes tonight and next week.”

Lost Spoilers: New Season Official Promo!

  • this is a real promo for Lost season five, premiering in 2009 on ABC.
  • Yes, it has new footage—including Oceanic Six members on the warpath and a shirtless Sawyer in the jungle.

Private Practice Spoilers: Dell to Woo a Baby Mama? Everwood Alum Sarah Drew!

Chris Lowell recently previewed to TV Guide what’s ahead for Private Practice‘s William “Dell” Parker. For one thing, look for Oceanside Wellness’ soon-to-return office manager/nurse to strike a spark with a mom-to-be played by Everwood alumna Sarah Drew.

Lowell also shares with us Dell’s latest take on the not-gonna-be-with-Naomi situation, and teases the big adventures in “midwifery” to come. Check it out at this link.

read more at TV Guide

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Vanessa and Chuck Together?

FromTV Guide: Jessica Szohr, who just last week got Gossip Girl fans buzzing about an upcoming death, drops more bombshells of assorted sizes in this video Q&A. Assessing the state of Vanessa and Nate’s short-lived romance, she says, “I think it’s done for right now,” especially in light of a surprising apparent hook-up to come. “There’s definitely something that Nate and Jenny aren’t telling people,” she teases.

At the 0:55 mark, TV Guide share their theory that there’s “something” there between Vanessa and Rufus. “I think it’s a little crazy,” Szohr responds, “because that’s her best friend dad… and, like, her New York City dad, but… maybe it will happen!”

Jessica compares TV’s Vanessa to the character presented in the Gossip Girl books, and ponders whether she would have ever shaved her head (!) to be true to the role. She then points out which fella Vanessa gets intimate with in the novels, adding, “Maybe that will happen down the road” on the tube.

Jessica also previews an upcoming connection between Vanessa and Chuck (at the 2:05 mark) and discusses the way fans either love or hate her character (2:40). We then wrap things up with the story of how Jessica landed her Gossip gig by crashing a barbecue party (3:00).

Watch the video here.

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