Supernatural Episode Recap: ‘Yellow Fever’

Jaredpadalecki_supernatural_240_003 Remember last season, when Dean died? How the hounds of hell ripped him to shreds and dragged him to the unholy abyss? Well, tonight Supernatural started with Dean running from the sound of a pack of snarling dogs.

And for a moment, I’m almost worried. Until the camera pans down to reveal a little yorkie with a pink bow on its head. And we go back to 43 hours earlier, where the brothers are playing FBI agents Tyler and Perry. It seems Frank O’Brian died of a heart attack, despite being a 44 year old marathon runner. In addition to another 2 suspect heart attacks, the boys want an autopsy done. Sadly, the coroner expects them to stay for it, and even goes so far as to ask Dean to hold the heart before Sam gets a squirt in the face from spleen juice. Beyond that, I am unsure of the man’s credentials, as he thinks nothing of the man’s bruised knuckles or scratched up arms and didn’t notice the missing wedding band….Continue reading »

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  1. This episode was absolutely hilarious. It’s definitely one of my favorite episodes. It was a nice fun episode that let us get of a glimpse of Dean if he wasn’t his usual fearless badass.

    My favorite scene was when Dean screamed after the cat was discovered. What was your favorite Dean freak out moment?

    Next week should be good. After all it’s the Halloween episode!

    You can view the outtake video here.

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