Ex List Episode Recap

Amirtalai_theexlist_240 Cyrus and Bella head to the beach to catch a wave and be sittin’ on top of the world (ooh-wah, ooh-wah, ooh-wah), but the plans are thwarted when a monster truck goes all Veronica Mars on Bella’s surfboard. She does run into Shane, though, a surfer dude from Mexico. FLASHBACK TIME!

I know I said it last week, but this really is my favorite part of the show. The strains of Sister Hazel usher us back to 1995, where Shane is a long-haired lime-stealing hippie. Apparently they are stuck in Mexico with no money or food, hence the lime stealing. On the brightside, they’ll stave off scurvy? Bella decides to leave him because he’s directionless and too crunchy-granola for her. She then breaks up with him on his video camera while he hangs ten. Snerk.

Back at the beach, Shane tells her he’s lived all over, most recently El Salvador, and he invites her to go surfing the next day. He also gives her a replacement board because he’s a big fancy surfer now who gets surfboards for free from sponsors. An adoring crowd swarms him as he walks away. Bella is hooked. What will be wrong this week? Directionless guy is now too corporate?

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