Ugly Betty Episode Recap: “Granny Pants”

Lindsaylohan_240 Lindsay Lohan tends to make her mark with controversy, and her guest-starring turn on Ugly Betty is no different…..Inspired by Betty’s “go get ’em, tiger” speech, Kimmie shows up at Mode’s doorstep asking for a job, and since Daniel needs a temp, she’s it. At first Kimmie’s a total waste of space, but then Betty shares with her a horrible acronym ARG (Anticipate needs, do Research, show Gumption aka know how to work it) for success.

Surprise, it works! Kimmie even learns to schmooze enough to get into all the exclusive clubs. At first, it’s high school all over again (complete with flashbacks of Betty getting pants-ed, uh, skirted, to show off her granny panties) with Marc and Amanda accepting Kimmie into the cool clique and clubs and ostracizing our girl. But strangely, Kimmie ditches them and parties the rest of the night with Betty.

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