CSI Episode Recap

Laurenleesmith_csi_240 CSI has had its share of memorable killers, from blue-handed men to daddy’s dollhouse girl. Tonight… well, let’s just say I wished tonight’s killer had stuck around a bit longer….

This week’s episode opens with Guess the Victim. Is it one of the bicyclists? One of the joggers? The napping person? The pair of feet sticking out from a bush? Surprisingly not; even the feet turn out to belong to a very alive homeless man. No, our vic is a nice blonde woman leaning against a streetlight as if she were posed. Cree-pee.

Next we meet new CSI-2 Riley Adams, who bears a strong resemblance to Olivia Dunham but with, you know, a personality. Adams rides along with Grissom and gets to pull her sassy act on Li’l Dave, which sort of comes across as mean. He’s just so helpless! Anyway, the victim for this ride-along has again been posed, this time as a runner resting on a bus stop bench. While Streetlight Lady was a nurse, this guy’s a junkie.

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