Ghost Whisperer Episode Recap: “Save Our Souls”

Ghost Whisperer surged 12 percent week-to-week to hit a season high 9.95 million total viewers. — TV Guide

As they’re boarding, Delia tells them a woman jumped off the ship to her death just the week before (gee, thanks for the well wishes, D!) – but we don’t get to meet her. We do meet Betty, who tells Melinda that all of the ghosts are afraid of what will happen to them after the ship is scrapped. Jim and Melinda are in room M110, and there’s another couple in room M108, Rich (a major ship enthusiast) and Julia, who are on their honeymoon but the Claridon isn’t their own personal Love Boat. They’re fighting all the time, and the new husband is exhausted.

We soon find out why. During a deck stroll on the first evening, Melinda sees a ghost, a drowned woman, making out with a passenger – a very much alive but asleep passenger – Rich the honeymooner. Melinda wants Jim to talk to Rich about it because she feels the ghost is very powerful, feeding off of him. Rich and Julia area also having problems with their room – temperature issues, moaning, scratching. The usual. Soon after, Melinda is confronted by a group of ghosts looking for help, and so Melinda calls in her new sidekick Eli for some “ship to shore crossovers.” He makes a list of ghostly grievences, leaving Melinda to pursue Rich and his kissing ghost….Continue reading »

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